Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fabric Collage

Fabric Collage
3 1/2" x 6 1/2", 
hand-stitched, beaded, embroidered,
lace, paper, fabric & felt.
Felt backing stitched by hand
with buttonhole stitch around
outside edge.

An exercise in cream, white & tan.
These could be bookmarks, or
hung up on the wall as art.

The paper scraps are from a
vintage French textbook.
The fabrics and lace were
mostly scraps I had on hand.
Buttons and beads add
some sparkle, along with circles of
fabric or felt edged with
buttonhole stitch.

I call this fabric collage because
a traditional seamstress would not usually
have unfinished edges showing.
I did whip some edges with thread,
but some I did not.  The 
 paper gives additional
texture. I coated the paper with
gloss medium & let dry before
sewing onto the base fabric, which
gave the vintage paper more strength.
Had a lot of fun creating these
for gifts and made about a dozen!
Sewing gifts has been the order
of the day this Christmas.
Looking forward to drawing, painting
and art journaling again!

Happy Holidays to all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa Collection

My growing Santa collection...
includes Father Christmas 
and Santa Claus,
homemade and purchased,
fabric and paper...

On the top shelf you'll see a
very simple Santa made from yarn--
I made that when I was in high school!
I'm not telling how long ago...

The Santa on the far left was made by
my dear friend Diana. He is adorable!
The Father Christmases (no faces)
I made myself. The sleds were from
Boyd's Bears.
I didn't intentionally start collecting
Santas. It just kind of happened.
Then it tends to snowball!

There are more Santas on the tree,
but this little doll is also a favorite.

Our decorations are quite eclectic.
Hand-crocheted by my grandmother,
cross-stitched or sewn by me,
glass and wood, and yes,
plastic too. The non-breakables
are near the bottom of the tree
this year in honor of my 
14 month-old granddaughter!
The little wreath made from 
puzzle pieces was made by my 
daughter-in-law--very cute and clever!
I always leave the tree up until
New Year's Day. Sometimes I'm
slow to take it down, and my
husband says I should just
make it a Valentine's tree...hmmm.
Lots and lots of hearts...
What do you think?

Happy Holidays to all!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bits of Rust

Pages for a swap
done on watercolor paper.
The theme of the recipient's book
is Rust, a bit of a challenge for me
since I am often drawn to
using bright colors in my work.
Subdued color and actual
rusted metal was the goal.
Managed to work in some
copper, fabric, metallic thread
and painted cardstock as well.

A bit of embroidered fabric is combined
here with rusty bits--washers I think--
watercolor, metallic thread, stamped designs,
and a DaVinci quote.

Back of page with a library pocket
to hold a tag. Copper wire,
silk leaves in a "copper" color, fabric,
and a rusted flattened bottle cap
are incorporated here.


Tag inside the library card pocket,
with an original poem and
a vintage charm from my
grandmother's stash of
craft supplies.
These pages are about 8 12" x 11"
and holes were punched to 
be collected into a ring binder.

A swap is a good way to stretch
yourself and try subjects you
wouldn't otherwise consider!