Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scrumptious Squares

"Scrumptious Squares", each measuring
an inch and a half by an inch and a half,
on recycled cardboard.
I created these
using scraps of painted papers, stamped papers,
vintage postage stamps, collage images and
numbers. They were inspired by the book shown below,
Mixed Mania by Debbi Crane & Cheryl Prater,
from Interweave Books.

This book inspires you
in a non-threatening way,
to create art.
It's humorous and 'sassy,'
encouraging you to doodle, create
paper dolls, and
approach the process with
your own sense of fun!

"Kid Tags" (above) were created with
scrapbook paper, and drawings
inspired by my grandchildren. The
drawings were done on watercolor paper
with inexpensive watercolors and
Sharpie extra-fine permanent marker.

Altered Vogue ad (for a designer watch)
doodles and paper dolls added,
along with an eye & lips on the
"face" of the watch.

As Debbi described her love for paper dolls in the book, I too remember sitting at my desk by the hour making my own paper dolls and clothes for them. (Of course there was Rock'n Roll on the radio!) The paper dolls here were drawn by me, but there is a template provided in the book so you can enlarge it and just start designing clothes!

Paper doll on watercolor paper, using inexpensive Prang watercolors and Sharpie extra-fine marker.
Fibers and beads added as a "scarf" around the neck.

This book is project-oriented, with "recipes" for creating each project, but enough additional ideas to inspire more of your own projects down the road.
I especially liked the brief explanation of 'The Elements of Art' and 'Principles of Design' which I think many books do not address, even though the information is very important. A "gallery" is included in the last chapter that highlights a variety of styles from various mixed media artists. Basic enough for beginners, complex and inspiring enough for the experienced artist. I am looking forward to making an art doll and quilted clutch!

Monday, April 19, 2010

French Fashion Exhaustion

Doodle/drawing from an old sketchbook, 2007. (For a larger view, click on the image.) Phrases were lifted from a Vogue magazine, and sketches drawn from the same magazine.
Includes ball point pen, purple permanent marker and watercolors. This sketchbook is square, so I wasn't able to get all of the image on the scanner. You can't see all of "intense
colors express who you are" and the phrase "Extremely Cultured." You can see that some of the women's heads were drawn on lined notebook paper, then torn out and collaged into my sketchbook. Not exactly "high art" but it still makes me smile for some reason! Hope you enjoy it...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Poetry on Paper

Collage on recycled cardboard (from a cereal box) painted with craft acrylic paints and collaged with scraps of painted papers and scrapbook papers. My favorite Sharpie extra-fine point
markers will not write on this paint, so I used a Zig Memory System marker that is a scrapbook product. It writes and draws smoothly but is not waterproof, so it must be used at the end of
the process, after all water media has dried. I also shaded some of the edge decoration with chalk pastel.

THANK YOU to Elizabeth of the Altered Book Lover blog for featuring me on her website! I am honored to be her friend and fellow artist. Elizabeth does a very informative and inspiring blog, where you can follow her experiments, challenges, artistic creations and endeavors in mixed media. The very first "swap" I participated in was hosted by Elizabeth, and she made it so fun and enjoyable! Welcome to all who are visiting from Elizabeth's site, and those who haven't met her yet, stop by for her celebration of Earth Day.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Come Sail Away...

Collage and watercolor in my watercolor Art Journal. (Teesha Moore's amazing 16 page journal from one sheet of paper) The top image is a flap that unfolds, and is connected with the bottom image as one spread. Created using watercolors, hand-painted papers, scrapbook papers, stickers, copies of my Moo cards, white gel pen and Pigma Micron marker. I wanted to try something different from the "border around the outside & writing in the middle" lay-out...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool

Another 3" x 5" collage on index card...

I like the Joker image,
but not necessarily April Fool's jokes.
I am so gullible that I'm 'taken in' every time!
I hope you enjoy your day
and all your jokes today are nice ones...
Have fun!