Monday, July 25, 2016

Swap Pages from Norma

Lots of photos today, so bear with
me!  Received gorgeous pages from
Norma in California, in this last month
of our Page Swap.  Norma doesn't have
a blog that I know of, but her work is
very lovely! Click on any image
for a larger view. Above, fancy pink
alphabet cards in a translucent pocket.

Love the buttons, lace and rick-rack
detail at the bottom of this page!

Some historical facts about the
nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary quite contrary..."

There are a lot of fun games with
numbers and words!

"In my own words," includes a beautiful
little book with a stunning painted paper
cover.  There are copper, gold, and 
silver metallic paints in the mix...

The inside pages have been decorated
with stamps and paper fun!
Can't wait to write in it...

"Mary, Mary" in Braille, with
a vintage image of "pretty maids
in a row."

I love Scrabble!

The tag is not shown to best advantage
in this scan.  It has crushed white tissue 
paper with gold filaments and gold doilies.
So pretty, but the scanner didn't do it
justice.  I wanted to also show the 
wonderful assortment of stamps on the

Since I had family here all week for
vacation, I didn't get much time to draw.
I made a few notes each day about 
what we did, and then went back later
to add some drawings. Zootopia was
a really cute movie.

My week was really busy with cooking
and lots of activities...but you will see my
coffee cup above...and the sketch of pancakes.
Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Tuesday. Feel free to read all the text,
as I don't post anything too personal.

Last week in my Techo, I wrote about
buying peaches from the Georgia Peach Truck.
We went through the entire 1/2 bushel
of peaches this week! and they were 
mostly eaten fresh. My son did grill some
 with brown sugar and cinnamon...
served with ice cream, they were so good!

If you've made it this far, thanks for
staying for all the photos! Hop over to
visit the rest of the T Tuesday gang, to
see what they're up to.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Word and Number Play

 Art Swap pages that I received
from Elizabeth. My theme was
"Word and Number Play."  I
love that Elizabeth attached ink pen
nibs to the fibers on the tag!

"J" is for Junk...
an obvious source for 
mixed media art!

True Grit~ there is a sand paper
type of texture to the squares!

"B" is for Beautiful...

and Ball.

"A" to...

This is so cool in
real life!  Very heavy metal
zipper contrasting with the short
lightweight zipper...

T-A-G, with a great
"shrinky dink" image on
the vintage text tag.

3 Faces...

Great vintage flash cards...

this pocket actually swings open
to reveal more images of 
alphabet blocks.

I keep looking at this and thinking...
(heavy) metal music!
This page flips open (the fold is 
concealed beneath the black lace tape)
and the word music is spelled out in
chipboard letters on the back.
I haven't seen music flash cards 
before...brilliant! The tree on the left is
embossed on metal...

Elizabeth really spoiled me with the
abundant pages she sent -- with tags...
flaps...and flash cards!

Elizabeth did say she got pretty
tired of using the color pink...
but I love it!

Since I have family visiting this
week from out of state, it will take me
a few days to visit all the blog hop
participants for T Tuesday...
but I will stop by.

I think I need to make a page
for this swap book that says
"Fun and Fabulous!"
Thanks so much to all of the swap
participants ~ you've been so

Next week, I will share what
I've received from Norma.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

TECHO Tuesday

It's been a busy couple of weeks
around here, and the next couple of
weeks promise the same.
(click on any image to view an enlargement)

My Hobonichi Techo is my primary art
journal at the moment. I try to fill each page
with what happened that day, but if it has
been a quiet day, that's when I make a list
or write down a quote!

Saturday the 25th gave me several things
to write about: the auction where my Dad 
purchased a footstool that his Dad had
made; the guy playing guitar in his car in
the parking lot of a discount store; and
dead baby birds...

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Tuesday ~ where the tea is strong
and all the bloggers are good-looking...
that coffee mug sketch is my required
beverage reference. Stop by to visit
and see what everyone is up to. We 
often see some marvelous photos 
and diverse art work!

I attempted to sketch the upholstery
fabric that my mom purchased to recover
the footstool.  The colors are much more
muted than this, and a lot more woven
texture...but love those roses!

I need to fill in the reference to the President
on this page. I am not sure which president
it was who dedicated this monument, so I
need to ask my Mom about it. I left room to
write in the name later.

Lots of time spent with family over
the 4th of July weekend.

I wish that everyone could really grasp
the dedication and intense preparation 
that is required of teachers.  A lot of the 
furnishings in their classrooms were purchased
by the teacher themselves. Many teachers end
up providing school supplies to children who
don't have what they need, and maybe even
food or snacks for some as well.

I enjoy helping my daughter get a classroom
ready for a new school year, but I can only
help with the decorative things like 
bulletin boards. In the grand scheme of things,
that's not what's most important. I am so
proud of what she does for her students.
Music opens a world for them that they might
otherwise never see or imagine.  If you know
a teacher, please thank them the next time
you see them!  (They don't really get the
summer off. They may take a couple of weeks
and then they are planning and preparing
for the coming year!)

Fun times thrifting and making art...
always on the look-out for stuff to help
organize my daughter's classroom,
and some things I just can't resist
for myself!

Here's a recipe that I am going to try out
in the next week or so.  I have family coming
from Tennessee next week, and 
they've "put in an order" for Peach Crumble! 
 My Mom promises me that this is an easy
 recipe that turns out well.  Maybe you will 
try it.  Have a terrific week!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Red, White and Blue

Happy Independence Day to the
United States of America!

A patriotic pin keep that I created by 
combining motifs from at least four sources.
Counted cross-stitch on linen...
I like how it turned out.

I wish I had dated this quilted flag wall-hanging
on the back. I think it's at least 20 years old.
I like the flower applique instead of stars...

I stitched the red, white and blue felt star
with beads and buttons this June, when
I got an itch to stitch!

Everyone uses an old pop crate to 
decorate with, right?  It makes a fun place
to put the arrangement. I love old books,
stitching, glass and canning jars. 

Many in the U.S. will be enjoying a long
weekend and celebrating with picnics,
barbecues, and fireworks.  May we remember
the holiday with thankfulness for our 
freedom, and appreciation to our
 veterans who have given so much.

Index Card Art

Index Card Art

Cherish the moments with friends
and family this week!