Saturday, October 28, 2017

Bug Mail Art

Eric Bruth has been kind enough to send
a reply to the paper bag mail art I
sent to him.  He has colored some
lovely foliage to coordinate with the
wonderful stamps on the envelope.

Inside was a sweet post card...
and I couldn't agree more 
with the sentiment!  Eric posted
photos of the mail art I've sent him
on his blog My Mail Art World.
It's an entertaining look at the mail
art Eric has sent and received. 
Thanks Eric!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Ink and Sushi

I am continuing the Inktober Challenge -
drawing in ink every day and posting it
on line- but using the Hobonichi Challenge
 prompts. Above: Mummy and Skull.

Candy and Monster

Clown and Cobweb. I'm not particularly afraid of
clowns, but I also do NOT usually watch horror if there are scary movies out there 
featuring clowns, I don't want to know about it.
I tried to make a pleasantly happy clown...

Enjoyed a wonderful week visiting my son and
his family. These pages document some of our
 activities. Above, Owl and Trick-or-Treat prompts.

My son had a birthday while we were there,
and he wanted to go out for sushi. We had lunch
at a Japanese Steak House, and I had the 
"Bento Box" lunch. It seemed more like a 
lunch tray, at least in size, but the food
was good. I chose the grilled scallops.

Our grandson also ordered sushi, and as he
was seated next to me, I got a photo of his
substantial lunch.  He said some of it was
pretty spicy.

It's actually pretty to look at, but just not to 
my taste...

More October prompts: Haunted House
and Black Cat. The cat is inspired by a vintage
Halloween decoration.

For the Ghost prompt, I decided to draw one
 of the ghosts from the Harry Potter movies, 
Moaning Myrtle. She's one of my favorite
 characters. The Leaves are drawn from
and on-line photo.

Prompts 18 and 19 were Vampire 
and Werewolf.  The Count from Sesame Street
 seemed a fun choice to draw for the vampire. 
I wonder if I could find a copy of
the Werewolf of London movie? It
might not be too scary to watch. 
I would guess that a 1930's movie would be 
pretty tame compared to what 
is produced these days. One of my all time
favorite old movies is Arsenic and Old Lace. 
I loved that movie!  But I digress...

Prompt: Mermaid~ I chose to do a
little gal in a mermaid costume.

You may have noticed several little coffee
cup drawings, in addition to my glass of water
at the restaurant, referenced for Bleubeard and 
Elizabeth's T-Tuesday blog hop.
You don't have to draw your own tea/coffee cup
or your food to join in...just
stop by for a beverage and a chat!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Inktober in my Hobonichi

Peter Pan quote...

and a collage to fill in some blank
 space. Here's a tiny coffee
cup for my link-up to T Tuesday
this week! 

I used a vintage illustration as my 
model for the tale of Bluebeard, showing
the moment he gives the keys to his
new wife. Bluebeard warns her not to open
'that one door.' You can guess
what happens then...

The busy weekend caused me to
play 'catch up' in my Hobonichi
after the fact. Loved having my son and
his family here, even for a short visit.

A new month, a new challenge.
I may combine 'Inktober' with the
Hobonichi Challenge prompts...

I enjoy getting out these little
folk art figurines every Fall.

The gargoyle was an interesting
subject. Not my favorite. But good
to draw something out of my
comfort zone.

It's difficult for me to resist adding
watercolor to the ink drawings.
A little bit of orange background 
can't hurt, right?

The Hobonichi Challenge for Oct. 5th
was 'spider.'  Having this in my planner
is creeping me out. I may have to cover
it up with a flap of some kind!

Hope you're enjoying October so far.
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Tales of Animals, Magic, and Coffee

Above, a card sent to a mail artist in France. 
Design derived from ancient Mexican motifs. 
(this was identified as an eagle)
You can see the envelope here 
on Eric Bruth's blog.

The fairy tale challenge I've been
doing in my little Hobonichi planner
has presented some challenges.

I greatly respect book illustrators
who are able to create dynamic
and exciting pages that show action.

This week we saw a guy on a
motorcycle wearing an 'Elmo' helmet cover!
You can buy it online. Cracked me up...

I am several days behind on the last of
the fairy tales for Sept.  My friend Elizabeth wants
to see art for the tale of Bluebeard!  
I don't think I will be trying to draw dead 
wives in a locked room...but you never know. 
We had a very busy weekend at the end of 
this month, so I have to catch up on
a few drawings.  Next project:
an ink drawing every day for "Inktober."

How many references to a beverage
did you notice?  (not counting
the soup)  Linking up for T Day...
go visit other bloggers for a beverage
and a chat!  Thanks for coming
 by for art and coffee.