Thursday, April 27, 2023

Making a Messy Art Journal

This journal is made from an old book, just the
back and the spine.  No front cover, and the
 pages are not stitched into the cover. 
This makes it easy to remove the 
pamphlet-stitched book to work 
on the pages.  I added a little decorated 
clip to secure the pages.

Fun painted paper scraps and
bits of vintage stitching...

Made in a workshop offered on-line
by @raspberrybluesky, Michelle
Schratz, @Robenmariesmith,
Sara Strandquist @seesarastitch,
and Leaca Young @leacayoungart.

This is one of four journals taught
in the class. Enjoyed it very much, and
 unique approaches to creating
art journals are presented.

It's not like I really need more art journals,
but they're so fun to make!

Painted and doodled papers
are easily found around here...

I had to include some of my Mom's
drawings (these are copies)
from the early 1950's.

This journal style encouraged loose
and messy stitching, which is not
what I'm used to as a stitcher, but
the artist in me rather enjoys 
dangling threads and not worrying
about perfection.

I'm still journaling daily in my
little Hobonichi A6. Doodling and
documenting my every-day activities.
These days it's a trip to the store or
to our parents' to help out. Not a 
lot of excitement around here.
But so glad to see Spring arrive here
in Ohio! 

I'm so rusty at blogging, and really
find the Blogger process unwieldy after 
using Instagram. But thought I should
check-in and share some colorful
pages!  Hope you enjoy some sunshine
and art today!

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  1. Hi Dianne. I don't know if you remember me from T day back in the day, but it's great to see your still journaling. You inspired me to get a hobonichi several years ago, and after trying a few others, I'm back to them again. They are the best. I love seeing all your journaling too.


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