Sunday, July 24, 2022

I'm Still Journaling Daily


 I've also been doing the Index Card a Day

Challenge created by Daisy Yellow.  Here are

some of last week's:

It's been abnormally busy for us the last couple of weeks! Lots of family adventures.
- Went on the Donut Trail in Butler County, OH. We visited 10 Donut shops in 2 days!
-Visited the Dayton Air Force Museum
- Son and his family visited for a week, and our son painted our house! 
- Lots of good meals with friends and family
- Trees were cut down and wood stacked
-Back to school shopping
- Games and puzzles were enjoyed
-Time with Art Buddies
-A good report at the Doctor's office
- Cutting up branches downed in our yard from storms
- Journaling and sketching
- Helped put up gutters and downspouts in 90 degree F temps and survived without injuries! (there may have been some crankiness, and some bandaids applied,but that's understandable) and LOTS of soreness...
- A nice dip in a swimming pool, and yummy pizza
- Today I'm picking up peaches from The Peach Truck, so we will be having "peach everything" for a couple of weeks

Whew! Still plenty of things to work on around the house, but I think the predicted rain may give us some time to rest. But Laundry. It's never ending...

Below, find a link to a short video of some of my Hobonichi pages.  Hope I did this correctly and you can access it!

Still over here journaling and drawing

every day...

...and stitching.

I hope your summer has been going well,

and you're staying cool!

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Happy Holidays 2021

 I had some serious catching up to do in my journal after our Christmas guests left.

Doodling of animals happened...that lil' guy on the right is supposed to be a meercat.

And I do enjoy a Byzantine angel.  It occurs to me that the shading of the wings was the 13th century version of what we now call hombre coloring! 

Above, a snapshot of a drawing of my son's family, at his request. Left to right:

Internet/Gaming troll (grandson) Yes, he's taller than his dad.

Garden Gnome (our son)

Laundry Fairy (DIL)

Galaxy Princess (granddaughter)

I think they liked it. My son said I needed to make him look

The Christmas tree is still up, and will be at least until mid January. That's the plan anyway.

I got another smaller tree this year for my stitched Santas. I love it. It might end up being a seasonal tree that stays up all year. We will see. 

Best wishes and Peace to you. Here's hoping that 2022 will be an improvement over the last two years.

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Monday, December 20, 2021

Holiday Greetings


Sharing a few December doodles from my Hobonichi A6. It is small in size (about 4"x6") so the drawings are within that format.

Gnomes seem to be quite popular these days. I see them everywhere, not just in gardens!

The journal holds the records of our days plans, activities, and random thoughts. Nothing too profound...

Baking cookies, wrapping gifts, traveling and visiting. December is a busy time! Add in illness, car repairs, and preparation for guests, and before you know it, Christmas has sneaked up on you.

It only took me about 8 hours to decorate our Christmas tree...

Did you spot any coffee cups on my pages? It's kind of a daily ritual to doodle my coffee or tea, and my toast or other breakfast. I do try to journal every day. I recommend you give it a try!


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Story of My Life

A revisit of the journal page style that
I've used quite a lot over the years:
watercolor background, acrylic paints, collage
and mark-making on the borders. I 
like to juxtapose colors and texture.
Then combine with a quote that I like.

Hobonichi pages, not in order, of our 
daily happenings.  Sometimes the colorful
painted papers cover personal things 
that I don't want to share. Other times they
are just there as a border or for color.

Yes, I even talk to myself and remind
myself in these pages what I need to do
to have a better health check-up next time.
I've gained weight over the Pandemic.
Anyone else?

I tend to draw a coffee cup on most
every page...

and lots of doodles.

Mostly daily uninteresting stuff...

but also enjoying the ability to get out
and do some things that we've missed
over the last few months.

Hope you've had the opportunity to 
spend time with people you love,
and maybe even enjoy an 
ice-cream cone!
Thanks for stopping by!


You can also see my art work on Instagram

Monday, July 5, 2021

As Time Goes On

Time passes so quickly...and yet can
drag on at the same time.
 How can that be?  

I've survived the Covid-19 Pandemic, at
least so far. Fully vaccinated and hoping
things continue to improve.

We were so bored in February, that I made
a King Cake and we celebrated Mardi Gras!

We survived the 17- year cicada invasion.
This photo was taken at my in-laws' house.
We didn't actually have any of these guys
at our own home, and I'm ok with that. 
The noise was deafening!

We've enjoyed some beautiful weather, 
sunsets, and some scorching heat too.

Always enjoy seeing some wildlife when
we're out and about. I believe this is a heron.

There's been some stitching...

and some day trips.  Above is the 
Marblehead Light House on Lake Erie.
It's one of our favorite scenic places 
to visit.

It's so pleasant to listen to the waves and
watch the boats sail (or zoom) by!

And I am still journaling away in my little
English A6 Planner from Hobonichi.  In June,
I traced fifties fashion drawings (to keep
the originals intact) that my mom
did in high school.  I cut them out and put 
them in my journal. Lots of hats and gloves, 
and tiny waists!

Still recording weather, drawing my coffee cups,
and noting the activities of each day, whether
momentous or mundane.

I hope you are keeping well, getting
back to 'normal' (whatever that may be)
and getting time to be creative.

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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Christmas 2020 and Welcome 2021

Hello friends! It's been a while.  I have some
catching up to do... Here's a look
at a stack of Hobonichi Journals, starting with
 my 2017 on the bottom, and 2020 on top.

There's been decorating, sewing, crafting,
baking and drawing going on around here.

Happy with the way this little snow guy
turned out!

Close up of an angel on one of my
Hobonichi pages in December.

The Candy Cane Coffee Cake that
I try to bake each year. It's filled with
dried apricots and maraschino cherries.

We did not have a big family gathering this
year because of the Pandemic. (My folks are 89
and 87 yrs old!) But we did visit - masked up
and distanced - on Christmas Eve.

We had a Zoom session with my son and
his family on Christmas morning, so we 
got to see the grandchildren open their
gifts. Funny thing, the adults seemed to
stay out of view of the camera! ha ha.
Understandable. I'm not a fan of having my 
photo taken at the best of times, much
less first thing in the morning! lol.

Our daughter came to visit for a few days 
after Christmas.  So nice to have her here!
It's kind of funny, when we do see anyone in 
the family, there isn't much to talk about
because we haven't been anywhere or 
done much of anything. 

I suppose I am a 'spoil sport'...the excitement
about the New Year doesn't ring true for
me.  Change is a process, and it can 
happen any time of year...but the holiday
reminds me that I should reflect on the events 
of the year.  I can make changes to improve
my life. Heard an NPR broadcast recently
that encouraged people to Seek Delight.
Sounds like a good idea...

The quote on the left just cracked me up!
So true this year. For me and possibly
many others!

A rare selfie.
Don't expect this again soon! ha ha!

Sharing a few tiny coffee cup (and toast)
doodles today on my pages 
(did you spot them?)
 for T Tuesday, over at 
Join us for a beverage and a chat!

Old vs. 2020 Hobonichi is 
on top. The 2021 on the bottom seems so thin!
 This comparison photo has become a bit of a
tradition for me.  Lots of things have been 
glued and taped into my 2020, lots of doodles
and drawings reflecting lots 
of life that happened. Here's to a happy, 
safe and healthier New Year in 2021!