Friday, June 22, 2018

Drawing and Stitching Friday Smiles

A Smurf and Funshine Bear,

Counted Cross-stitch Pin Keeps,

Quilted Flag,

Watercolors and highlighters,

and a Star Trek toy phaser!
They all make me smile...
I am a bit of a Sci Fi geek.

What makes you smile?

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more smiles. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

T is for Toys

Joining the T Gang over at 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's for T Tuesday-Coffee!
Also joining Art Journal Journey for their theme
"Inspired by,"  which for me is TOYS!

I challenged myself to draw toys
for the month of June in my Hobonichi.
There are lots of little toys in the toybox
from fast-food restaurants...and other
random things.

Donald and Goofy are of course
classic. I have no idea why they are
in these particular costumes. Maybe there
was a movie promotion at the time?
(The butterfly tag on the right is a flap
hiding a bit of journaling. Just the left
pair of wings are glued down)

I had to look up the dog character on the
right, and no idea what that little worm
is from...

Every once in a while, I still see a Care Bear.
Birthday Bear is one of the best.  I think
there's a Grumpy Bear around here
somewhere too...maybe he'll make it 
into the journal this month.

One of my son's favorite toys (and cartoons)
was G.I. Joe. It felt appropriate to draw him on
the day we went to meet a good friend's
veterans Honor Flight returning from D.C.
Several hundred people turned out to greet
the returning vets, and we hope it helped,
in a very small way, make up
 for the homecoming that the 
Viet Nam veterans didn't get originally.

Another toy (on the left) that I looked up on
Google. Bakugan toys and cartoons were a
popular Japanese genre. And who doesn't
love Fozzie Bear?! Corny jokes and all...

What was your favorite
childhood toy?

♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Traveler's Notebook Quotes

Traveler's Notebook pages:
 4 1/4"wide  x 8 1/8" tall. 
A Traveler's Notebook (the way I understand
it) was designed to be a portable journal
to take along when you travel. I've
succumbed to temptation, after resisting
for almost a year of looking at examples
of lovely collage and journaling.  Here's
proof that you don't have to be an artist
to make pretty pages. The flowers are 
cut out from scrapbook paper!...ok, I did
actually draw the bird,(above) but it didn't turn out
that great. I do however, love the quotes.

The Traveler's Notebook has elastic bands
to hold several smaller booklets within the cover.
There are also a lot of tutorials online on how
to make your own cover and booklets.  This 
spread features designs cut from a birthday
card that I received.  The card was too pretty
 to just throw away!

More flowers from scrapbook paper, with a
few doodled flowers thrown in.  If you search
'Snarky Quotes' on Pinterest, you will see
some really funny ones!

I'm still drawing and writing in my Hobonichi
every day, but the TN gives me a place to 
collage, draw, and save quotes in a bit
larger format.

If you are a fan of the Funny Papers,
 I highly recommend the book
'Cartoon County.' (quote above) It is 
written by Cullen Murphy,
the son of a cartoonist, and relates about
the life of a cartoonist and his family.
 Very enjoyable, and also raises 
concerns about cartoon strips
possibly disappearing, along with physical
 'hold-in-your-hand' newspapers.

Above, I tried my hand at making some stickers.
(Top and bottom borders) I used acrylic and
watercolors on a sheet of old labels, then when 
dry, I stamped some random designs. 
I need new ink pads, however, so I was pressing
pretty hard, and also ended up drawing/darkening
some of the images.  I discovered that the 
clear acrylic stamps that I have get distorted 
if I press too hard, unlike the wood-mounted
stamps. I am just not much of a stamper.
It was a fun experiment though...I think this 
would make a very cool sheet of
 round or oval stickers.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Star Wars: The Dark vs. the Light

Last spread in May, of Star Wars
characters in my Hobonichi...

"Luminous beings are we, not
this crude matter."

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hobonichi Star Wars Part 2

Star Wars robots had a lot of
'personality' in the original movie... 

I'm anticipating the new Han Solo movie, 
along with many Star Wars fans...
coming out soon!

...and, how about a slug-like Crime Lord
 for a classic villain?

I am guessing some poor elephant got
stuck wearing this Bantha costume, but it 
could have been a giant puppet too.
Anybody know the answer? Still,
pretty cool... would make an
amazing pet.

The Star Wars theme got upstaged for
the granddaughter's Dance Recital. 
She did a great job on all of her 
routines, and I love seeing all the 
costumes of the participants!

I'm joining up with T Tuesday blog hop,
better late than never, over at
Altered Book Lover's blog.  Join us!

"Life is like a cup of coffee.(or tea!)
It's all about how you make it."

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Star Wars: May in my Hobonichi

Click on any image to enlarge

Hobonichi drawings this month are
inspired by Star Wars!  Some things
I've learned from the movies:
"Never underestimate the locals."

"Hey, maybe those WERE the
droids we were looking for..."

May the 4th has more than one connotation.
It's a fun play on words for "May the Force be
with you," but also the anniversary of the
Kent State shootings.

Road trip to Tennessee: visited the Loveless
Cafe with my son's family.  A 1 1/2 hour wait
to be seated! A long-standing cafe, been in
business since 1951. The southern biscuits
were 'melt-in-your-mouth' good!

We also visited a used bookstore, where I
bought a copy of Danny Gregory's book
"An Illustrated Life."  Wonderful drawings
from many artist's sketchbooks, and their
thoughts about their journals. I 
recommend it.

continuing the Star Wars
theme for the month...
wonder if I will run out of 
characters to draw?


and heroines.  I love Padme's formal
make-up. Reminds me of a Geisha.
And that elaborate hair...

My grandson is a fan of the bounty
hunter Boba Fett. Otherwise he would
not even be on my 'radar.'

Luke Skywalker wishing for adventure...

When we were driving home from Tennessee,
I spotted a house with about 25 pink flamingos
out front. It was so funny...and made me think
of a gift idea for my mom for Mother's Day.

I counted 5 beverage cups in my post today, 
so I am linking up for T Tuesday over at
Altered Book Lover's blog. Stop by for
adventures and a chat!

Bumper sticker seen on the road:
"Dead men tell no tales."
Does that mean "Don't mess with me," or--
the driver is a PIRATE?!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Eccentric Eyes

April is almost over...
Fake Me is almost done with
Stop by for a peek!