Thursday, August 28, 2014

Road Trip Journal Pages

It occurred to me that I didn't show the
finished pages from our May road trip 
to Tennessee...above, this page is not much
different than what you saw before. 
I added a little pink to the
word 'picnic.'

Above, this is the page as I posted it on
the blog previously, with a couple of spaces
yet to fill...

Above, the finished page, with the orange
construction barrel prominently added...

A much shorter road trip in July,
resulted in the collage above for my
Documented Life Project journal.

But I think this page is still my favorite,
because I think these palm trees are so
amazing and it was drawn when we
visited my favorite beach...
Panama City Beach, Florida.

Linking up over at
because Mary Ann invited folks 
to share their 'travel journals.'
Stop by and check it out...

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Tree on T Tuesday

 T-Tuesdays are the day that Elizabeth of
Altered Book Lover blog has a link party. 
All you have to do is share whatever you've
been 'up to,' and something related 
to what you are drinking...for me that's 
coffee every morning. Visit her to 
join in, or to see what's going on
with other creative bloggers.

Above, the sketch I did while at the 
craft show I had attended a while back.
I made enough to pay for my space, plus a bit 
extra, so was satisfied by that. The honey bee 
watercolor painting sold to a very nice gal
 who was pleased to get it.   
Met some very nice
folks at the table next to mine, and 
enjoyed beautiful weather.

Have been working in my Project Life photo album,
which for me just means I put stuff in as I have time.
I don't try to do a spread per week as I have many 
other projects going on too. This was during
our visit to see the grand kids in May.

I was pleased with these pages when they
were finished.  But the whole idea of this
being easier and faster than a scrapbook 
doesn't seem to be working for me! 
 I can still obsess over decorating
 each little 3" x 4"  or 4" x 6" card!
Need to get busy and get caught up
on the photos I have left, before our
next visit!

Above, The Documented Life Project,
Week 34: Use numbers related to
your week on your page.  I chose to
use my grocery list, with the running
tally of what the total cost was going
to be.  Added some doodles, watercolor,
and other numbers from the week.

Finally...a coffee mug drawing that I
came across from 2011. I think this is
on an index card...and that's part of
a thin bagel from breakfast that day.
Coffee with cocoa powder, fat-free milk,
and Stevia sweetener is my standard
beverage for breakfast every day...
but I do have tea now and then!
And it's always fun to
draw your food!

Cottonwood Leaves

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Peddlers in the Park

Looks like the weather on Saturday should be
so I am planning to set up a little table at 
Peddlers in the Park, 
7am ~ 4pm.
Click on the page above for
more details.

I am going to have some hand made cards
and art work for sale...

some crafts...

Honey Bee Watercolor: 5"x7"

and miscellaneous items.

If you will be in the area,
stop by and see me. 
Have breakfast (for a donation)
hike around the lake, and take some photos.
Volunteers will also be serving lunch. 
I haven't been to this event before,
 but it should be a 
fun day, and the park is lovely!

For sure, I will bring my sketch book,
and maybe my Documented Life Project planner.
Always need to have a pen, some
paper, and watercolors at the ready!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Watercolors and Collage

Week 32: Incorporate a fortune from a 
fortune cookie on your page...
I used several scraps and borders of my own
designs on the watercolor background, along 
with the fortunes, and a vintage computer label.

Week 33: Use 'under papers' on your page.
Under papers are the papers that you might use
beneath whatever you are painting, to catch
spills, or to clean your brush.  This collage
includes brown craft paper, acrylics, deli paper,
napkins, scraps with scribbles, and my 
watercolor with doodles.

I got the opportunity to visit a local state park
this week.  I went for a pleasant walk to enjoy
the views, and took some time to draw some
of the wildflowers that were grouped near
the Wildlife Center. (educational exhibits)
It was nice to see that there were honey bees
enjoying the wild flowers...

Linking up with Elizabeth over at 
Altered Book Lover blog for T Tuesday.
Instead of tea, I am drinking coffee with
chocolate, and listening to big raindrops
falling outside.

Here are a couple of greeting cards that I
made this week...

Have a colorful week!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Collage Everywhere on T Tuesday

"Collage: an artistic composition made of various materials
such as paper, cloth or wood, glued on a picture surface."

I see them everywhere... even at McDonald's.  I drew 
the cup of water I was drinking because it had a collage of
images on it...and because of the circle design.

Joining Elizabeth today for T Tuesday's link up party.
Just show a photo or drawing of your beverage, and
you can join us for T, or coffee, or any beverage you prefer!

put a pocket on your page.

I used a vintage library pocket from a thrifted
children's book, and attached it to the scrapbook
paper background.

Because our cottonwood trees are dropping leaves
already,  (and the background had leaves on it)
I decided to put leaves in the pocket.  I had made these
a while ago (ok years!) intending to make a small book
from them, but it just didn't happen.  I wrote quotes
about August, and autumn on the leaves that are made
from scrapbook paper and painted paper bags. 
(These are not cottonwood leaves, by the way)

I've also been working on some art lessons
that are posted on-line by Derwent Academy.
Lesson 5 was painting in watercolor, wet in wet.
I usually paint lightly over dry layers, and over pen
drawings, so this was a little stretch for me.
This is loosely based on some Maple trees in 
our back yard...

Just a few weeks of summer left...I have been
hearing a few locusts along with the tree frog chorus.
I need to take more walks and enjoy the warm
weather while it is still here!

cottonwood leaves