Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunflower Swap Pages

Watercolor and pen on
watercolor paper. Top image 
inspired by Willem de Morgan's
sunflower tiles - 1880's.
Bottom image after Van Gogh's
Two Sunflowers - 1887.

Christmas card c. 1880 by
Georgina Koberwein Terrell;
stamp from EraGraphics.

Fabric collage using
buttons and embroidery.

Pocket with a tag
and a folding ATC.

Folding ATC inspired by Kawamura Kiho,
Sunflower 1824.
Tag includes handmade paper,
pen drawing, fabric & charm.
Quote by Vincent Van Gogh.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Art Journal Potential

More pages in the scrappy
Green Journal...
A word of Potential:  "If"

Crumpled paper sprayed with
Glimmer Mists.  A color copy of
a drawing from a previous art journal,
and a quote from the song
"Closing Time" 
by Semisonic...

Scraps of photos
left over from a scrapbook
made after last year's trip
to Panama City Beach.
Brings back memories of
the soothing sound of waves,
and the gentle colors of
sand and water...
just what I need after
all the snow of this winter!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


The Princess Valentine
that I created for my granddaughter...

and the Ninja Valentine
that I created for my grandson.
Both images are original watercolors
on watercolor paper, then mounted
on a fabric background and adhered
to a plain greeting card.

Blessings to you
on Valentine's Day! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Swap Pages

Here are some swap pages that I received
from a private swap that I'm in.  My theme
is Mexican folk art, and these lovely
pages were created by Kathy.
Kathy doesn't have a blog of 
her own, so I am showing them here.
There is also gold glitter that doesn't
show up in this scan,
and there are charms 
dangling on the right side.

The fiesta page is covered with squares
of tissue paper, just like a pinata.
The tissue flower and paper 'candy'
make this a fun page!

Kathy included a
 quote by Frida Kahlo:
"I paint self-portraits because 
I am so often alone, and
because I am the person
I know best."

Kathy's decorated skull doodled in black pen,
and lovely black feathers with ribbon
and beads in the corner.
Thank you Kathy!  These will be
wonderful additions to my book.

I plan to show the other pages I've received
when I get them put together as a book.
In the meantime, I have pages with 
sunflowers to create for the
next 'round' of the swap!

Friday, February 4, 2011

New Art Journal

Spread in my new art journal:
acrylic, painted papers, marker,
pastels, collage images...
watercolor, inchie collages,
hand-carved stamps,
and vintage papers.

This journal has heavier paper and
is spiral bound.  It's larger in 
page size than the last journal
I used, which unfortunately means
the entire page doesn't quite fit
on my scanner. I was hoping the paper
wouldn't buckle when I painted it.
It still buckles, but flattens out nicely
when weighted overnight beneath a 
stack of heavy books.

I found myself hesitant to create
the first page in the new art journal...
so I made a collage on a separate
piece of paper and then glued it into
the new journal.  One way of
overcoming those blank
pages and wanting 
the first piece to be "good."