Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Techo Pages

Pages in my Hobonichi Techo...random stuff, what I did, heard on the radio, or even crazy stuff I saw. You just never know...


  1. I have NO idea how I missed this, but I guess I've been so busy I didn't notice you had posted this until now.

    That "guy" you drew looked more like a child than an adult. Too bad his behavior was so strange. He may be schizophrenic. It's about the age the disorder manifests.

    Mexican restaurants are good. Wish I had gone to one today to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Instead, I went grocery shopping.

    Sorry I missed you. I really LOVE your art!

  2. Love these!! I totally agree with $15 price tag on a magazine!! I had better whisper that though since I've had an article in one of those. ;)
    Love the wood grain effect you achieved with the watercolors.


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