Sunday, May 25, 2014

Documenting Life- Week 21 Challenge

Challenge for Week 21 was to 
add stitching to your page.

I thought of Shashiko stitching,
so I chose blue cloth with contrasting

Other materials include watercolor,
handmade paper, painted brown craft paper,
and embroidery floss.

Thanks to Elizabeth K. of
 for the handmade paper!

Week 22 of the DLP is to 
"draw, paint or sketch a house."
Time to get busy...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Road Trip Journal Pages

Road Trip art journal pages...
yes, I've been drawing while riding
in a moving car. These two pages were
prepared with watercolor wash, then a
second watercolor layer to create the
rectangle grids on the page.  Above,
a finished page...well, maybe I will
tweek it a bit?

Above, the second Road Trip page, still in progress.
I have yet to write about the massive traffic jam we
got caught in, on KY I-65.  Three and a half
hours later, we finally got free.  Whose idea was it
to choke three lanes of traffic down to one lane
due to road construction?  I normally wouldn't complain
but thought this was excessive, and sent an email
complaint to the KY Dept. of Highways.

Above, my Documented Life Project page for Week 20:
use a stamp in an unusual way.  I used vintage buttons to
stamp into polymer clay, then sewed them to the page.

My Fake Journal 2014 has been completed and bound.
You can see the final product at
I hope you will stop by!

Linking up with Elizabeth's
T Tuesday party,
and reviving another coffee mug page...
having my daily coffee with chocolate,
and looking at the rainy day through
my window. At least it isn't snow!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Art Journal Pages~ Beverage Edition

Some art journal pages for Elizabeth's T party
on Tuesday...visit Altered Book Lover to
see what it's all about!

Above, you may notice a collage (on the right)
 that I previously made for T Tuesday.  
I glued it across the gutter of two pages in 
one of my journals.  I added another 
tea bag wrapper in yellow, and the 
actual tea bag. I was delighted when
the tag was pink!

I also added some sparkly lemonade on the left--
literally sparkly. It is from a Valentine that a dear
friend sent...and also is a lovely pink!

I repeated the design from the security envelope
paper (in the collage) by drawing more of
 the 'hash marks' onto the pages.
 Repeating a design element
helps unify the pages.

Above, a page that sat for months
with only the bird glued to the page.
The kleenex box leaves seemed to work,
and the page came together...

Below, a collage from ephemera--
most of which I did not draw.  I 
added the white cloud and some of
the black flowers. Stickers and 
scraps of printed images make 
quick collage.

Above and below, a sketch of a bluebird from a
photo in Birds and Blooms magazine...

This page also sat for months with just the
bird drawing on it.  For this, I think it 
waited until I had scraps in the 'right' colors
before I was ready to finish it...

The Wrap-Up is posted on
for my Fake Journal 2014.
Hope you will stop by...

hope your day is


Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Yellow Rose

A yellow rose for you
today, for 
sunshine and happiness...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tags on T Tuesday

A bit of my Fake Journal 2014~
if you haven't visited 
I've posted the Reveal, Parts 1 and 2.
I plan to post the final Wrap Up
next Tuesday, so stay tuned...

For T Tuesday, I decided to make
some TAGS.  
The tag below was collaged onto
tan card stock, with scrapbook
papers and painted brown craft paper.
Words were cut from a book that I've
been using for collage, and for
painting over text.

Above, a tag cut from watercolor paper,
with paisleys drawn in Sharpie, then
watercolor washes added.

Reviving the red Panda mug,
enjoying my mocha coffee, and
joining Elizabeth today for
T Tuesday.  I think there is a party
going on over there...
I hope you will get up to
some creative fun by
visiting T Tuesday participants!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fake Journal Finale

Visit my April blog:
to read about my Fake Journal's 
character, and read the Reveal, Part 1!

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