Sunday, January 3, 2021

Christmas 2020 and Welcome 2021

Hello friends! It's been a while.  I have some
catching up to do... Here's a look
at a stack of Hobonichi Journals, starting with
 my 2017 on the bottom, and 2020 on top.

There's been decorating, sewing, crafting,
baking and drawing going on around here.

Happy with the way this little snow guy
turned out!

Close up of an angel on one of my
Hobonichi pages in December.

The Candy Cane Coffee Cake that
I try to bake each year. It's filled with
dried apricots and maraschino cherries.

We did not have a big family gathering this
year because of the Pandemic. (My folks are 89
and 87 yrs old!) But we did visit - masked up
and distanced - on Christmas Eve.

We had a Zoom session with my son and
his family on Christmas morning, so we 
got to see the grandchildren open their
gifts. Funny thing, the adults seemed to
stay out of view of the camera! ha ha.
Understandable. I'm not a fan of having my 
photo taken at the best of times, much
less first thing in the morning! lol.

Our daughter came to visit for a few days 
after Christmas.  So nice to have her here!
It's kind of funny, when we do see anyone in 
the family, there isn't much to talk about
because we haven't been anywhere or 
done much of anything. 

I suppose I am a 'spoil sport'...the excitement
about the New Year doesn't ring true for
me.  Change is a process, and it can 
happen any time of year...but the holiday
reminds me that I should reflect on the events 
of the year.  I can make changes to improve
my life. Heard an NPR broadcast recently
that encouraged people to Seek Delight.
Sounds like a good idea...

The quote on the left just cracked me up!
So true this year. For me and possibly
many others!

A rare selfie.
Don't expect this again soon! ha ha!

Sharing a few tiny coffee cup (and toast)
doodles today on my pages 
(did you spot them?)
 for T Tuesday, over at 
Join us for a beverage and a chat!

Old vs. 2020 Hobonichi is 
on top. The 2021 on the bottom seems so thin!
 This comparison photo has become a bit of a
tradition for me.  Lots of things have been 
glued and taped into my 2020, lots of doodles
and drawings reflecting lots 
of life that happened. Here's to a happy, 
safe and healthier New Year in 2021!