Monday, November 25, 2013

TECHNIQUES for Art Journaling 2- T Tuesday

More ideas for Art Journaling techniques:
  • Seasonal Themes- Whatever the weather or season, it can be a topic for a journal page.  These pages (above) are done in an altered book of 'Seasons', and seemed appropriate, since we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week in the U.S.  The art work is done on brown craft paper that was crumpled up and then smoothed out.  I painted the images in craft acrylic paint, and the green leaf border at the top was created from hand-carved stamps. The text reads: "give thanks...for all that we are and all that we can become...for moments of Beauty, for truth, and for joy..."  

  • Collage Scraps- Whatever scraps of delicious papers or images you haven't been able to throw away, those are great elements for collage!  Above, are some bits of watercolor paintings, pen doodles, and even a photocopy of a drawing that I had previously drawn. I also love to use bits of scrapbook papers, greeting cards, food packaging, junk mail, envelopes, fabric scraps, and the occasional magazine image. 

  • Combine your own art work with collage- Above, one of those tiny paper collages from scraps, combined with fabric and watercolors.  The green leaves in the foreground were drawn on a separate paper, then cut out and glued to the page...and the only text on the page is my signature and the date.  Below, the collage creates a border around the text.

  • Use a Quote: Above, a quote from Maya Angelou. TV and radio quotes and also song lyrics are favorite sources for text on the journal page.
  • Use "Challenge" art work- If I participate in a challenge or a swap on-line, I sometimes have an 'extra' copy of art work left over...sometimes a person drops out of a swap or I purposely made extra, "just in case."  Those extras can be adhered to a journal page. I often use a decorative tape to create a hinge-fastening the art work into the journal, so that both sides can be viewed. If you don't have decorative tape, you can easily just use glue and a strip of paper or fabric.

Top, the Linen and Lace 4x4 collaged with fabric and stitching. Below it, a detail of the Anniversary swap page flipped open to reveal text and designs beneath it in the journal.

  • Sketches of Future Projects- Art Journal pages don't have to be 'finished' works of art. Sketches of ideas for paintings, or drawings of things you want to make are always good to record.  Ideas have a way of disappearing from our minds if not recorded! The above necklace was an idea to make from fabric and beading, inspired by an on-line image of a metal necklace from Africa.
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TECHNIQUES for Art Journaling-on T Tuesday

Techniques for Art Journal pages can include anything that fits on the page! Here are some ways that I create my pages.  
  • Take Notes-  I like to write down excerpts of interesting historic facts, art history information, and descriptions of art styles or techniques.  Noting the author and source is important to me.  When I don't do it, it's frustrating later and I wish I had the information!  I like to add sketches to the page for clarity of information if possible.

  • Doodle-  I can fill a lot of pages with doodles! geometric shapes, curlicues, eyes, mouths, faces, flowers...on and on.   I believe this is a quote from a podcast featuring Teesha Moore.   Which also brings me to the idea of-
  • Fill your Journal up with what you did that day...notes, lists, what you did, what you's amazing how it can bring back memories when you re-read it...moments frozen in time!

  • Found Poetry- These are phrases and words that I found interesting, and wrote them surrounding the image of people. Use any book or magazine as your source, just combine words that you find that make an interesting combination. For me, they don't even have to 'make sense.' (frustratingly, this is one of the times I didn't note my source!)
  • Respond to Someone Else's Art-This page is from the Scrappy Green Journal that Elizabeth made...and I embellished or drew on the pages that she had made.  I was reacting to someone else's images and layout, which is a really interesting challenge and helps you create things you might not normally have envisioned.

  • Draw what's in front of you- Combined with scraps of decorative paper, and thoughts about the day, a sketch of your coffee or tea seems a comforting image to me.  I really don't remember what prompted the sketch of the scissors and the paintbrush...they were probably on the table when I sat down to draw!

  • Use ideas from the Masters- This page was inspired by patterns in a Picasso painting and I wrote about what I was doing while I doodled. A very simple page, and fun to do.

I will do another post about 
Techniques for Art Journal Pages
next week.  I hope to see you then!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Art Journal Angel

Medieval angel inspired by a tiny photo
in an old book, of an illuminated parchment.
Felt pen, watercolor and white gel pen.
My art work is done over reproduction images 
 of vintage perfume labels, thus the words
peeking through the watercolor...

Above, journal page using a color copy of
a face that I drew myself.  The large flower 
on her head is a sticker intended for scrapbooking. I
outlined the shapes within the flower in pen to
make the page cohesive with my additional
drawings, using felt pen and watercolor.

Scrapbook paper collage, above.

Pen and do
you find the time for everything 
you want to do?
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 on your journal pages...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sewing Box and other Tuesday Necessities

We just returned from Tennessee
for a visit with our son and his family.
It was so nice to see them all!
Art Journal page, above, about
the road trip home. (click for a larger view)
Lots of fall color...

My son has worked for Southern Star Wood Display Cases, which
creates custom display boxes.  Above, is a gorgeous hardwood
 sewing box designed for stitchers to keep all their necessities.

The lid shown is glass, but can be ordered with wood
instead.  That lid would be the ideal place to mount one
of those cross stitch samplers that I love so much!
The lining fabric can be ordered in a number of colors.
The rectangle on the right is a pincushion with a 
hardwood base.  Again...I can see it covered with a
sampler that matches the lid!  

The tray holds spools or embroidery floss bobbins...
You can go to Southern Star Wood Display Cases on Facebook
 to find out more about ordering a custom
sewing box, or any other display box.  Many of their customers
use them to display firearms, knives,  relics, and other collectibles.

Of course, I keep visualizing the box filled with patterns,
 thread, scissors, needle keep and a pincushion!

One of our area radio stations has begun their annual
playing of Christmas music-- I am not ready!
...but it IS a good time to start Christmas shopping...

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Someone asked where I get my quotes.
I just type into my browser
"quotes about ________."
Fill in the blank with whatever topic you'd like,
and then choose your favorites...

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Happy Fall!