Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tomatoes in my Techo

Last week you saw the unfinished page
with the tomatoes.  Here is the finished page,
above left. (click on any image for larger view)

On Tuesday, after visiting my blogging 
buddies, hubby and I went out for Mexican
food and then for a walk. Hubby said I was a
"slave driver"...especially since it was 
90 degrees F outside. We walked on a trail
that has been reclaimed from an old railroad
line, called Tall Grass Prairie.  We were 
pretty wiped out after walking two miles 
out and then two miles back.

We are delighted that an owl has moved
into our area. It likes to perch in our 
cottonwoods, and on top of our "swing set"
made from old telephone poles. We still aren't
sure what kind it is...

We have finally gotten some rain, after over
a month without any. Hopefully it is just in time
to benefit the crops. Several more days of 
rain are predicted, but it's been very 'spotty.'
Pours in one place, then a mile down 
the road, nothing!

Linking up for T Tuesday, with a sketch
of my morning mocha, and an oat bran 
cereal recipe.  Stop over to Elizabeth's
blog and see what adventures in dining,
crafts, art, cooking, or decorating might be
shared. You just never know what will be
going on, but there's always a beverage
offered, and enjoyment to be had.
Join us!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hobonichi Techo on Tuesday

Tea (or coffee) and a muffin~
joining up with Elizabeth and friends

sharing the doodles and drawings
in my Hobonichi Techo planner/diary/
visual journal/thingy!
(Click on any image to enlarge) 

I confess...I play a lot of 'catching up...'
in this journal.

When you are over 60, do Zumba
 with caution!  But it's so fun...

I don't usually shop for myself in the
men's department, but I had been wanting
a pair of cargo pants to wear for hiking.
Marked down to $5...couldn't pass it up!
And perfect to wear to the Ohio State Fair
the next day...

It's a tradition at the State Fair to have the
 Butter Cow sculpture every year. It's been
 going on since the early 1900's. The Butter
 Cow is kept in a big cooler in the Dairy Barn,
with glass doors so it can easily be viewed.
The cooler is kept at about 45 degrees.
It was about 90 degrees outside at the
 fairgrounds the day we visited!

And this is the current condition of
the next two pages in my Techo...lest 
you think I am always current!!

Keeping an illustrated journal does encourage
me to look at my day in a creative way...
and to try to think of something positive
that came out of it.  I think focusing on the 
positive makes one a happier person.
What do you think?

 Supplies used in my Hobonichi Techo: 
vintage wallpaper, assorted pens, highlighters, watercolor pencils,
 water brush, Sharpie pen, Washi tape, painted papers, stickers, Tacky glue.