Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hobonichi Techo Drawings

Lists, watercolor, highlighter, drawings, 
collage, and doodles. 

I love my Hobonichi Techo planner.
My husband bought it for me
for Christmas. He ordered it from
Japan.  I am still getting used to
 the smaller size,(4.1" x 5.8")
 but the paper is marvelous!
The thin pages resist pen bleed-through,
and are stitched to lie flat when open.

I admit it, I don't get a lot done
in a day...mostly puttering around.
But it's my life right now, and I'm
thankful for each day...

There is a very dedicated following
for this planner in Japan, and it
is becoming popular  world wide.
Once I drew on this Tomoe River paper,
 I understood why...

Ball point pen, my beloved Sharpie
pen, and highlighters do not bleed 
through the paper. The only pen I've
tried that bled through was a Precise
red pen, so I will save that for other

Yes, we've been to see the new
Star Wars movie twice now...
I guess we qualify as science
fiction geeks.  Love the new 
heroine ~ Rey!  And I think a 
lot of little girls will adore her too.

My Hobonichi Techo planner is
shaping up to be more of an
illustrated diary...
and that pleases me. 
What have you been creating lately?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Calendar Obsessions

Here is the progress (above) on 
my January calendar that has
a bit of drawing each day...

and a weekly page on which I decided
to write a few quotes.

"I have decided that I no longer want to 
be an adult...if anyone needs me, I'll
be in my blanket fort, coloring."

There have been several days
of snow showers, but not a lot
of accumulation that lasted.
The wood pile, or rather logs
lined up on end, make an interesting
subject in the snow. When I got
the bluish watercolor shadows a 
bit too bright, I stippled some
gesso on with a nearly dry brush
to resemble snow.

Some Artist Trading Card-sized
pieces, that will go in pockets in
my ring-binder calendar. The
quotes came out of a women's
health magazine, and I combined
them with my own watercolor
designs.  Below shows the back.

We visited a pub-style restaurant
this week, known for its huge burgers.
I used images from their web site to
sketch a version of one of their hamburgers.

We had a good time with some
wonderful friends, and it was fun to
try a place we'd never been before.
Such large portions are not something
I agree with, and we did our best not to
overdo it!  The gyro I had was very

In addition to my Art Journal Calendar,
(in a ring binder)
I also am using a Hobonichi Techo.
It is from Japan, with wonderful paper
in it, and I've been using it as an
"illustrated diary," although it can 
certainly be anything I choose to make
it. There is a whole page for each day,
and that gives me room for lots of
doodles! Above, some colorful
squiggles and circles, along with a 
sketch of the Rooibos Red Tea blossoms
drawn from my herbal tea packaging.
Also, I made Ginger Muffins after my
friend Elizabeth blogged about them!
Linking up with the T Tuesday blog hop,
and wishing you a creative week!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Peppermint Tea Collage

In winter,
I crave shades
of green...

and peppermint tea.

Looking out the window
at the snow falling...
and thinking that I am
not going anywhere today.
I will stay inside with my
coffee, tea, and a 
good book!

Linking up with T Tuesday
blog hop. Stop by for
a visit and a cup
of something 

♦  ◘  ♦

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Collage: scrapbook paper, labels, vintage music library
index card

A new year brings a lot of

After the hustle and bustle of the
 holidays, when the house guests
 have gone home, and things get back
 to normal, (or what passes for normal at our
 house) there can be a bit of sadness. 
 Looking back at enjoyable moments 
from 2015, and the possibilities of 2016
 helps me keep a positive perspective.

There are new journals to be filled,
different techniques to be tried,
and new art to be made!

Some art friends talked me into
trying gelli plate printing.  The 
backgrounds did come out lovely!
 Not sure I will run out and buy one,
 but the gelli print made a colorful
 background for this tag.

I've had a lot of Peppermint herbal tea
this week, as I am nursing a cold.  But 
hopefully am on the mend.  I do enjoy
a hot beverage on a cold day! The cold
weather has finally arrived in Ohio - we
had an unseasonably warm December!

Linking up with the T Tuesday
gang over at the Altered Book Lover,
and planning on more peppermint tea...
just as soon as I finish my coffee!