Friday, February 1, 2013

Draw Your Food...

A pen and watercolor drawing
in the Bits and Pieces Journal...
I drew this before I chopped them up
for roasting in the oven.

Pages from my Smash Journal...
I drew and painted the illustration of the boy.
It's an 'impression' of my grandson, who
is a dedicated fan of Batman!

My illustration of my baby granddaughter.
She is now three, so this has been rattling around
for quite a while and I just had to 'smash' it into
the journal before it got damaged or lost...
do you have things in your art/craft room like that?

Another page in my Smash Journal:
the bird illustration is from a purchased journaling tag.
I drew and painted the leafy branch and foliage borders.
I really love this little Valentine poem.
The Smash Journal has been fun, but I am feeling the trend
is a bit 'scrapbooky.' Though that is what Smash books are
designed for--smashing in bits and pieces. I love drawing 
and painting little bits and motifs...but perhaps 
a change is due...?
What are you working on?


  1. I really like your drawing of your food and your little motifs in your Smash Book. I've managed to avoid the Smash trend so far but only because I am working on so many other things... faces, improving my handwriting, learning to doodle, drawing daily, designing a collage course to do at my local community centre plus doing some art to sell. We're busy folk us arty types! :-)

  2. I love your vegetable painting, and your Smash book illustrations and entries are delightful. I have a journal in which I keep my small pieces too. Blessings from PPF!

  3. I am sure you meant putting the food in the oven - not the drawing!! When I first read it my warped mind thought you meant your art work! Lovely work. HPPF

  4. Especially wonderful vegetable still-life!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  5. I draw food all the time and love it... your broccoli is awesome... and the other work in this post is great also, but I kept going back to your food painting... love it...xx

  6. Love the drawing of food...good job!!
    Happy ppf!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Happy to have found your blog! Love your art journal pages, all the different kinds: collage, drawings, doodles....

    I have never heard of smash books..???


  8. I have been intrigued by Smash Journals but never jumped onto that bandwagon. Great Way to incorporate your art into them!

    I do a Daily....inspired by Julie FF Balzer.

  9. Your still life drawing is fab, wish I could draw this sort of thing, but in truth am total rubbish at it. Happy PPF, Annette x

  10. I love your veggie drawing and smash book entries. Fun, isn't it, to try things for a season and then move on to the next adventure (or return to a former one). I've been making jewelry for years but have set it aside for the past several months to journal and paint. Who knows what's next :-) Happy PPF! - janice

  11. Great still-life of your veggies. In fact I just chopped a couple up for the chili beans I'm cooking. Nice going. Drawing veggies is one thing I want to learn. Thx.

  12. I love how you drew your vegetables!!!!

    Great journal/smash book pages. I was so tempted to buy one but have resisted (so far!) and just use a normal journal .......

    I love what you have done :)

    Karen x

  13. Love your journal pages! Especially the broccoli and pepper painting. It's wonderful! I don't have a smash book but I do have a junk journal in a pile here somewhere that occasionally gets bits and pieces glued in.

  14. You've been busy! Your journal pages are great, and I just love that Valentine poem! Haha, just now I read Gina's comment that she thought you put your art work in the oven. That's exactly what I first thought when I read it .... ☺

  15. you are incredibly eclectic! i love your are they real. yummy. and your smash journals are SO much fun while looking at them. who would think of smash journals for adults...just never thought of it but they are absolutely wonderful! thanks for showing them...a new thought.

  16. Your pages look great...must be nice to draw anything your heart desires and so well too!

    Your veggies are making me hungry :)

  17. Excellent, I love how you drew the broccoli and peppers.

  18. I like all of these, but I especially love your veggies! You're growing and honing! (which I think may be illegal in some parts, but I won't tell)


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