Friday, March 27, 2020

Mini Happy Planner Tutorial

I decided to do a quick little tutorial about 
decorating a Mini Happy Planner.  Figured we
could all use a little something to take our minds
off recent serious events. Arts and crafts to 
reduce anxiety and have some fun!  A special
welcome to anyone visiting from the 
Facebook group. Yes, that's a thing!  We love
the Harry Potter books and it's a friendly,
welcoming group. Click on any image
to enlarge for a closer look.

The planner that I'm using has pink accents in the
gutter and for dividing the days of the week.
We will change the color combinations as
we decorate.  The pages are about 7 inches
high by 4 5/8 inches wide.

Collect your supplies. I'll be using Washi tape in
both 3/16 inch width, and 1/2 inch width, Mildliner
markers, and Harry Potter themed stickers.

For the month of March, the Harry Potter group
has been celebrating each Hogwarts House. This 
week I decided to go with a Ravenclaw theme. 
(Even though I'm in Gryffindor, I like to change
things up) Ravenclaw's House colors are blue and
bronze.  The first thing I did was use the wide tip of
my blue Mildliner marker to color in the outside
edges of the pages. 

 I also wanted to cover the pink center of the
 page with Washi.  The tape was a bit wider 
than I would like, so I lined up the edge
of the tape with the end of the daily box, and the 
other edge of the tape ran off the edge of the page.
Then I just trimmed it with scissors.  Do this for both

Since the page holes are now covered, I used a hole
punch to punch holes in the tape. (If you have a Happy
Planner punch, that's even easier!) Punch the holes from
the back side so you can see the spacing. Then also 
trim the tiny strip from the hole to the edge of the 
page with your scissors.

Next, I used the narrow (brownish colored) tape to 
cover the pink lines between the days of the week.

I numbered the days of the week with the blue Mildliner.
Then I outlined the numbers with an extra fine point
pen. ( .01 Pigma Micron)  You wouldn't need to 
outline them, I just like the look better.

Probably my favorite part is adding the stickers!
I used symbols and objects that suggest the 
Ravenclaw House.  In the upper right corner 
is the raven (or eagle depending on which you
 prefer) that is my own hand-drawn
illustration. I try to vary the placement of the 
stickers for interest, keeping in mind I need to 
leave space to add my "to do" lists.  I also covered
the 'weekly  highlights' and 'notes' with 
stickers and Washi tape.

Here I've used the wide tip of the Mildliner to 
make small check-boxes for each day.  You could
certainly use sticker check-boxes if you
have them on hand.  In the
Facebook group we have daily challenges
that we can choose to participate in, so these
are the events that I want to make sure 
I complete!

You may have noticed that I added another strip
of narrow tape at the bottom of the page.  I thought 
the page needed it to look complete. Since I had 
already put down stickers, I used the tip of an x-acto
knife to lift the tiny legs of the telescope so I 
could apply tape underneath. You may even have
the specific tool that is used for that. 

Write in your lists for each day, and you're done!
Well, ok. I thought it still needed something more,
so I added diagonal stripes at the top of the 
pages in a different color of blue Mildliner.  Blue
and Bronze Ravenclaw pages...did you spot 
Luna Lovegood  and the radish earrings?!

There are many ways to decorate a planner, and
this is just one. You can obviously get a totally
different look with the use of different colors,
designs, and themes. 
Happy Planning!

Monday, February 24, 2020

Creating Randomly

Do you consider baking a form of art?
I've decided that trying to mix purple from
red and blue food coloring is futile.  Turned
out ugly in my opinion, but the best I could do.
On my second try of mixing up this King Cake,
it turned out pretty well, and the family seemed
to enjoy it!

Here are a few random creations that I've
been making during my long absence from
the blog...  Happy Year of the Rat!

Unicorn photo props for my daughter the Music
Teacher. They do a Daddy/Daughter dance as a
fundraiser for the Drama Club, and this year the
theme was Unicorns. The "I Poop Rainbows"
was my favorite... Oh my glittering 

Just a joyful celebration of seeing the rare
experience of sunshine during a gray
 Ohio winter.

Yes, I'm still doodling tiny things and cutting
them out for my Planner/Art Journal.

The Hobonichi Challenge in my 4 x 6 inch Techo
for the month of February is 
Love for Australia.  I did not know that the 
Pavlova dessert had been invented in Australia!
My (more frequent) posts are on Instagram:

Linking up with Tea Tuesday over at the
Altered Book Lover blog.  My 'qualifying' T Tuesday
images are the red coffee mug and the Pavlova 
illustration. Sounds like a winning 
combination to me!

Friday, September 6, 2019

The Fair Sketchbook

My Fair Sketchbook over the years
(photo heavy post!)

2012 through 2019

Felt-tip pen and watercolor,

each drawn on location.

Transitional page: Zinnias on the left
were at the Ohio State Fair, memorial on 
the right was at the Fulton County Fair.

Drawn in a sketchbook gifted to me
by Roz Stendahl. Thank you Roz
 for inspiring Fake Journals and
drawing at the fair!

I'm pleased that there seems to be
an improvement in the drawings
 over the years. I do so enjoy going
to the fair! And honestly, just as much
to watch the people and see the 
exhibits, as well as the animals.

Monday, August 12, 2019

T is for Tiger and Toucan

For the month of August I'm doing the 
Hobonichi Challenge art prompts: 
"It's a Zoo Out There!"
What fun to draw animals, some that
I have never seen. Thank you Internet
for reference photos for art!

I think I may have used this same photo 
before to draw a sea otter.  I think he's so
adorable floating on his back, looking so

Sun Bear and Red Panda. Cute little
face on the red panda...

Yes, I work in more than one planner...
and multiple sketchbooks too. After all, 
it's not hoarding if it's sketchbooks! ha ha
The top planner (red) is the Hobonichi A6,
in which these little watercolors are 

Had to add a fun photo of one of my daughter's
flower beds.  It's beside their basement steps, 
hence the reason for the fence. I said her flowers
looked so much better than mine! She admitted
she's been putting on fertilizer every week. 
Maybe I need to take a page from her book!

The summer has flown by so quickly! Just 
thought I should add some pretty blooms
to the blog before they're gone. 

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Tuesday. Stop by for a beverage and
a chat. Can you find the coffee cups that
I doodle on my pages nearly every day? 
 Gotta have coffee before I do all the things.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Paper and Paint

This is the result (above) of a doctor's visit.
You know the little gowns they give you to put on
for a 'physical?'  This one was like paper towel.
In my defense, when left unsupervised, I can
usually entertain myself with a pen and paper.
yes, I drew on the hem of the paper gown.
But this paper was more like paper towel, so I
had to be careful not to punch the pen right 
through it.  The time spent waiting on the exam
table went much faster, and i was able to ignore
the chill of the room while I waited. No unusual 
problems (except the relative eccentricities of an artist)
just having to do a regular 'check-in'.  The Physician's
Assistant asked if she could have it. Wonder if it
will end up on the Break Room bulletin board?

In other news, our son and daughter-in-law 
purchased their first house, and we went to help
them paint rooms before they moved in. I don't
usually show photos of myself, but I was rather
proud of  managing the above space. This
is me painting in the niche above the fireplace.
I believe a television goes there. It was just deep
enough that I couldn't reach it from a ladder...
Since I have a fairly steady hand, I "got to" paint
around most of the trim!

On the way home, this is our first traffic jam encounter.
There were several traffic jams that day, but at
 least in this instance we got to see
 the reason that traffic was backed up.  It appears
that a refrigerated semi caught fire. You can see the
charred front end of the trailer, and the burned
musk melons being scooped up. The smell of
burned musk melons was quite unique and
pretty nasty.  Won't soon forget it!

I've been to a couple of different Planner Events
over the summer.  Picture a room full of people
(in this case 200) who all love journaling and working
in Planners.  Most don't draw, but they do love
 stickers and stamping and ink and washi tape. 
My kind of people.

Since the theme of the event was flamingos, I
did a page of black and white doodles and had
copies made. Then I painted the copies and
cut them out.  Fun to give to attendees that
I met.  So much swag was given out, and I met
wonderful, fun people!

It's been a busy summer, with lots of ups and
downs.  Mower repair, chauffeuring parents to 
appointments, road trips with traffic jams. 
And journaling...always.
Hope all my blogging friends are
keeping well and enjoying life. 
Thanks for stopping by.