Monday, August 14, 2017

Hobonichi Techo Tuesday

Joining the Tea Gang for T Tuesday over
 at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's, with a
beverage and a cinnamon roll...

I've been busily drawing in my Hobonichi
Techo.  The Hobonichi Challenge this month 
is Favorites.  How can you choose your
favorite Disney character?! There are too
many great I drew 3. 

 Here's the reason I didn't make the Tea
Party last week. A quick drive up to Lake Erie
to enjoy some sunshine, the sound of the waves,
and a walk on the beach. If you click on the link
to view the Ohio map, Marblehead is on the
 peninsula just above Sandusky, Ohio.
 In fact, you can see Cedar Point amusement
 park in Sandusky from the lighthouse
 on a clear day. Sometimes you just
 have to get away to see the sun set
over a body of water!

Here's the real thing...
camera phone shot of the lighthouse.

Port Clinton Harbor~
 We followed this heron down the water's
edge when he flew away from the breakwater
 area. This is the closest I got with my
camera phone. Don't know why we
didn't think to take our actual camera!

How will you squeeze in a little more 
summer relaxation this month?

P.S.  My ankles are much better~
thanks for your concern! It took about
4 days for the rash to clear up. sigh.
The joys of allergies. 'Tis the season...

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Art Mark Making

More little paintings in the
small booklet that I made.  Purple 
Canson Mi Tientes paper bound with 
chain stitch. 

I have been loosely following prompts

Painting with acrylics, watercolors, and
collaging with my own painted papers.
The pages were sometimes gessoed,
sometimes not.

The book is four inches by four inches. 
The theory is that the smaller size will
take less time to finish...

but sometimes it lays out on my kitchen
counter, and I look at it periodically, and
decide to make additions. And it takes
all day.

I'm thinking that maybe I should
do away with leaving the open border 
around the edge...

as I did with this one.(above) Still not sure if
it's 'done.'

How do you know when you're done?

◘ ◘ ◘

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday B.S.

The week surely rolls around quickly,
even when not much is happening.
I am having coffee and toast for breakfast...
I saw this B.S. quote on-line
and thought it was really cute...into
the journal it goes!

A new challenge presented itself this week:
Rae Missigman's Art Mark Making 30 Day Challenge.
Found it on Instagram, and I decided to go for it.
And to keep myself in practice with the
book binding techniques, I made a little
4" x 4" journal. I got the stitched binding a 
little loose, but that will be a reminder for the
next one to make sure I tighten up the 
stitches carefully.  Painted papers collaged
on the front of the book.

I had this purple Canson paper on hand, that I'd
purchased on sale. The color may get really
old by the time I'm done with the little book,
but it will be a good exercise to work with 
a color that I don't usually use.

The prompt "Open."  The little paper square in
the upper right is a 'flower fold' that opens up.

Image above, "blurred" prompt on the 
left, "free form" prompt on the right.
When you start the challenge a week late,
and miscount the pages up to the day you
start...put two prompts on one page!

Above, the "blended" I worked,
I was reminded that wet-in-wet isn't the only
 technique for blending color. The closely placed
 dots can be a way of blending colors too.

and the "blotted" prompt: I painted a background
on the purple paper that had one coat of white
gesso applied. Then I applied a little gesso
over the background and blotted it up with
paper towels in several areas. Next came
 the Sharpie marker drawing, and
 a little watercolor and highlighter
added to the top layer.

Linking up with the T Tuesday blog hop,
because we all need to share a beverage
and have a chat once in a while.

It's all about how you interpret your day, 
your prompts, your art, your life...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Techo Tuesday: Flowers and Food!

My computer is acting up, and it seemed
to take forever to get these photos
onto the blog. Seems to be connected to
a problem with my slow Yahoo email. sigh.

The last week or so has been busy with
my son's family visiting over the 
Fourth of July, and then a quick drive
to Tennessee ~ down in one day, 
and back the next. More than 16 hours
in the car in two days! long story...
and then some health problems flared
up for hubby. Always something...

And yes, that requires 'catching up' in my
Hobonichi after the fact! 

While our son and his family were here,
we made a short trip to Columbus, Ohio to 
tour the Anthony Thomas Candy Co.
Very fun to see the chocolate candy being
molded and boxed, and hear the tour
guide's explanations and information.
(Sorry, no photos were allowed 
during the tour!)

Then we went to Schmidt's Sausage House
 in German Village for a late lunch. 
Above, you can see the giant 
cream puffs that are available for dessert!
This is the traditional vanilla, but they've
expanded their choices to include chocolate
and several other flavors too. You can also
see the small amount of beer left in our
son's glass...wonder how the combination of
cream puff and beer tasted?!

A rare photo of my husband and I.
Our daughter-in-law is always taking
photos, and I decided to share this one.
Hubby's expression is classic: "Is this really
 necessary?! OK, I'll pretend I'm having fun."
Water was the beverage of choice for me,
and qualifies me to link up with the T Tuesday
blog hop over at Bleubeard & Elizabeth's.
Stop by for a beverage and a chat!

Edit: please let me know if you have
any difficulty viewing the photos. I 
tried a 'work around' technique, so if 
they aren't showing up for you, leave
a comment - thanks!

Friday, July 14, 2017

A Line Too Far?

© Dianne Bishop Carey

Above, playing with color and 
pattern in watercolor... it didn't seem
'finished' at this point.

© Dianne Bishop Carey

The addition of black line work
and background patterns.

© Dianne Bishop Carey

I am liking some of the details.

© Dianne Bishop Carey

© Dianne Bishop Carey

Hope your day is filled with
color and joy!

© Dianne Bishop Carey

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

T is for Tag (or 'Flag') Book

Happy Independence Day to everyone
in the U.S.!  Celebrating with a photo of
my dear old quilted flag wall-hanging, and
patriotic cross-stitch.

Here are additional photos of Book Structures
 to share for the T-Tuesday blog hop.  I think I
have acquired a new obsession!

A flag book, which is a structure based
on the accordion fold binding.  Tags -
or flags - are adhered to the accordion
binding in alternating rows. This book was
completely inspired by the beautifully patterned
paper that had been provided by the instructor.
There were so many to choose from, it 
was hard to decide. But I do love a wonderful
black and white theme once in a while.

From scraps of the patterned paper, I cut out
some of the circles and adhered them to the
tags/flags. Alternating black and white flags
further enhanced the theme. Haven't decided
if I will add text. I am rather afraid to
'mess it up!'

Yes, that's my Santa mug with coffee.
Don't you enjoy Santa year-round?!

This is another folded structure. The way the
patterned papers are cut and woven together
creates a 'secret compartment' that makes a
nice place to add a greeting or secret journaling.

It looks more complicated than it is. The papers
I used are 'two-sided' which makes it even 
more deceiving/confusing. And enough
 time has passed that I'm not sure 
I can figure out how to do make
another. But it's really clever!

A pamphlet stitch booklet with an
envelope flap cover. The rose design was
cut from another drawing I had made and
adhered to the cover.

An envelope book.  The cover collage was
inspired by the brightly colored envelopes 
that the instructor provided.

It's an accordion book, with the openings of
the envelopes on the inside, into which I placed
brightly colored card stock tags cut into various shapes.
I especially like the profile in pink.

From the back, you can see that the book is
constructed by simply gluing the envelope
flaps to the back of the next envelope.

Stop by for T-Tuesday and see what
my blogger friends are up to.  I am
entertaining visiting family this week, so I
will probably be late visiting everyone. I am
having fun with the grandchildren
 and we're having art time together!