Friday, September 18, 2020

Hobonichi Techo Pages- August 2020


Above, revisiting pages from a previous year...

As I recently read, "the minutes pass slowly, the years

 pass quickly!"

 Here's an attempt to post a video to my blog...please click on the link below to view August 2020 pages in my Hobonichi Techo A6.

They can also be viewed on Instagram

I've been absent too long from the blog, and have not learned to use the new Blogger layout and controls. It's getting harder to learn new stuff!  

Pages from Fake Journal

We are still doing fine here. Ohio is feeling Fall-like today.  I'm not ready for cold weather! 

Life is moving on.  We are in the time of life for elder care and all the difficult decisions that come with it.  And I am scheduled for Cataract Surgery next month. Not necessarily looking forward to surgery, but am looking forward to better eyesight and less blurriness. I hear that it's pretty routine and usually very successful, so fingers crossed. A friend told me that the anticipation of the surgery is worse than the actual event. So I'm holding onto that!

 I hope you're doing well, staying safe, and staying strong!