Friday, February 15, 2013

Watercolors in my Art Journals

Sketched and painted my afternoon snack,
homemade multigrain bread and a cheese stick.

Smash journal page.
Pen and watercolor bird on a scrap of
watercolor paper, some journaling, and
pen work in the borders. 
Doodling is therapeutic...

Wet in wet watercolor cattails...
added to a Smash journal page with
some other scraps. Cross-stitched birds,
buttons, a quote and a bit of fabric & ribbon.

Dream of Spring~ read seed catalogues!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Reprise

Some art postcards to 
celebrate Valentine's Day...

Made from cereal box cardboard,
watercolor doodle scraps, fabric and stitching.

Hope your day is full of fun
and the warmth of family and friends!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Draw Yourself.

Self-portrait 2013.
Sharpie pen on the last page of
my mixed media journal.  No pencil sketching,
just pen direct to paper.  I think the eyes are a bit
too close together, and I'm pretty sure I left out
some wrinkles!

A page in my Smash journal, above, Madonna & Flowers.
I showed the original drawing in this post.
 I've added watercolor.
The Madonna was inspired from an illustration
 in a book that I bought at our library sale:
 'Art Treasures in Russia', c. 1970.
The Madonna was drawn on a scrap
 of watercolor paper, then glued into the
Smash journal. I drew the flower (inspired
by a Picasso) and other motifs, which I used from the 
magazine clippings on the facing page.

The facing page in the Smash journal.
A profusion of flowers cut from a 
Stella McCartney advertisement. A craft paper
envelope on the bottom of the page. (I slipped an
article about one of Picasso's ex's inside-Francoise Gilot 
interviewed at 90 yrs of age) I glued magazine images of
ceramic tiles on the envelope flap. You can
see that I used those ceramic tile motifs
 on the page with the Madonna.
The bottom drawings -inspired by Art Nouveau designs
 published by Dover-were again done with the Sharpie
pen and then watercolored.

Little bits and snippets can come together
in an interesting way...

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Draw Your Food...

A pen and watercolor drawing
in the Bits and Pieces Journal...
I drew this before I chopped them up
for roasting in the oven.

Pages from my Smash Journal...
I drew and painted the illustration of the boy.
It's an 'impression' of my grandson, who
is a dedicated fan of Batman!

My illustration of my baby granddaughter.
She is now three, so this has been rattling around
for quite a while and I just had to 'smash' it into
the journal before it got damaged or lost...
do you have things in your art/craft room like that?

Another page in my Smash Journal:
the bird illustration is from a purchased journaling tag.
I drew and painted the leafy branch and foliage borders.
I really love this little Valentine poem.
The Smash Journal has been fun, but I am feeling the trend
is a bit 'scrapbooky.' Though that is what Smash books are
designed for--smashing in bits and pieces. I love drawing 
and painting little bits and motifs...but perhaps 
a change is due...?
What are you working on?