Tuesday, March 31, 2015

WorTh RepeaTing: DocumenTing Life Journal

The Documented Life Project, Week 8:
"It's Worth Repeating."  In the
collage above, I repeated shapes, (cloud-
shapes, flame-shapes, circles)
types of lines -thick and thin, and colors.
The diagonal lines create movement.
Below, a reference to the Periodic
Table of Elements...

Below, Week 10: Mark-Making as a
Layer Element. The shape, thickness,
and direction of the marks (or lines)
on the page will lead your eye
around the composition.

I keep in mind that in Western Art, we 
"read" things from left to right, top
 to bottom, and I place the elements 
of the composition in a way
 that leads the eye over the page
without getting "stuck" in one spot.

There are two pages for each
week's spread, and I've chosen to
do them separately, rather than one
large composition, but with an effort
to make them work together.

Above, Week 11: Borders...
"Borderline, feels like I'm going to
lose my mind..."  

I decided to create a brain diagram
inspired by early drawings/theories.
This is not scientifically researched on
my part...I just wrote in some characteristics!

Linking up with Elizabeth for
T Tuesday, and offering this 
Pumpkin Pie~Apple Muffin recipe...

to go along with whatever
beverage you are having today.
Of course, mine is coffee, rather
than tea. Join the T Tuesday 
gang for coffee, tea, art, or
whatever is going on!

Tomorrow begins my adventure into
Fake Journaling for the month of April.  
You can click on the pink (dog) icon
in the sidebar to read more about
International Fake Journal Month,
or visit me at
to see my real journal, by a 
fake character! No foolin'.
You might even decide
to try an alternate
reality and join us
in making a
Fake Journal!
Considered Truths...


  1. What a lot of fantastic art!! And I mean ALL of it. Such a joy to view.
    I have copied down your muffin recipe to use later in the year with my last can of pumpkin an American friend sent me for pumpkin pie. Thanks for sharing :D
    Happy T Day :o))

  2. Love all of your art!!! I'll have to check out the "Fake Journaling" and see what it's all about as you have my interest spiked :)

  3. really eye catching and marvelous illustrations! Happy T day!

  4. You have really outdone yourself with these collages and drawing. The first one made me say WOW out loud. LOVE IT!!
    Happy T day!

  5. Eye catching pieces --each of this pages is gorgeous! Stunning!
    Happy T-Day!

  6. These are all so very, very lovely! You manage to meet every prompt in such a creative way!

    Lots of my books are art books, too--I love books of all kinds. Thanks for your nice comments..it is pronounced "nyo-kee" (long "o").

  7. Oh, I love all the pages!! Laughed at the coffee one. I don't even know what most of that means. Love my coffee--but black--LOL! Happy T-Day! :)

  8. Hello and Happy T Day Dianne! Your pages are amazing and creative! So glad your having fun with it and never run out of ideas. Your pumpkin treat sounds yummy right now.
    Hope it's warmer down south for you because it sure isn't warm up here. Still wearing boots, winter coat and gloves everyday. The sun has been out some days but not enough to warm it up.
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  9. So where were you when I was teaching "Elements of Design" to my AB students (grin)? These are perfect examples and I love them. Simplistic, yet understandable.

    I was also drawn to your experiments in shape and color page. It was wonderful. Of course, I laughed at the lost mind page, but agree that it may be indicative of growing old.

    I have a phrenology stamp, but I much prefer the one you drew. It has better brain areas, too!

    I've also wondered how coffee got so complicated. None of this half fat, half caff, half whatever mess for me. I'll take mine right out of the pot with LOTS of half and half.

    I look forward to guessing who you are this year. Of course, I am NEVER right, but it's fun to guess, anyway.

    Thanks for sharing your Coffee and other art with us for T this Tuesday. and happy April Fools Day to you, too, dear friend.

  10. Your pages are each so fabulous.
    The language of coffee made me smile...who knew it would become a language of its own!
    Happy April dear Dianne...

  11. Well i have thoroughly enjoyed your art over coffee this morning.. i'm so sorry i'm a little late for tea.. :) Things are a little cray cray around here with the moving and selling a house and buying a house oy vey! I'll be glad when its all over... Big Hugs! deb

  12. Happy Tday!Amazing pages, my friend!Love all of them!


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