Friday, February 4, 2011

New Art Journal

Spread in my new art journal:
acrylic, painted papers, marker,
pastels, collage images...
watercolor, inchie collages,
hand-carved stamps,
and vintage papers.

This journal has heavier paper and
is spiral bound.  It's larger in 
page size than the last journal
I used, which unfortunately means
the entire page doesn't quite fit
on my scanner. I was hoping the paper
wouldn't buckle when I painted it.
It still buckles, but flattens out nicely
when weighted overnight beneath a 
stack of heavy books.

I found myself hesitant to create
the first page in the new art journal...
so I made a collage on a separate
piece of paper and then glued it into
the new journal.  One way of
overcoming those blank
pages and wanting 
the first piece to be "good."


  1. Wow, these are fabulous. You didn't leave yourself much room for journaling though. But that's ok. I love the brilliant colors and the last photo is just gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful journal pages, Dianne.
    The eye is a particularly powerful piece for me.

    Thanks so much for visiting me and your kind comments. Truly appreciated.

  3. Finally getting around to catching up with people's blogs, and I'm loving the work you've done.
    The journal pages are stunning.

  4. I was here earlier and thought I left a comment. Since it was VERY early this morning, I suspect I somehow didn't do something right or forgot to make sure I had the right code. Anyway, I'm glad I left your blog post staring at my screen because I really, really love the third photo, which I assume is the first page in the book. Your "winter white" color pallet is super tempting and enjoyable to see.

    You KNOW that MY trick in our 6 X 6 swap is to design a spread, then glue (or sew) it to the watercolor paper. I think that's a brilliant idea.

    BTW, why don't you take a high res scan of your "eye" and send it to a stamp company. When it becomes a "Dianne (or DBC) original" rubber stamp, you can send me one that you've autographed!!!

  5. awesome art journal and love the creative way you overcame the terror of the blank page!


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