Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hobonichi Techo Drawings

Lists, watercolor, highlighter, drawings, 
collage, and doodles. 

I love my Hobonichi Techo planner.
My husband bought it for me
for Christmas. He ordered it from
Japan.  I am still getting used to
 the smaller size,(4.1" x 5.8")
 but the paper is marvelous!
The thin pages resist pen bleed-through,
and are stitched to lie flat when open.

I admit it, I don't get a lot done
in a day...mostly puttering around.
But it's my life right now, and I'm
thankful for each day...

There is a very dedicated following
for this planner in Japan, and it
is becoming popular  world wide.
Once I drew on this Tomoe River paper,
 I understood why...

Ball point pen, my beloved Sharpie
pen, and highlighters do not bleed 
through the paper. The only pen I've
tried that bled through was a Precise
red pen, so I will save that for other

Yes, we've been to see the new
Star Wars movie twice now...
I guess we qualify as science
fiction geeks.  Love the new 
heroine ~ Rey!  And I think a 
lot of little girls will adore her too.

My Hobonichi Techo planner is
shaping up to be more of an
illustrated diary...
and that pleases me. 
What have you been creating lately?


  1. How fabulous your diary pages are! As for seeing Star Wars twice -I could happily do that! Hugs, Chrisx

  2. I love how you wrote "so I'm not very good at doing what's on my to-do list." I have that same problem. I love this calendar and it appears you love your new planner. I was super impressed with the way you create drawings on your calendar pages, because they make it so fun to see and read.

    I've not seen the new Star Wars, but will wait to see it on commercial TV (in about 2020).


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