Sunday, November 20, 2011

Art Journal Pages

The Scrappy Green Journal is almost finished.
Showing a few more pages...
Elizabeth had placed the opera figures on the
left page with the blue and rust background,
and the colored bars with the numbers 
at the bottom. I added the pen work, the
strip of blue polka dot fabric, and the
Listerine ad.  Just couldn't resist...
The page on the right with the cartoon
is a flap that opens up

so I got to add images and writing beneath the flap too.
The '$1000 Beer' is courtesy of Elizabeth,
and it made me smile.
I also added the black & white striped 
fabric at the top, and a 'tab' of 
painted watercolor paper.

Here, Elizabeth had painted the left page with purple
and added the giraffe sticker.(which is also sparkly)
I added blue watercolor paint, stickers,
book and magazine images, and bits of
leftover papers. Those bathing beauties on 
the left are from a vintage book, describing them
as being arrested for indecency in those
'skimpy' bathing suits!

On the right, Elizabeth had sewn the green paper
with many zig-zag stitches, and the iris image.
I added the woman image and the building. (a flap)
Beneath the flap I created a 'found poem' 
from words gleaned in a book.
On the back side of the flap, I did a
mini collage with some pieces of the
'Collage fodder' page that I showed in
a previous post. Yes, I started 
cutting it up already. Only the first 
snip is the hardest.

This has been such a fun journey...
alas, there is just one more page to go,
as seen above. Not only was the
journal a generous gift, but has
'kept on giving' as they say, through many
hours of wonderful art-collage-fun!
Thank you dear E.


  1. It seems like yesterday when I created that journal for you, but it has been over a year.It has been fun watching you work in this book. I'm not sure who has had more fun: you working in it, or me watching the results you created. Superbly done and makes me happy and proud!

  2. Your collaboration with Elizabeth has resulted in one fabulous journal. I love how loose and free you are as you add to each page's design. You are both such talented artists you should work together more often!

  3. Wow...fabulous! It's so much fun to see how you've transformed each page. Definitely a labor of love for the both of you.

  4. such wonderful creativity all around

    your pages really draw me in Dianne!

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  6. Dianne, I have linked to your site in today's post if that's ok. It's a blog buffet. Thanks!
    Paula at Mixed Media Manic.


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