Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Index Cards and Candy Art

Continuing the 61 day creative 
habit challenge - ICAD.
 Index-Card-a-Day art: watercolor or
acrylic backgrounds, collage with painted papers, 
a little 'clip art', ink drawings, text, a map piece. 
There might be some watercolor pencil in there too...
you get the idea, lots of scraps and itty-bits!
Mixed media on index cards.

This was my favorite of the group...the 
combination of colors, and the suggestion
of blue waves...

This month the Hobonichi challenge is candy
and snacks from around the world. It's been
a fun challenge learning about each one,
and trying to represent their packaging. The
Japanese Umaibo was quite unique. Each 
flavor of the snack had a different design.

I've noticed the prominent use of bright primary
colors, especially red.  Eye catching is the name 
of the game! (Click on any image to enlarge.)

I read an American's review of the Milk Tablets 
from Thailand.  Apparently not a taste that he
found great. But I love that happy cow design!

And of course, most Americans are familiar
with Sixlets.  Similar to M &Ms, but smaller.
I like the letterstyle that's a little wonky.
This close-up reveals the imperfections,
(a little too much!) of drawing in a tiny journal.
I find that I can't see to draw tiny and accurately
that well any more. sigh. Suggestion of a
thing will have to do...


My journal pages usually have a
morning coffee doodle, so that 'qualifies' to
join Elizabeth for T Tuesday.
There are usually some delicious looking
photos of appetizing food on the participants blogs.
 Did you spot my doodle of the sweet roll? 
Stop by for a cup of something and a chat. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Act My Age

My daughter tried to instruct me how to 
add a watermark to my images, so
I'll just leave this here...

but I'm still learning, and I'm not sure I
can remember all the steps, and boy there
are a lot of steps to remember...
why doesn't my brain remember stuff
like it used to?!  And I sure wish
I looked this young in actual fact.
I think my daughter may have figured out
my scanner problem. So I hope I can 
remember how to do that too...
scan as a photo, not on auto scan...
and why didn't the watermark version
of the larger piece
show up in the file I exported?

Yes, well, I'll keep practicing...
I understand layers in physical art work,
but not so much in digital transparent layers.
so many tool bars, so many buttons.
so many functions...
I'll just be here with my pen and
paint brush...

Monday, June 15, 2020

Index Card a Day 2020

The Index-Card-a-Day Challenge is for
developing a creative habit, making art on an
Index Card every day, for 61 days...
(ICAD-June through July).
One of my art buddies said we all need a 
name tag like the one above.  Fair warning, I
guess, to folks who don't know about or understand
how all-encompassing our art habit can be!

(No offense intended toward anyone actually dealing with
a serious addiction, please take this in the light-hearted
manner in which it's intended)

You can jump in any time for the ICAD challenge,
 no need to "catch up."
Visit the DaisyYellow blog to find out more.
 I'm sharing a few of my cards so far...
The first week I went with a very loose
interpretation of the theme: typography, symbols,
found text and lists.  There are prompts each day
 for those who would like to use them, 
but they're not required.

I used watercolor backgrounds and collage.  On an
index card, you have to be careful not to get too 
much water involved.  I painted up several to start, and
after they dried, I put them under a stack of books
to flatten them out again.  Many art journalers 
prep their pages by painting background first, so
this is a similar idea.  Special thanks to 
Maia, an Instagram penpal who
sent some of the ephemera I used in collages.

Found text from a book, above. You'd be surprised what 
interesting combinations can result from cutting
phrases from an old book.  Most of my collages
include line drawings and details added with
a felt tip pen as the last step.

Above, cards 8-11.  The second week theme
suggested was: mark-making and organic
shapes.  Can you tell which card was inspired
by my spoon jade plant?  Cards 7-10 are
collaged. Card 11 didn't seem (to me) to need
any collage...I managed to stop before I 
went 'too far.' if that makes any sense.

I was delighted to receive some gorgeous
mail art recently from Kate Y.  She even
decorated the envelope with a mermaid's
tail! Just look at all the scrumptious layers
 and sparkly goodness! The postcard features 
dangling golden tags which can be
tucked into areas of the collage. I love it!
I sent a swap/return postcard to Kate decorated
 in Egyptian themed designs, 'cause I heard
she enjoyed them. Hope it arrives safely.

Throwing this in just for fun, 'cause it makes me 
in order to participate in Elizabeth's T Party,
 I need to show something drink related.

So here's a hamster in a tea cup!
Visit Altered Book Lover blog to join us for
a beverage and a chat.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Mad Tea Party 2020

Revisiting a drawing from 2018,
Johnny Depp's portrayal of the
Mad Hatter...

I've always wanted to have a Mad Tea Party!
With mismatched cups, tea, cakes and cookies.
And maybe some art projects too.

My drawing after Sir John Tenniel's
original illustration of the Mad Hatter.

Perhaps we should just not invite the
Queen of Hearts. She seems a bit

Hopefully we can avoid any swimming 

and the wild  mushrooms will be tasty,
but not hallucinogenic in any way.

We can finish off with some tarts!
Would you like strawberry or cherry?

And of course, there must be tea!
Linking up with 'Tea for Tuesday'
blog party over at Altered Book Lover.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Pandemic Pages and Projects

The Hobonichi Challenge for April is
an Alice in Wonderland theme. Above,
white roses painted red, and the White Rabbit.

Some mail art postcards

and a bunny for Easter on an envelope.

A very three dimensional Easter card, hand
delivered to the In-Laws.  Haven't been to visit 
my own parents yet as they are isolating.  Hoping
the weather will warm up soon so we can go
over and sit in lawn chairs in the yard to
visit with them!

There are so many cute memes on the 
internet, and I just have to steal one
sometimes. 'Steal like an artist' as they say.

Sketched daffodils from my yard for a
card to send.

I really adore the original illustrations for Alice 
in Wonderland done by Sir John Tenniel.  But 
of course Disney's versions are pretty amazing too!

Did you spot the coffee cups that I include on my
pages?  They are my contribution to 'T for Tuesday'
over at Altered Book Lover's blog. It's always 
nice to share tea, coffee, and some conversation
with good friends!

Above, a few text pages that I've watercolored and
drawn on.  I will probably tear them up and
use for collage.  What creative projects 
have you been working on?

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Mini Happy Planner Tutorial

I decided to do a quick little tutorial about 
decorating a Mini Happy Planner.  Figured we
could all use a little something to take our minds
off recent serious events. Arts and crafts to 
reduce anxiety and have some fun!  A special
welcome to anyone visiting from the 
Facebook group. Yes, that's a thing!  We love
the Harry Potter books and it's a friendly,
welcoming group. Click on any image
to enlarge for a closer look.

The planner that I'm using has pink accents in the
gutter and for dividing the days of the week.
We will change the color combinations as
we decorate.  The pages are about 7 inches
high by 4 5/8 inches wide.

Collect your supplies. I'll be using Washi tape in
both 3/16 inch width, and 1/2 inch width, Mildliner
markers, and Harry Potter themed stickers.

For the month of March, the Harry Potter group
has been celebrating each Hogwarts House. This 
week I decided to go with a Ravenclaw theme. 
(Even though I'm in Gryffindor, I like to change
things up) Ravenclaw's House colors are blue and
bronze.  The first thing I did was use the wide tip of
my blue Mildliner marker to color in the outside
edges of the pages. 

 I also wanted to cover the pink center of the
 page with Washi.  The tape was a bit wider 
than I would like, so I lined up the edge
of the tape with the end of the daily box, and the 
other edge of the tape ran off the edge of the page.
Then I just trimmed it with scissors.  Do this for both

Since the page holes are now covered, I used a hole
punch to punch holes in the tape. (If you have a Happy
Planner punch, that's even easier!) Punch the holes from
the back side so you can see the spacing. Then also 
trim the tiny strip from the hole to the edge of the 
page with your scissors.

Next, I used the narrow (brownish colored) tape to 
cover the pink lines between the days of the week.

I numbered the days of the week with the blue Mildliner.
Then I outlined the numbers with an extra fine point
pen. ( .01 Pigma Micron)  You wouldn't need to 
outline them, I just like the look better.

Probably my favorite part is adding the stickers!
I used symbols and objects that suggest the 
Ravenclaw House.  In the upper right corner 
is the raven (or eagle depending on which you
 prefer) that is my own hand-drawn
illustration. I try to vary the placement of the 
stickers for interest, keeping in mind I need to 
leave space to add my "to do" lists.  I also covered
the 'weekly  highlights' and 'notes' with 
stickers and Washi tape.

Here I've used the wide tip of the Mildliner to 
make small check-boxes for each day.  You could
certainly use sticker check-boxes if you
have them on hand.  In the
Facebook group we have daily challenges
that we can choose to participate in, so these
are the events that I want to make sure 
I complete!

You may have noticed that I added another strip
of narrow tape at the bottom of the page.  I thought 
the page needed it to look complete. Since I had 
already put down stickers, I used the tip of an x-acto
knife to lift the tiny legs of the telescope so I 
could apply tape underneath. You may even have
the specific tool that is used for that. 

Write in your lists for each day, and you're done!
Well, ok. I thought it still needed something more,
so I added diagonal stripes at the top of the 
pages in a different color of blue Mildliner.  Blue
and Bronze Ravenclaw pages...did you spot 
Luna Lovegood  and the radish earrings?!

There are many ways to decorate a planner, and
this is just one. You can obviously get a totally
different look with the use of different colors,
designs, and themes. 
Happy Planning!