Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday T: THINK

Spread in the tall, skinny journal--
some opinions voiced on
National Public Radio... I often
hear things that inspire me
on their programming.
On the right, a sketch of
Salvadore Dali, from a photo
pinned on Pinterest.

I don't have a photo of 
tea or coffee today, but I am
still linking up with 
Bluebeard and Elizabeth at

How about we revisit some
coffee or tea-related 
art work instead?

collage in Green Scrappy journal

Bits and Pieces journal

Eco Green Smash journal

Managed to work in at least
one beverage container!

And I was wondering...
would the readers of this blog
like a series of posts
about Halloween-related projects
during the month of October?
I am thinking art and sewing.
Leave a comment and let me know...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Art Journal Thoughts

Saw this quote on Pinterest.
Had to do it up in
my skinny art journal...
very true.
There is no "easy" button
or remote control for life.

Another thought that
I remind myself of...
be persistent and
hang in there!

and Smile!
Halloween is coming!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

T is for Tuesday and Tomato

Joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth today
for "T" Tuesday. Visit her at
what everyone else is doing
and join in the fun!

Today I'm freezing a few tomatoes...
They are from my parents' garden.
I think these are Big Boys.  But I am not
positive what the type is called. They're
nice and sweet.

I just core them and cut off any bad spots,
then dip them into boiling water so the
skin will peel right off. You can blend
them up to make juice, but I just
cut them in halves or quarters. Pop them into
a quart zip lock freezer bag and they make
wonderful soups over the winter!
Much better flavor than canned...

Today I added cinnamon, cloves,
nutmeg and skim milk to my coffee.
I guess I am craving spicy fall recipes.
Please ignore the snowman on the cup.
I am not craving winter, but I do love
this Debbie Mumm cup!

Here you can see how these
tomatoes often have a deformed shape. They 
also seemed to spoil rapidly. Don't know if
that was our weather conditions, or 
the type of tomato.

The next project in the kitchen
will be applesauce...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Watercolor Art Journal Pages

Watercolor, calligraphy, quotes
and collage in a new art journal.
The pages measure 8 1/2" x 11."
It is larger than many of the
journals I've worked in recently.

The larger size does present
different challenges.  Obviously
there is more space to fill, but I
try to leave a border around
the edge so the finished page
will fit onto my scanner.

A sketch of parts of one of our
cottonwood trees.  The bark is quite
deeply lined with furrows, and has
a bit of light green moss.  The leaves
that I sketched had been damaged
by insects.  The branch silhouettes
are always interesting against the sky.

Iron weed adds a lot of color
to the roadsides...

A spread in the Bits and Pieces journal.
It's now full.  The small size of the pages,
5" x 8", made it seem easier to complete.

The last page, with watercolor leaves,
a tiny collage, and fabric.

What have you finished lately?