Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Trip to Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens State Park,
Mount Washington, Florida, USA.  
This wonderful Live Oak tree is called
"The Wedding Tree,"  because of
the numerous outdoor weddings that have
been conducted beneath its stately branches.
This tree is over 300 years old!

There were quite a number of 
impressive Live Oaks on
the property.  The home originally 
belonged to a family that ran a sawmill.
  Later it was purchased by a wealthy
woman who called it 'her Eden,'  
hence the name of this State Park.  

The grounds had some lovely bronze 
sculptures of children...

and blooming flowers.  In February we don't see
this in Ohio!  I believe these are camellias?

The front entrance of the home shows that
 the windows actually reach clear to the
 floor, so when open on hot summer
 days the air could circulate.  I loved that
the porch completely encircled the home.

Unfortunately, photos were not allowed
inside the mansion, but it was fun to 'step
back in time' and see the treasures
of days gone by.  Above, 
one last shot of these gorgeous flowers.

Our trip to Eden Gardens was one of
 the last activities we did during our 
recent trip to the Florida Panhandle. 
 A marvelous way to end our stay!

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'Fake Journal' entry, 2014
Since we visited a Southern mansion,
perhaps we should have tea and cakes?

Where have you been lately?


  1. That sounds like a park and mansion I'd love to venture around in too. Love those floor to ceiling windows and porch! Beautiful sketch of the tea and cakes. Happy T day!

  2. Tea and cake? Yes, please :)

    I've been to the Florida panhandle but have never been to this park. It's beautiful!

  3. Huge windows... yes please... wrap around porch... yes please. 300 year old trees ... YES ... lovely post. Thank you for sharing this Tday. I enjoyed it immensely!Hugs! deb

  4. what a lovely house..we have lots of parks nearby with very old oaks in them too

  5. What a lovely old mansion. You can tell it's well taken care of, too. Those windows are really lovely, as is the porch and the one on the top. Do they call it a veranda?

    I'm delighted you shared this lovely home and gardens with us for T this Tuesday. And I'd take tea and cakes any day!

  6. Wow! That looks like a gorgeous place to visit! I love the wrap around porch and those so tall windows, too. Beautiful gardens and trees. Lovely sketches. Happy T-Day! :)

  7. Gorgeous mansion! They really knew how to design houses back in that day.... And I'm sure they had servants to clean those awesome windows! Save some tea and cakes for me!

  8. That place looks wonderful. Love the porch and windows. I've never been to FL but this would definitely be on my list if we were to travel there.

  9. What a loveky place!Thanks four your lovely comment.Happy T Day!


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