Friday, September 23, 2016

Autumn Techo

People need art, 
whether they realize it or not...
I am still doing
Hobonichi Techo drawings, with
 Sharpie pen and watercolors.

"We don' need Bed, Bath and Beyond
dentist-office art. We need
weird stuff."

Thursday, September 15, 2016

County Fair Sketches

I attended the (Ohio) Fulton County Fair
a couple of times, and managed to
get some sketching done.  I used a 
Sharpie pen, Prismacolor watercolor
pencils, and a water brush. After finishing
the goat sketch, above, I began second-
guessing my rendering of the goat's legs,
and their proportion.(see my notes
on the page, click to enlarge)
 I tried to focus on the face, and awareness
 of the page layout. I want to break up
 the space on the page in an interesting way.

I signed up for Roz Stendahl's on-line class called
which you can learn more about on her blog,
Roz Wound Up.  I like that the class is "at
your own pace," as life has a tendency to throw interesting situations at us at 
unexpected moments.  So far, I am learning
a lot about how to make a variety of page
styles, the impact of how the text is placed
on the page, and the impact of dark and
light areas in the overall composition. A lot
to think about, but it gets easier and more
intuitive with lots of practice!

Animals tend to move around...especially
just as you are trying to capture a 
particular feature! This cute Netherland 
Dwarf Rabbit was so fluffy, his face reminded
me of a toy teddy bear.  Of course he hopped
to the opposite side of the cage about half-way
through the drawing.

I'm still faithfully jotting down notes
and drawing in my Hobonich Techo.
Here's one of the days we went to
the fair. Entries were drawn before we
left, and then the next day.

Hoping to get back in the swing of posting
to the blog more regularly.  Trouble with
technology, and life transitions can make 
it difficult.  Daily art journaling helps
 keep me sane. Or, at least what
 passes for sane at our house! We all
have our own quirks...