Saturday, January 29, 2011

Art Journal Pages

Continuing to work in the Green Scrappy Journal
that Elizabeth sent me.
'Plunge into Life' is created on top of
a page made from brown paper bag.

The next page shows the tags
peeking out of the paper bag opening,
and from behind the cardstock that
had been sewn to it.

One side of the larger tag is above.
The quote was torn from an old
psychology textbook.

A quote written on hand-painted paper
is on the other side of the large tag.
I made this paper while
painting with poster paints with
my grandson one day...
you can see the crayon resist
beneath the paint on the right side.

I love this quote...
Go throw some paint!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shades of White

Pages for a swap...
the theme here was "white."
Materials include sheet of music background,
copy of a vintage photo, lace, fabric,
beads, paper lace doily,
and a button.  I really like
that long necklace on the little girl!

On the back, a dictionary page
with a light wash of gesso,
and fabric pocket to hold
the atc.

More paper doily applied to 
background of scrapbook paper.
Fabric & felt frame a small
reproduction of vintage-style angel.

Detail of the back of the page,
showing fabric & lace pocket, 
made to hold another atc.
Stitching and beads 
add some texture.

A very blurry scan of the
second atc.  The background was
a scrapbook paper with a
peeling paint image. Fabrics
and papers added in
creams and tan.  My favorite part
is the embroidery stitching
on the creamy scrap of linen.
The tiny white paper rose
embellishment came from my stash,
and its 3-D thickness caused
the blurriness.

Fondly dedicated to the 
memory of the
talented mixed media artist
Gina Wise,
who had a love for the theme "white."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Scrappy Green Journal

More pages from the Scrappy Green Journal
that was a gift from Elizabeth...
She created the lovely rusty orange background
that had 2010 stamped on it,
paper doilies, along with the strip of
tan paper with "All Soul's day" sewn on, and Grow."
I drew and painted the images and text:
the rose, decorated skull, and
the painting of the marigold.

The next page shows the postcard
that Elizabeth sewed to the page.
Some other images that I added
peek out from beneath it.
I like how the pages are all 
different sizes and shapes, and
you can see some of what's
to come in this scan.

On the back of the postcard I glued some
fun fabric and added text and dots.
I wrote on the cool textured blue background
that Elizabeth provided with white gel pen.
A strip of the same fabric was added
along with the cards that were
gifted to me by Marlynn.
It is a fun challenge to create on
the substrate that someone else made!

What do you put in your Art Journal?

Monday, January 3, 2011



What lies beyond?

Walk through the doorway



Be aware of possibilities...
Cherish the present...
Seize the day!