Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Reprise

Some art postcards to 
celebrate Valentine's Day...

Made from cereal box cardboard,
watercolor doodle scraps, fabric and stitching.

Hope your day is full of fun
and the warmth of family and friends!


  1. Dianne -- I just love all of your doodles, scraps of paper and stitching. I want to start making some of my own cards like these. Where do you store all of your cards? Do you display them for a while and then put them into boxes for another time? Keep up the beautiful artwork!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!

    I love the collage-y and vintage look of your cards. I wanted to do more this year, but hearts all good every day, right?!

  3. Lovely postcards with such great details!

    Hearts are always a fav of mine.

    Hope you Valentine's Day was lovely in every way

  4. Love all these postcards!! The little monster at the end is darling!

  5. Krissy~I'm afraid I'm not very organized with my mail art. There is just a pile of cards on my art table right now, cut from recycled cardboard. I did alter a recipe box to keep my index card art in though. That would work for postcards too, if you got one for 4x6 cards. thanks for asking. glad you enjoyed them!


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