Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blue Swap Pages

I belatedly realized that I had not posted
the swap pages that I had made for Halle.
Her color-theme was blue. Above,
A bluebird in watercolor and
Sharpie pen with spattered background.

A quote and some fabric bits
on acrylic, watercolor background
with chalk pastel accents.

Two tags in a fabric pocket,and
a doodle border in watercolor.

Above, little boy image from a collage sheet
on a background of fabric.  I used a circle-punch
to create the scalloped border with fabric and paper.
Blue is one of my favorites, so I had lots of
paper and fabric to choose from!

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week in the U.S.
I wish everyone a wonderful holiday.
May we remember to be truly thankful.

"The most important things in life
are not things."
~Helen Keller

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Art Journal Pages

The Scrappy Green Journal is almost finished.
Showing a few more pages...
Elizabeth had placed the opera figures on the
left page with the blue and rust background,
and the colored bars with the numbers 
at the bottom. I added the pen work, the
strip of blue polka dot fabric, and the
Listerine ad.  Just couldn't resist...
The page on the right with the cartoon
is a flap that opens up

so I got to add images and writing beneath the flap too.
The '$1000 Beer' is courtesy of Elizabeth,
and it made me smile.
I also added the black & white striped 
fabric at the top, and a 'tab' of 
painted watercolor paper.

Here, Elizabeth had painted the left page with purple
and added the giraffe sticker.(which is also sparkly)
I added blue watercolor paint, stickers,
book and magazine images, and bits of
leftover papers. Those bathing beauties on 
the left are from a vintage book, describing them
as being arrested for indecency in those
'skimpy' bathing suits!

On the right, Elizabeth had sewn the green paper
with many zig-zag stitches, and the iris image.
I added the woman image and the building. (a flap)
Beneath the flap I created a 'found poem' 
from words gleaned in a book.
On the back side of the flap, I did a
mini collage with some pieces of the
'Collage fodder' page that I showed in
a previous post. Yes, I started 
cutting it up already. Only the first 
snip is the hardest.

This has been such a fun journey...
alas, there is just one more page to go,
as seen above. Not only was the
journal a generous gift, but has
'kept on giving' as they say, through many
hours of wonderful art-collage-fun!
Thank you dear E.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Swap Pages

Here are swap pages that I received
from Rikae. I had requested colors
in red, pink, and yellow...

They are simply beautiful!
The paper beads surrounding this 
page are so happy and colorful.

Live, Love, Laugh...
butterflies for transformation...

and most have figured out by now
that I am a fan of almost any type of fabric.
This is a wonderful combination of
color and texture.
Thank you Rikae!
May you and your beloved
receive healing, hope, peace,
and blessings...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Collage Fodder

I decided I needed some new painted papers
for collage.  I did some shapes, patterns
and doodles in watercolors.

When the watercolors had dried,
I added some stamping, outlining,
doodling and drawing.  These will
probably be cut or torn into pieces
and used in collages.

Sometimes it's hard to make the first
tear or cut, but after that it's ok.  I do
like it as it is, but it is destined to be 
torn to bits as the need arises.  Usually
 I tear off each piece as I need it so
I can gauge what will make a nice contrast.

Have a colorful day!