Monday, June 30, 2014

Documenting June on T Tuesday

Add a scripture or quote from another book
to your page.  I added another flap to my
tip-in page, in the shape of a woman's
profile.  The scripture is Romans 12:2.

The profile is taped with decorative (Washi) tape on the right
and is watercolored in black on the back side, with border
designs collaged onto the profile shape.  
On the left, collage "challenge yourself."

When all the flaps are opened, this is the spread
beneath.  Media included are gessoe, acrylic, watercolor,
painted deli paper, Sharpie pen, painted papers,
scrapbook paper, and a scrapbook flower sticker.
The flower on the lower left is a very pale colored
scrapbook embellishment sticker, which I outlined in
black Sharpie marker for stronger contrast with 
the background. The yellow flower is my own drawing.

Week 26 means the year is half over, and I am still
'in the game!'  Time does go by quickly...

Above, Keep Calm and Have Lunch with Art Friends!
A Smash Book collage page...
I had lunch with some fellow artists, and we had 
'show and tell'.  Isn't it funny how a term we used 
in kindergarten is still so appropriate?  I suppose 
there are more 'mature' terms for it, but we do
enjoy seeing what each person has been creating
and catching up on the lives of dear friends.

I hope you enjoyed some  tea (or coffee)
on T Tuesday, and make a visit to Elizabeth at
Altered Book Lover to see what
others are getting up to for T Tuesday. 
Perhaps you would like to join the party!  
The guidelines to link up
are very flexible:  share a photo or art work about
something tea (or beverage-related) or 
something related to tea, or even the Letter 'T'.

And just because it's going to be a 
sweltering week where I live...I'm including
a fun page I did a while ago...just to cool
things down and hopefully make you smile.
I suspect some of the beverages featured this
 week in the link party may be cold!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Documenting Life: Hearts and photos

Above ~ Week 25 of the
Documented Life Project:
Add hearts to your page.
I made color copies of some of
my art work, at 50%, and
glued them onto my page.
I did add some black line-work
on the copies to give more
contrast to the smaller images.
The background is a fluorescent
pink acrylic paint, and the border
is done with Sharpie pen.

I have succumbed to the 
Project Life scrapbooking style...
Since I had so many photos, and the
supplies were on sale at a local discount store,
I took the plunge.  I thought it would be 
less expensive to do one large scrapbook
for the year, instead of several small ones.
Above, a beautiful sunset that we enjoyed in 
February 2014, at Panama City Beach, Florida.

It's supposed to be 'faster' to put
together a Project Life page...
but I end up fussing over tiny collages
like the one above. I love the way it
turned out, but smaller is not
necessarily easier or faster...
the above card is 3"x4".

Do you document the
days and events in your life?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Father's Day Wish

Happy Father's Day
to all the fathers in my life...
especially my Daddy!

•    ♥   • 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Documenting Life - on T Tuesday

 Documented Life Project pages.  Above,
inside the Week 21 Tip-In. (which I 
posted here)  Contrasting non-representational
painting with the pen and watercolor 
representation of flowers.
Fragrant peonies just don't last 
long enough...especially when it rains, 
so I wanted to draw them before they
were gone...

DLP Week 23, above.  The challenge was to
write something you are grateful for
each day.  I have many things to be
grateful for, so it was hard to choose.
Even small things can be a big
boost for your health and well-being!

Week 24: Use book pages 
or text paper on your page. 
Included in my collage
 are scrapbook papers with
writing, text pages from a book,
painted text pages and a page
torn from an old calendar/planner. 

Sharpie pen for a bit of line work and details...

The strips of flowers were printed 
from my computer.

Linking up with Elizabeth
for T Tuesday, and sharing a  
tea-inspired collage, above.  When you
create mixed-media collage, every
bit of scrap cardboard and things
like tea-bag tags hold possibilities
for creating art.  Look around you
for the possibilities...see with
a new perspective.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Documenting Life on T Tuesday

Documented Life Project - Week 22: 
Draw, paint or sketch a house 
on your page...
had a bit of trouble figuring out what
I wanted to do  for this challenge, 
but finally came up
with the quilt block house...

and the Tree house!  The quilt block page
folds open to reveal the pen drawing of the
Tree house.

Facing page...the days that week.  
Brought in some flowers from the yard
this week, and enjoyed the fragrance of
the peonies.  Lovely yellow iris,
along with pink and white peonies.
Decided to do tiny drawings of them on
several of the days that week.

Linking up for T Tuesday with 
Elizabeth and Bluebeard, and
sharing a Tea collage.
The herbal peppermint tea bag package
was a lovely color, so used that 
as my 'jumping off' point.  The flower
is a print made from using a Bib lettuce heart
dipped in inexpensive craft paint. A 
snippet from an invitation, scrapbook
papers, and washi tape finish it off.