Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa Collection

My growing Santa collection...
includes Father Christmas 
and Santa Claus,
homemade and purchased,
fabric and paper...

On the top shelf you'll see a
very simple Santa made from yarn--
I made that when I was in high school!
I'm not telling how long ago...

The Santa on the far left was made by
my dear friend Diana. He is adorable!
The Father Christmases (no faces)
I made myself. The sleds were from
Boyd's Bears.
I didn't intentionally start collecting
Santas. It just kind of happened.
Then it tends to snowball!

There are more Santas on the tree,
but this little doll is also a favorite.

Our decorations are quite eclectic.
Hand-crocheted by my grandmother,
cross-stitched or sewn by me,
glass and wood, and yes,
plastic too. The non-breakables
are near the bottom of the tree
this year in honor of my 
14 month-old granddaughter!
The little wreath made from 
puzzle pieces was made by my 
daughter-in-law--very cute and clever!
I always leave the tree up until
New Year's Day. Sometimes I'm
slow to take it down, and my
husband says I should just
make it a Valentine's tree...hmmm.
Lots and lots of hearts...
What do you think?

Happy Holidays to all!


  1. What an eclectic mix of Santas grace your home. It was fun seeing them and fun taking a peek into your home. BTW, maybe I shouldn't say this, but I remember my Grandmother made some of those Santas from yarn. She also made a Frosty the Snowman. Thanks for bringing back some very fond memories.

  2. Wonderful Santa collection you have there and I sure know what you mean about something becoming a collection before you know it (me and swans)

    one of the most special things this time of year is all the memories each treasure holds for us...sweet!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours...always fun when there is a little one to enjoy it with too!

    fa la la
    ho ho ho


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