Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TECHNIQUES for Art Journaling-on T Tuesday

Techniques for Art Journal pages can include anything that fits on the page! Here are some ways that I create my pages.  
  • Take Notes-  I like to write down excerpts of interesting historic facts, art history information, and descriptions of art styles or techniques.  Noting the author and source is important to me.  When I don't do it, it's frustrating later and I wish I had the information!  I like to add sketches to the page for clarity of information if possible.

  • Doodle-  I can fill a lot of pages with doodles! geometric shapes, curlicues, eyes, mouths, faces, flowers...on and on.   I believe this is a quote from a podcast featuring Teesha Moore.   Which also brings me to the idea of-
  • Fill your Journal up with what you did that day...notes, lists, what you did, what you noticed...it's amazing how it can bring back memories when you re-read it...moments frozen in time!

  • Found Poetry- These are phrases and words that I found interesting, and wrote them surrounding the image of people. Use any book or magazine as your source, just combine words that you find that make an interesting combination. For me, they don't even have to 'make sense.' (frustratingly, this is one of the times I didn't note my source!)
  • Respond to Someone Else's Art-This page is from the Scrappy Green Journal that Elizabeth made...and I embellished or drew on the pages that she had made.  I was reacting to someone else's images and layout, which is a really interesting challenge and helps you create things you might not normally have envisioned.

  • Draw what's in front of you- Combined with scraps of decorative paper, and thoughts about the day, a sketch of your coffee or tea seems a comforting image to me.  I really don't remember what prompted the sketch of the scissors and the paintbrush...they were probably on the table when I sat down to draw!

  • Use ideas from the Masters- This page was inspired by patterns in a Picasso painting and I wrote about what I was doing while I doodled. A very simple page, and fun to do.

I will do another post about 
Techniques for Art Journal Pages
next week.  I hope to see you then!

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  1. Great post Dianne.
    Love your ideas to journal by, I've never thought about some of them. I really need to start journaling more, love my art journals but have just started writing on the pages too.

  2. Thank you, this is exactly what I needed. Although I never seem to run out of ideas for scrapbook pages :), I sometimes get stumped about what to add to my art journal. I haven't added to my journal in a long time, because I felt like my ideas were getting repetitive. Now I have lots of new ideas for journal entries, so thank you again. Happy T Day!

  3. Happy T Day! I love when you share your journals with us. Thank you for these helpful ideas on what to do with ours, I enjoyed reading them all. What beautiful art you make too, was nice to see your pages!!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog. I love seeing the lights on my street at night. Some years when the weather isn't so bad, we take a walk down our road just to see and enjoy them up close.
    Can't wait to see what you share next week! Maybe something red and white??!!

  4. Such great ideas Dianne! Thanks for putting them all in one spot.
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Thanks for sharing your tips and great pages Dianne!
    One of the best things about art journaling I think is that it is very freeing and full of possibilities...
    Happy T Day to you

  6. I completely appreciate your wonderful journal ideas. Although I don't journal, I can appreciate those who do, and the techniques you suggest are very powerful. Of course, your hand drawn pieces are the BEST and I always love them. I think your Picasso drawing is superb. Amazing where we find inspiration.

    Thanks for joining T today. Your post is really an eye opening experience for anyone wanting to get into this fascinating art form, and a great refresher for those who journal a lot.

  7. It was so interesting and fun to read about the techniques you use in journaling. Your pages are also beautiful and well thought out!

  8. I keep saying I am going to keep/make an art journal and somehow I never do. With your great suggestions all I need now is a blank book.


  9. Oh, wow. This post has me thinking so much now! I was not thinking, and then I started thinking! I am hoping to make next year my journaling year. I don't keep a journal about events, but I do journal about ideas and feelings. They are more elusive and I love illustrating them!

    Your pages are lovely, and I love that you took inspiration from Picasso!

  10. Someone added me to an art journal group on FB the other day. Now, I come here, and read your post. The signs are all saying I've got to start art journaling again!! :)

  11. A lot of great suggestions and pages.
    Happy late T-Day! :)

  12. Okay.... apparently I already have you in my bookmarks... I just need to visit you more often! Loved this post, too....


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