Monday, February 24, 2020

Creating Randomly

Do you consider baking a form of art?
I've decided that trying to mix purple from
red and blue food coloring is futile.  Turned
out ugly in my opinion, but the best I could do.
On my second try of mixing up this King Cake,
it turned out pretty well, and the family seemed
to enjoy it!

Here are a few random creations that I've
been making during my long absence from
the blog...  Happy Year of the Rat!

Unicorn photo props for my daughter the Music
Teacher. They do a Daddy/Daughter dance as a
fundraiser for the Drama Club, and this year the
theme was Unicorns. The "I Poop Rainbows"
was my favorite... Oh my glittering 

Just a joyful celebration of seeing the rare
experience of sunshine during a gray
 Ohio winter.

Yes, I'm still doodling tiny things and cutting
them out for my Planner/Art Journal.

The Hobonichi Challenge in my 4 x 6 inch Techo
for the month of February is 
Love for Australia.  I did not know that the 
Pavlova dessert had been invented in Australia!
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Linking up with Tea Tuesday over at the
Altered Book Lover blog.  My 'qualifying' T Tuesday
images are the red coffee mug and the Pavlova 
illustration. Sounds like a winning 
combination to me!