Garden Therapy

Tuesday Therapy...
a garden retreat is 
food for the soul, as well as
tomatoes for your tummy! 

Belatedly showing swap pages sent
to Chris of PearShapedChris*
whose book theme was 'anything
in a garden.'  Above, a peony that I
painted in watercolor, then cut out and
created a large pocket for tags.

Flowers embroidered on fabric, with
a bit of running stitch, lazy daisy, and 
French knots. Mounted on watercolor
paper. Couldn't resist adding the
cross-stitched bee.

Folk art flowers in watercolor
with a quote...

and more watercolor ~ with 
flowers adhered from napkins, as well
as watercolor painted flowers.

Since Chris had specified 'anything
in a garden - except frogs' I decided
to draw a little mouse just for fun!

The arrival of these pages took way
longer than it should, due to my inexperience
with shipping internationally. Thanks Chris
for being so patient! I hope everything 
arrived in good condition.

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Tuesday...yes, I have still been
journaling in my Hobonichi Techo!

Above, tiny sketch of biscuits and coffee,
to qualify as my T Tuesday
 photo reference!

Yes, we were crazy enough to go
tent camping at our age!

Stop by to visit the other 
T Tuesday bloggers to
see assorted shenanigans...

Long Overdue Swap Art

Finally showing some swap art that
I made for Annette. (Scrap Happens Here)
The theme for her book was
'Proverbs.'  The page above says
"Don't put all your eggs in one basket."
(click on any image for enlargement)

"The early bird catches the worm,"
with fabric, lace, silk greenery, buttons,
and my watercolor of an American Robin.

Small pamphlet-stitch book to go in
the pocket of

"You can't judge a book by its cover."

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,"
created with scraps of cardboard,
paint and paper. The charm unfortunately
caused the scan to blur the details
of the image.

"One woman's trash is
another woman't treasure." 
I used a discarded 
music library card, brown paper
bag, scrapbook paper, and the gentleman
in the bathing costume is from a carton
of hard cider I believe.  Multiple
layers of paint were applied to the collage,
along with the spiral clip, beads
 and a vintage charm.

"A smooth sea never made
a skilled sailor."  This is made from
some pretty scrapbook paper that
has an ocean/fishy theme.

Tags in the "sailor page" pocket.

Many thanks to Annette for being so patient 
and understanding about the late arrival
of her package. Hopefully, it is a case of
"good things come to those who wait!"

Autumn Techo

People need art, 
whether they realize it or not...
I am still doing
Hobonichi Techo drawings, with
 Sharpie pen and watercolors.

"We don' need Bed, Bath and Beyond
dentist-office art. We need
weird stuff."

County Fair Sketches

I attended the (Ohio) Fulton County Fair
a couple of times, and managed to
get some sketching done.  I used a 
Sharpie pen, Prismacolor watercolor
pencils, and a water brush. After finishing
the goat sketch, above, I began second-
guessing my rendering of the goat's legs,
and their proportion.(see my notes
on the page, click to enlarge)
 I tried to focus on the face, and awareness
 of the page layout. I want to break up
 the space on the page in an interesting way.

I signed up for Roz Stendahl's on-line class called
which you can learn more about on her blog,
Roz Wound Up.  I like that the class is "at
your own pace," as life has a tendency to throw interesting situations at us at 
unexpected moments.  So far, I am learning
a lot about how to make a variety of page
styles, the impact of how the text is placed
on the page, and the impact of dark and
light areas in the overall composition. A lot
to think about, but it gets easier and more
intuitive with lots of practice!

Animals tend to move around...especially
just as you are trying to capture a 
particular feature! This cute Netherland 
Dwarf Rabbit was so fluffy, his face reminded
me of a toy teddy bear.  Of course he hopped
to the opposite side of the cage about half-way
through the drawing.

I'm still faithfully jotting down notes
and drawing in my Hobonich Techo.
Here's one of the days we went to
the fair. Entries were drawn before we
left, and then the next day.

Hoping to get back in the swing of posting
to the blog more regularly.  Trouble with
technology, and life transitions can make 
it difficult.  Daily art journaling helps
 keep me sane. Or, at least what
 passes for sane at our house! We all
have our own quirks...

Tomatoes in my Techo

Last week you saw the unfinished page
with the tomatoes.  Here is the finished page,
above left. (click on any image for larger view)

On Tuesday, after visiting my blogging 
buddies, hubby and I went out for Mexican
food and then for a walk. Hubby said I was a
"slave driver"...especially since it was 
90 degrees F outside. We walked on a trail
that has been reclaimed from an old railroad
line, called Tall Grass Prairie.  We were 
pretty wiped out after walking two miles 
out and then two miles back.

We are delighted that an owl has moved
into our area. It likes to perch in our 
cottonwoods, and on top of our "swing set"
made from old telephone poles. We still aren't
sure what kind it is...

We have finally gotten some rain, after over
a month without any. Hopefully it is just in time
to benefit the crops. Several more days of 
rain are predicted, but it's been very 'spotty.'
Pours in one place, then a mile down 
the road, nothing!

Linking up for T Tuesday, with a sketch
of my morning mocha, and an oat bran 
cereal recipe.  Stop over to Elizabeth's
blog and see what adventures in dining,
crafts, art, cooking, or decorating might be
shared. You just never know what will be
going on, but there's always a beverage
offered, and enjoyment to be had.
Join us!

Hobonichi Techo on Tuesday

Tea (or coffee) and a muffin~
joining up with Elizabeth and friends

sharing the doodles and drawings
in my Hobonichi Techo planner/diary/
visual journal/thingy!
(Click on any image to enlarge) 

I confess...I play a lot of 'catching up...'
in this journal.

When you are over 60, do Zumba
 with caution!  But it's so fun...

I don't usually shop for myself in the
men's department, but I had been wanting
a pair of cargo pants to wear for hiking.
Marked down to $5...couldn't pass it up!
And perfect to wear to the Ohio State Fair
the next day...

It's a tradition at the State Fair to have the
 Butter Cow sculpture every year. It's been
 going on since the early 1900's. The Butter
 Cow is kept in a big cooler in the Dairy Barn,
with glass doors so it can easily be viewed.
The cooler is kept at about 45 degrees.
It was about 90 degrees outside at the
 fairgrounds the day we visited!

And this is the current condition of
the next two pages in my Techo...lest 
you think I am always current!!

Keeping an illustrated journal does encourage
me to look at my day in a creative way...
and to try to think of something positive
that came out of it.  I think focusing on the 
positive makes one a happier person.
What do you think?

 Supplies used in my Hobonichi Techo: 
vintage wallpaper, assorted pens, highlighters, watercolor pencils,
 water brush, Sharpie pen, Washi tape, painted papers, stickers, Tacky glue.

Swap Pages from Norma

Lots of photos today, so bear with
me!  Received gorgeous pages from
Norma in California, in this last month
of our Page Swap.  Norma doesn't have
a blog that I know of, but her work is
very lovely! Click on any image
for a larger view. Above, fancy pink
alphabet cards in a translucent pocket.

Love the buttons, lace and rick-rack
detail at the bottom of this page!

Some historical facts about the
nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary quite contrary..."

There are a lot of fun games with
numbers and words!

"In my own words," includes a beautiful
little book with a stunning painted paper
cover.  There are copper, gold, and 
silver metallic paints in the mix...

The inside pages have been decorated
with stamps and paper fun!
Can't wait to write in it...

"Mary, Mary" in Braille, with
a vintage image of "pretty maids
in a row."

I love Scrabble!

The tag is not shown to best advantage
in this scan.  It has crushed white tissue 
paper with gold filaments and gold doilies.
So pretty, but the scanner didn't do it
justice.  I wanted to also show the 
wonderful assortment of stamps on the

Since I had family here all week for
vacation, I didn't get much time to draw.
I made a few notes each day about 
what we did, and then went back later
to add some drawings. Zootopia was
a really cute movie.

My week was really busy with cooking
and lots of activities...but you will see my
coffee cup above...and the sketch of pancakes.
Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Tuesday. Feel free to read all the text,
as I don't post anything too personal.

Last week in my Techo, I wrote about
buying peaches from the Georgia Peach Truck.
We went through the entire 1/2 bushel
of peaches this week! and they were 
mostly eaten fresh. My son did grill some
 with brown sugar and cinnamon...
served with ice cream, they were so good!

If you've made it this far, thanks for
staying for all the photos! Hop over to
visit the rest of the T Tuesday gang, to
see what they're up to.