Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Techo Tuesday: Fantastic Beasts

Hobonichi Techo drawings~
the newest movie in the Harry Potter universe
is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
We enjoyed the movie very much! 
I taped in a ticket stub and...

also added a sketch beneath the ticket
of one of the fantastic beasts.
I didn't catch the names of most of the
creatures, but they were amazing and
the special effects were very well done.

It 'only' took me two days to decorate 
the Christmas tree. I wish getting out
the decorations didn't mean total
chaos throughout the house...

Sharing my coffee and toast with
the T Tuesday gang, over at 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's
Altered Book Lover blog.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Techo Tuesday

A quick post to say hello to my
T Tuesday friends, and share
a cup of coffee and some doodles...

These pages follow my hubby's
week-long stay in the hospital.
He's doing fine now, but had a
very uncomfortable several 
days stay. So glad to go home
and get back to a 'semblance'
of normal! More doctor's 
appointments and tests will be in
our future, but expect him to
fully recover. Now off to a
doctor's appointment this a.m.
so  I will be back to visit the
 T Tuesday gang a bit later.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Random Tuesday Views

I've been enjoying the views of our
Fall foliage in Ohio... 

Linking this post to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's
T Tuesday blog hop,
where we share a beverage and a
variety of interests and activities.

This is a lunch in Panama City Beach,
Florida, where I enjoyed a beef pasty, 
back in February. The restaurant was called
Eat My Pasty. The food was tasty,
but there were exactly two pieces of
meat in my pasty, along with the 
potatoes and carrots. Not exactly plentiful.
I thought the flavor was very good, but the price
for what you received was high.  I 
suppose we were paying for the novelty
of authentic (?) British food. It IS a tourist
kind of town, especially in March when the
college students arrive for Spring Break.
We were looking for something fun and
different...you don't know until you try it, right?
I think my beverage in this photo was water.
Maybe not exciting, but trying to be healthy.

Our food tray was lined with deli paper
printed to resemble a London newspaper.

I got a kick out of some of the decor in the
tiny restaurant. This Dr. Who quote is classic:

"People assume that Time is a strict progression
of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear,
non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball
of wibbly wobbly timey wimey...stuff."

The "No Muggles Beyond This Point"
was a sign over the door to the kitchen.
Fun!...I wondered how many of the 
retired 'crowd' that are in residence during
the month of February
had any idea what these posters referred to...
the Harry Potter series of course!

Not sure if I showed the cover of my
Hobonichi Techo, that I finally finished.
It's painted fabric just wrapped around
the planner, secured with a bit of elastic.
It does the job just fine, without a
big price tag.

Here's a page in my Planner...yes, I drink
coffee from my Santa mug year-round!
I've been doing a challenge this month,
which gives a list of items to draw or 
write about each day. #7 was Butternut
squash.  The 72 seasons of Japan is an
interesting app that I downloaded to my
Smart phone. Every week or so, a new
season from the ancient calendar of Japan
is explained. I am enjoying the illustrations
included with the articles, and reading
about the flowers, vegetables, and
seasonal fish each season. 
Japan is blessed with weather that allows
Camellias to be blooming in November!

The U.S. election is today,
and I will do my duty and go vote.  I am
 ready for the country to move on. 
I hope you have a wonderful week,
and success in your creative endeavors!