Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Travel Journaling

I had the marvelous opportunity to visit
Florida during the month of February...
gorgeous beach views and love the sound
of the waves!  The palm trees are
intriguing, and my drawing didn't quite
capture them faithfully, 
but it was fun to give it a shot.

Once again I entertained myself during
the long drive with some wobbly-lined
art journaling.  This page is just a 
list, but I enjoyed doing the Yellow Submarine
and the Octopus's Garden!

More quips from our 'haunted' GPS
device, Dr. Nightmare, above.

This is one of those 'list' pages similar to 
what I've seen on various blogs 
and 'Pinned' on Pinterest.
I had never done one like it, so ...
what better time than on vacation?!

It is surprising what a small plastic baggie
can hold in the way of scrapbook paper,
painted papers, tape, and bits of drawings...

Just add them to your journal with a little
glue, and the hours on the freeway
will fly by.  No scissors needed.
Just let 'er rip!

Random road signs, above.  This one is
still in progress, as I think it needs 
watercolor added.  I imagine the local
folk are immune to the humor of the
names of their roads and towns, but I
found them quite jolly!

Here's an herbal Peppermint tea collage
from a previous T Tuesday post...
hoping you are enjoying a nice cuppa
of whatever is your favorite.  Click on 
the link to see what others are doing for

It was quite a shock to leave Panama City Beach,
with temperatures in the 40's and 50's, to return
to Ohio temperatures of 12 degrees Fahrenheit!
Still anxiously awaiting Spring!


  1. You had me hooked with the first drawing, because I LOVE palm trees. I had one for years, until I put it outside too soon one year, and a sudden freeze in May took it from me.

    I'm not a Beetles fan (please don't hate me), but I sure like your octopus and yellow submarine.

    I've never seen a GPS, so that one sounds hilarious. Checked YOUR back seat lately, dear friend?

    Really enjoyed your list and collages. They are SO YOU!! The collages, at least.

    Those road signs had me laughing. Loved the racoons, Striking Creek Rd., and weight station. Yep, I laughed and laughed.

    And of course, you had to end with yet another palm tree. LOVE IT.

    Thanks for sharing your tea collage, your random thoughts, your signs, and your fun art with us for T this Tuesday, dear Dianne.

  2. Enjoyed traveling with you via your journal. Great pages and good ideas.


  3. You certainly managed to get quite a bit of art done while on vacation! I think your palm tree illustration s wonderful. Nice that you were able to spend time with your family and get away from the cold a bit. Happy T day!

  4. Ahhh what a wonderful respite from the bitter cold you had. Sounds extra special spending time with family under those beautiful palm trees.
    Your artwork continues to delight Dianne and how nice you can even create in a moving vehicle!
    That list is a fun one ... will have to give that a whirl when we escape at the end of the month.
    There's light at the end of the winter tunnel now.
    Happy T Day and Happy March

  5. Looks as if Florida was amazing! You were very productive while traveling. Your journal pages while driving are really great. Love your sense of humor.
    Happy T day!

  6. What fabulous sketch book sketches, I love your style very much. :o))

  7. I'm ready to join you on a tropical beach! Brrrrr! But it's not as cold here as what you returned to. I hope we warm up soon :)

  8. fabulous florida sketches I can pretend I am there too

  9. Thank you for such a warm and fun blog post. I love how happy and fun these pages are (especially since here in New England we have about 300 feet of snow to contend with!) (www.glimmerbug.com)

  10. What a lovely escape from the cold!! Love your pages! Chrisx

  11. Love them all Dianne, but especially the plain black and white one with the road signs! You are so darn clever! Glad you got away from here for awhile at least. Miss you.

  12. Oh my!!! Loved your journal!!! I used to crochet while in the car but the last year or so I have developed motion sickness and do well to just set and pray I won't be throwing up soon. It should be an interesting vacation this summer :(

  13. Wow.. fabulous pages did you made - and wow must have been great there...
    I also want that spring will come soon...

  14. Sounds like you had a great vacation! I enjoyed your drawings and lists, especially the playlist!

  15. Hi there! What kind of pencils/pens do you use? I love that first drawing. It really brings me thoughts of our trips to the islands.

    Hope you are well!

  16. Lovely pages! I especially love the first sketch.

  17. Hello Dianne, welcome back to snowy/cold Ohio. Wish you came back to warmer temps, can't imagine how cold it must feel for you. So happy you got away for the month though, would love that chance.
    Your travel journal is fun and amazing and wonderful! I like the variety of pages/stories here. How creative in using your little scraps too.
    The weather is slowly warming and melting the snow/ice, can't wait for spring and to see the grass again.
    I haven't been linking up as much for T Time but I try to post during the week and will visit when I can too.
    Stay warm and safe friend.

  18. Hello again, I saw your comment and came back to answer you.

    I used to order my pictures on the store machine too, UGH!! Was so hard to see them. I know order them from home on the computer, so much easier and convenient. You can stay in your pj's and stay out of bad weather, YAY!

    I also order my phone ones from my Walgreen's app so that's even easier.

    Wish we lived closer would love so much to art journal and PL with you. More fun with a friend isn't it!!

    Did you get my mail by the way, I sent it not knowing you were gone for a long time. Hope it arrived safely.

    Today has been gorgeous, the sun out and warm. I even wore short sleeves all day, haven't done that in a LOOONG time. Hope it was warm for you too.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog too, Dianne, those flower sketches made me so happy and proud. I'm not the best artist but sometimes I make something that really makes me happy and that was one of them. So thank you friend. Enjoy your week.


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