Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Fool!

Have some fun today
and enjoy a good laugh ~
Happy April Fool's Day!

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WorTh RepeaTing: DocumenTing Life Journal

The Documented Life Project, Week 8:
"It's Worth Repeating."  In the
collage above, I repeated shapes, (cloud-
shapes, flame-shapes, circles)
types of lines -thick and thin, and colors.
The diagonal lines create movement.
Below, a reference to the Periodic
Table of Elements...

Below, Week 10: Mark-Making as a
Layer Element. The shape, thickness,
and direction of the marks (or lines)
on the page will lead your eye
around the composition.

I keep in mind that in Western Art, we 
"read" things from left to right, top
 to bottom, and I place the elements 
of the composition in a way
 that leads the eye over the page
without getting "stuck" in one spot.

There are two pages for each
week's spread, and I've chosen to
do them separately, rather than one
large composition, but with an effort
to make them work together.

Above, Week 11: Borders...
"Borderline, feels like I'm going to
lose my mind..."  

I decided to create a brain diagram
inspired by early drawings/theories.
This is not scientifically researched on
my part...I just wrote in some characteristics!

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Tomorrow begins my adventure into
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Considered Truths...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Trip to Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens State Park,
Mount Washington, Florida, USA.  
This wonderful Live Oak tree is called
"The Wedding Tree,"  because of
the numerous outdoor weddings that have
been conducted beneath its stately branches.
This tree is over 300 years old!

There were quite a number of 
impressive Live Oaks on
the property.  The home originally 
belonged to a family that ran a sawmill.
  Later it was purchased by a wealthy
woman who called it 'her Eden,'  
hence the name of this State Park.  

The grounds had some lovely bronze 
sculptures of children...

and blooming flowers.  In February we don't see
this in Ohio!  I believe these are camellias?

The front entrance of the home shows that
 the windows actually reach clear to the
 floor, so when open on hot summer
 days the air could circulate.  I loved that
the porch completely encircled the home.

Unfortunately, photos were not allowed
inside the mansion, but it was fun to 'step
back in time' and see the treasures
of days gone by.  Above, 
one last shot of these gorgeous flowers.

Our trip to Eden Gardens was one of
 the last activities we did during our 
recent trip to the Florida Panhandle. 
 A marvelous way to end our stay!

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'Fake Journal' entry, 2014
Since we visited a Southern mansion,
perhaps we should have tea and cakes?

Where have you been lately?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Layers of Documented Life

The Documented Life Project~the Journal,
is focusing on Layers this month.  Above,
the art journal spread for pages that were
to have five layers (or more) built up to
create the final art piece.

1.) I began by adhering different types
 of paper to the pages, including 
vintage book text and illustrations, 
ledger paper, and 
security envelope designs.

2.) A thin layer of gesso paint went on
next. I left the illustrations 'as-is' 
 just because I liked them that way.

3.) Now some fabric bits, more book text,
and a scrap of painted paper.

4.) Acrylic and watercolor paint were
added, and some small bits of embroidery.
The colors contrast with
 the black and white illustrations

The final layer is Sharpie pen.  I try to
repeat motifs from elsewhere in the 
composition into the pen work. The flower
drawings are repeated from 
the fabric scraps.

The words that came out
onto the page point up the
difference from the 'sweet' colors
and vintage illustrations.  

"In 2015 it seems that there is nothing left
to privacy any more...from television
commercials discussing our most
intimate bodily functions, to Tweets and
internet posts--nothing seems to be
off limits or Too Much Information!?
When did we trade our Dignity for money
and a consuming desire for attention?
(she said as she prepared to 
post her art work on-line)"

Linking up with Elizabeth's
T Tuesday party, and sharing yet 
another coffee cup drawing...

Wishing you a lovely St. Patrick's Day
with lots of Irish Luck, shades of
green, and sunshine!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Documenting Life in Layers

"Words with art friends."
I recorded phrases that I've heard from
art friends when we get together, from
blogger friends, and 
things I've said to them as well...
Let's face it. Friends make life a
lot more fun! This is a spread in my
Documented Life Project journal, and the
challenge was 'Writing -- Words with friends.'

"What lies beneath?"
The challenge was to use 'under-paper' from
your work table. Since I was away on vacation,
I used some paper that I had painted on
with my granddaughter, in addition to
other elements.

"When not to stop."
The month of February is all about layering.
Don't stop 'til you get enough...I liked this quote:
"A painting is never finished, it simply stops 
in interesting places."
This collage was influenced by the colors and
textures of the beach.

"Going undercover 1."
Sometimes you have to cover up portions of
an art piece that you like. Maybe it doesn't 
work with the rest of the piece, or maybe 
you are looking for the depth created by
many layers.  In this case, I decided to do
two separate pages instead of one spread.
Above, materials include origami paper,
painted paper, watercolor and Sharpie pen,
Asian calendar illustration, white gel pen,
and a hand-colored photocopy.

"Going undercover 2."  Layers:
1. Watercolor background
2.  highlighters and colored pen
3. cream acrylic paint 
4. book text and assorted design/painted papers
5. more watercolor (black ovals and shading)
 and Sharpie pen
I admit that vacation put me a bit behind on
the challenges, but I will take time this week
to get caught up on the three that are
--Repeating elements
--Use at least 5 layers
--Mark Making as a layer element

Linking up with Elizabeth for T Tuesday, 
and posting a sketch from several years ago
 of my white nondescript coffee mug and
 thin bagel. Visit E. to see 
what the other participants are
sharing today, and what
 beverage they're drinking!

I'm also thinking about the annual
International Fake Journal Month
project coming up in April.  You can
see my Fake Journal from 2014 here.
I'm thinking about who my character 
should be, and how much time I will be
able to spend on a journal page each day.
So far, I've been a student of Japanese art,
a Shaman, and a cake decorator/event planner.
What should I be next?

If you think you might be interested in doing
a Fake Journal this year, click on the 
pink bulldog logo in the sidebar to go to
Roz Stendahl's IFJM blog.  It's a lot of fun
and you can pretend to be anyone you want to!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Travel Journaling

I had the marvelous opportunity to visit
Florida during the month of February...
gorgeous beach views and love the sound
of the waves!  The palm trees are
intriguing, and my drawing didn't quite
capture them faithfully, 
but it was fun to give it a shot.

Once again I entertained myself during
the long drive with some wobbly-lined
art journaling.  This page is just a 
list, but I enjoyed doing the Yellow Submarine
and the Octopus's Garden!

More quips from our 'haunted' GPS
device, Dr. Nightmare, above.

This is one of those 'list' pages similar to 
what I've seen on various blogs 
and 'Pinned' on Pinterest.
I had never done one like it, so ...
what better time than on vacation?!

It is surprising what a small plastic baggie
can hold in the way of scrapbook paper,
painted papers, tape, and bits of drawings...

Just add them to your journal with a little
glue, and the hours on the freeway
will fly by.  No scissors needed.
Just let 'er rip!

Random road signs, above.  This one is
still in progress, as I think it needs 
watercolor added.  I imagine the local
folk are immune to the humor of the
names of their roads and towns, but I
found them quite jolly!

Here's an herbal Peppermint tea collage
from a previous T Tuesday post...
hoping you are enjoying a nice cuppa
of whatever is your favorite.  Click on 
the link to see what others are doing for

It was quite a shock to leave Panama City Beach,
with temperatures in the 40's and 50's, to return
to Ohio temperatures of 12 degrees Fahrenheit!
Still anxiously awaiting Spring!