Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Techo Tuesday: Flowers and Food!

My computer is acting up, and it seemed
to take forever to get these photos
onto the blog. Seems to be connected to
a problem with my slow Yahoo email. sigh.

The last week or so has been busy with
my son's family visiting over the 
Fourth of July, and then a quick drive
to Tennessee ~ down in one day, 
and back the next. More than 16 hours
in the car in two days! long story...
and then some health problems flared
up for hubby. Always something...

And yes, that requires 'catching up' in my
Hobonichi after the fact! 

While our son and his family were here,
we made a short trip to Columbus, Ohio to 
tour the Anthony Thomas Candy Co.
Very fun to see the chocolate candy being
molded and boxed, and hear the tour
guide's explanations and information.
(Sorry, no photos were allowed 
during the tour!)

Then we went to Schmidt's Sausage House
 in German Village for a late lunch. 
Above, you can see the giant 
cream puffs that are available for dessert!
This is the traditional vanilla, but they've
expanded their choices to include chocolate
and several other flavors too. You can also
see the small amount of beer left in our
son's glass...wonder how the combination of
cream puff and beer tasted?!

A rare photo of my husband and I.
Our daughter-in-law is always taking
photos, and I decided to share this one.
Hubby's expression is classic: "Is this really
 necessary?! OK, I'll pretend I'm having fun."
Water was the beverage of choice for me,
and qualifies me to link up with the T Tuesday
blog hop over at Bleubeard & Elizabeth's.
Stop by for a beverage and a chat!

Edit: please let me know if you have
any difficulty viewing the photos. I 
tried a 'work around' technique, so if 
they aren't showing up for you, leave
a comment - thanks!

Friday, July 14, 2017

A Line Too Far?

© Dianne Bishop Carey

Above, playing with color and 
pattern in watercolor... it didn't seem
'finished' at this point.

© Dianne Bishop Carey

The addition of black line work
and background patterns.

© Dianne Bishop Carey

I am liking some of the details.

© Dianne Bishop Carey

© Dianne Bishop Carey

Hope your day is filled with
color and joy!

© Dianne Bishop Carey

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

T is for Tag (or 'Flag') Book

Happy Independence Day to everyone
in the U.S.!  Celebrating with a photo of
my dear old quilted flag wall-hanging, and
patriotic cross-stitch.

Here are additional photos of Book Structures
 to share for the T-Tuesday blog hop.  I think I
have acquired a new obsession!

A flag book, which is a structure based
on the accordion fold binding.  Tags -
or flags - are adhered to the accordion
binding in alternating rows. This book was
completely inspired by the beautifully patterned
paper that had been provided by the instructor.
There were so many to choose from, it 
was hard to decide. But I do love a wonderful
black and white theme once in a while.

From scraps of the patterned paper, I cut out
some of the circles and adhered them to the
tags/flags. Alternating black and white flags
further enhanced the theme. Haven't decided
if I will add text. I am rather afraid to
'mess it up!'

Yes, that's my Santa mug with coffee.
Don't you enjoy Santa year-round?!

This is another folded structure. The way the
patterned papers are cut and woven together
creates a 'secret compartment' that makes a
nice place to add a greeting or secret journaling.

It looks more complicated than it is. The papers
I used are 'two-sided' which makes it even 
more deceiving/confusing. And enough
 time has passed that I'm not sure 
I can figure out how to do make
another. But it's really clever!

A pamphlet stitch booklet with an
envelope flap cover. The rose design was
cut from another drawing I had made and
adhered to the cover.

An envelope book.  The cover collage was
inspired by the brightly colored envelopes 
that the instructor provided.

It's an accordion book, with the openings of
the envelopes on the inside, into which I placed
brightly colored card stock tags cut into various shapes.
I especially like the profile in pink.

From the back, you can see that the book is
constructed by simply gluing the envelope
flaps to the back of the next envelope.

Stop by for T-Tuesday and see what
my blogger friends are up to.  I am
entertaining visiting family this week, so I
will probably be late visiting everyone. I am
having fun with the grandchildren
 and we're having art time together!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tunnel Books and Other Structures

Having my morning coffee and linking up
for Elizabeth's T Tuesday blog hop. Today 
I am showing a few books that I made
 in a Book Structures class taken
from Debra Bachelder at the Marion (Ohio) 
Public Library. The class was funded by the 
Ohio Arts Council.  Above, some of the 
books we made during the seven week class.

A Tunnel Book. (many art book structures have
 more than one technique that can be used
 to construct them) My subject inspiration 
was a Georgia O'Keeffe landscape.

Each 'page' added another  layer to the scene.

The view from above shows the construction.
Each page was adhered to an accordion
binding on the sides. Planning the layers of 
images and the order in which they were to be
viewed was an important part of making it 
work. Some thumbnail sketches 
helped with the planning.

An accordion book, with single pamphlets
stitched into the 'valley folds' of the pages.

"Two Sewn as One" booklet, which uses
the pamphlet stitch for the binding. The collage
on the cover is from paper scraps and doodles.

A rather dark photo, attempting to show
that beads were inserted between the
two sections of pamphlet stitch. The beads
give the binding some flexibility, and also
look attractive. Waxed linen threads were
used for stitched structures. 

Decorative papers within the book covered
each pamphlet. (Debra provided absolutely 
gorgeous papers for the class!) You can
 see here that a small folded section
 of the outside cover is folded in
to separate the two pamphlet sections.

I have more books to share from this class,
but plan to show them next week.  I am 
particularly pleased with how the Flag Book
turned out!

I can't complete a blog post without sharing
some drawings from my Hobonichi Techo journal.
The Sea Creatures theme for the month of
June has been quite a challenge, in
more ways than one!

Click on any image to enlarge

A Leafy Sea Dragon is one of the many
sea creatures that I learned about.

Sea Otters are so adorable. They collect 
mollusks and use their tummies as a 'table' on
which to crack open 'lunch' with a rock!

Who knew that slugs could be so pretty!?
And so different in shape and color.

You can visit Altered Book Lover's blog
to see more T Tuesday posts. Stop by
for a beverage and a chat!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Techo Tuesday: Sea Creatures

 June's drawing challenge is Sea Creatures.
The Hobonichi Challenge on Instagram gives
me a different thing to draw each day.

Drawing every day is excellent for honing
your observation skills. 

And I'm learning about creatures that
I've never heard of before!  The Axolotl
looks like an amazing creature...

Some day I would like to observe whales
in the ocean!

The Dugong reminded me of a Manatee...
I think they are in the same "family."

Drawing and painting in my Hobonichi
Techo in the morning, with my coffee. Linking 
up today with the T Tuesday blog hop over at
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's, for a 
beverage and a chat. Join us!

The Hobonichi Techo is an A6 size, which is 
about 4 inches x 6 inches. A very fine tip
pen for writing and drawing is essential!

I enjoyed a very interesting Netflix show called
"Saving Banksy."  Apparently, collectors and art
dealers have been purchasing the walls on
which his works  are painted. Walls 
that are meant for public viewing, for free.
But put into private collections they are no longer
available to the public. The debate still rages
over whether or not they are art, or vandalism.

Since Banksy maintains strict secrecy of his identity,
he has received no money from the sale of
his works. Invisibility is his Superpower. Well, ok...
some people know who he is. People who work 
with him, and are graffiti artists. 'Saving Banksy'
was fascinating to me, I recommend the show. 

Above, the fish that inspired 'Saving Nemo' 
and 'Finding Dory.' I love Disney animation...

A shark with polka-dots! My white gel pen
was a bit larger tip, and the dots are a bit
bigger than the actual proportion of the 
Whale Shark's markings, but you get the idea.

I was pleased with the way the walrus turned out,
and have you ever heard of the
humuhumunukunukuapua'a? It's the state fish of
Hawaii.  Very beautiful...but I can't pronounce it!

I hope you are having a day filled with sunshine
and creative endeavors. Thanks for stopping by
for T day!  What are you doing today?