Saturday, July 28, 2012

Drawing and Collage On Index Cards

Woman's Face

Face From Book Cover

My Writing Hand

Living Room Buffet

Still Life From Catalog

Moving Day Cartoon

Pines collage


Near the end of the Index Card a Day challenge.
I won't end up with all 61, but I've done 54 so far.
Not bad considering how life can get

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seize the Day

Pages in the Bits and Pieces visual art journal:
Collages from scraps of painted paper 
and assorted papers. I especially like the 
little tab that I made (right) from a scrap of 
watercolor paper doodles.

Left, 'Pink' is an extra 4x4 from a swap in 2008.
Right, another collage of scraps with magazine word.

It is a happy circumstance when you run across
art work in the studio (ok, stuffed away in nooks & crannies)
that you had forgotten about.  These hearts in acrylic paint
were successful pieces,
but they are small: about 3 1/2 inches.
I didn't know what I wanted to do with them...

When I ran across them again, I realized
they would be perfect for art journal pages!

Collaged from acrylic and watercolor paintings.
Have you tried doing an entire page of doodles
or abstract shapes in bright colors? Tear them up
and they make wonderful collage ephemera!
Maybe the 'tearing up part' is difficult at first,
but also freeing in a way...try it!

An index card with a Monet quote...found on 
Lynne Hoppe's blog. I don't remember seeing this
quote before, but it expresses the frustration that
many artists feel. Critics make a living of 
'evaluating and critiquing' art works. Monet 
just wanted people to enjoy his work.
An excellent goal indeed.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Graffiti, Zentangle and Collage

Graffiti Wall
Sharpie pen and highlighter
on index card.
 The Index Card a Day challenge will be
over on the last day of June, but that
doesn't mean the creating ends.  The whole
point was to get a habit started! 
Creating every day is good for my mental health...
 just Do It, as the advertising slogan goes.

Flower Mandala

Vintage White
Fabric, notions, and watercolor

Painted paper, scrapbook paper,
magazine image and paper punch scraps.


Zentangle 2

Below: Patterned Stripes

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Journal Collages and Index Cards

Bits and Pieces
visual art journal: cover was painted
with gesso and collaged with
hand made paper, remnants of vintage
fabric, buttons and lace.
The first three spreads are from
the Bits and Pieces journal...

Journal borders from fabric, doodles,
and paper.

Yellow 4x4 on the right is an extra I had
 from a color swap in 2008.
The black images are my drawings.
The bird was copied onto clear acetate
after I completed the drawing on paper.

Again, I utilized an extra swap page (on the right)
and attached it with decorative tape.

Tree of Life-
inspired by Medieval art-
in a larger spiral art journal.

Index Cards

Ball jars on the windowsill

The foot rest on a restaurant chair

Restaurant chair and table...
the tiles on the floor and counters
make an interesting counterpoint to
round tables.

The jumble of equipment on a
restaurant counter.

The above drawings were 'direct to
paper' in pen without any preliminary
sketches in pencil. It was a challenge to
find time in a busy week to draw the index cards!
What did you create this week?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Words in Collage

Happy La Rana
Fabric, watercolor flower, vintage game card,
Loteria card, painted cardboard, found word,
recycled tissue box.

Watercolor, fabric, recycled tea packaging,
scrapbook paper, ledger paper,
ball point pen, tempera.

Hand-dyed paper (gifted by Diana!)
scrapbook paper, tempera, stamped word,
painted cardstock, color copy of a 
previous collage, ledger paper.

Garden Bouquet
Fabric, cover illustration from a  book of postage stamps,
watercolor and pen. The words are the 
title of the postage stamp.

Not so many cards this week...
life happened.
I am trying to remember to
cherish all the moments...