Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Greetings

Happy Halloween!
Above is a card that I made using ideas from
a book titled Outstanding Mini Albums by Jessica Acs.
I drew and cut out all of the elements myself,
rather than using pre-made scrapbook items.

I saw these spooky eyes on the internet
and thought they were fun! 
The negative space suggests the eyes...
just orange card stock glued onto black
with white gel pen highlights...

I drew pumpkins on orange card stock, mounted them
on patterned card stock, then glued the outside
edges onto the card to make a pocket.
The name on the card is covered by the scrap
of black, just temporarily for this post...

I am very pleased with the way the tag
turned out. Skull drawn on white card
stock, cut out & glued onto black;
 white gel pen border,
and various hole punch dots from
card stock for the polka dots.

Unfortunately I do not know the designer for these cute
Halloween sculptures.  I purchased them at a very reduced
price at a flea market.  They are probably 'seconds' or
overstock, but I love their whimsy!

Above, my Halloween boxes on top of the 
inevitable electronics.  The reproduction sculpture of
Egyptian queen Nefertiti (I had a thing for Egyptian art in college-
and it's never gone away!) has been crowned with a witch's hat.
My son-in-law thought it was really weird to have a black
sculpture of a head in the house. My daughter just said
"It's an art thing."
It was my son-in-law's idea to add the hat...
I liked it!

Some of the pincushions I've made. These are some
that look a bit "fall-ish."   I really like the
blackbirds, which I adapted from a Prairie Schooler 
pattern.  There are a lot of cross stitch pieces in my house!
The pear-shaped pincushion in the upper right came from
a free pattern on the Samplers and Santas blog.

Nefertiti looks lovely in her hat...don't you agree?!

Just had to include one art journal page...

Linking up with T Tuesday today, over at
Altered Book Lover's blog.  

And adding my 'virtual' tea mug...

Thanks so much to all who visited the
Notforgotten Farm blog to vote for my 
penny rug bag! (#4) Voting ends on Halloween,
so there's still time if you haven't stopped by. There are many
wonderful primitive cross stitch designs in her shop,
and a terrific assortment of Finishes of this 
Halloween pattern!
Hope you have a colorful and delightful
Halloween...watch out for chocolate!
♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkins on T Tuesday

Stitched pumpkin pillow with wool front.
Primitive pumpkin pattern from "Threads that Bind."
The features are reverse applique'.  Which means you
cut out the shapes and sew the contrasting color behind
the opening, instead of stacking contrasting colors 
on top of each other. 

I rather like this sad pumpkin face...

Voting is still open over at Notforgotten Farm
for your favorite Finish on the cross-stitch pattern
that I used on the penny rug bag.  There are so
many lovely pieces there! Of course I would be
delighted if you vote for number four...

Below, the painted pumpkin doll that I
created several years ago. He's a rather
large fellow.

I saw a similar doll in a shop, but didn't
want to pay the high price, so I made
my own version.

Love how the dangly legs turned out!

Please visit Bluebeard and Elizabeth over
at Altered Book Lover blog for more
T Tuesday activities.

Happy Fall - T Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Stitching on T Tuesday

Joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T Tuesday
over at Altered Book Lover blog.  
 Thought I'd do an art journal page with
a Halloween travel mug...wouldn't this be
a stylish way to have my coffee or tea? 

Here is a sweet pattern that 
was created by Lori, the designer of
Notforgotten Farm.
She published this wonderful Halloween
freebie on her blog, and invited her readers
to get it stitched up by October 15th.

Readers were urged to come up with an original
finished project.  I decided to make a 
'little black bag' to hold fall foliage.
It's hanging from my ladder back chair.
It would also make a nice door decoration!

  It is stitched on Natural
 48 count linen, with black and orange floss.
 The finished design is appliqued onto
 the bag with blanket stitch in black thread.
Tan felt scallops decorate the bottom of the
bag, with black felt circles, and orange buttons
for a 'penny rug' feeling.  Loosely stuff the
bag with fiberfill, and place artificial fall
foliage in the top of the bag.

Lori is taking
a vote on her blog starting on 
Oct. 16th, 2013, to determine the readers' 
favorite finished project  from this pattern.
Please go to  Notforgotten Farm
blog, and place your vote.  Click on
 the number of your favorite in the right side bar.
Voting ends on Halloween!
The winner receives a
gift certificate from Lori's etsy shop.

To get the free pattern from Notforgotten Farm
go here.  No stitch colors are given on the chart --
do whatever you like!  It would be very striking
stitched in all black, or all in orange on black fabric!
The challenge is over but you can still
stitch a fun Halloween decoration!
Thanks for stopping by, and 
don't forget to vote!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sketch of Halloween Decor

Sketch for a project I am working on...
Check back on Tuesday to see photos.
We'll see if you can spot the
differences between my sketch
and the actual finished project.
Things never turn out exactly the way you planned...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

T Tuesday: Coffee, Pumpkins and Cats

Linking up with Bluebeard and Elizabeth today
for "T Tuesday" at Altered Book Lover.
My tall ceramic mug holds the mocha coffee that I love.
Continuing the Halloween theme for October...

The painted boxes are just the paper mache' boxes
that you can purchase from the discount or craft store.
I painted them with acrylics, using vintage-
inspired Halloween designs.  These boxes
 come out every year!  

The black cat mug coaster was a gift from
my daughter-in-law's mom.  It was a cute fall
decoration from her shower.

The white art journal was created from an old book

purchased at the Salvation Army.  The book block
was removed and pages with a variety of papers 
were bound in.  I learned to do this in Mary Ann Moss'
Full Tilt Boogie on-line class.  I enjoyed the class
very much, and love how this journal turned out!
(I believe Mary Ann is having a sale on her classes
right now. Visit Dispatch From LA for info)

I really like the gold and white cover. 
 The book was 'Sacraments of the Church.'
 I added the black felt, beading, and
 an antique button on the cover.
Still working inside the journal...

'Fraidy Cats Welcome'  - below -
for a Haunted House swap in 2011...
old twisted trees are a favorite thing to draw!

Pumpkin head doll -- below --
made from cardboard recycled from
cereal boxes and painted with
acrylic paints.  This guy could be
decorated in a lot of ways.  His
'brother' wears a ghost costume,
but he was unable to appear here today.
--Out haunting I believe!

Recycled cardboard again...
background of gessoed newsprint, stamped
curlicues, various Halloween images that
I drew and painted are collaged onto
the background.  Charcoal darkens the
outside edges.  The old quote reads:

"From ghoulies and ghosties
and long leggity beasties
and other things that go
bump in the night,
good Lord deliver us."

May you be delivered from any 
hauntings of the scary variety, and
be blessed with a colorful, cozy Fall!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Artist Trading Cards - Halloween Edition

Artist Trading Cards from past years...
'Murder of Crows'  -- 2012.

I think this may be my favorite --
'Old Crow'  -- 2008.

I see a theme emerging...  From year to year,
a vintage-style pumpkin is featured in them all.
Above, a tri-fold atc.

Inside the tri-fold.

Another version of the Goblin Queen.

Above, vintage-style pumpkin with
witch's hat -- 2007.

Above, 'Jolly Halloween' -- 2006

Above, another 'Jolly Halloween' -- 2008.
I drew and painted the pumpkin with
watercolors. Background is scrapbook paper.
Button 'moon' and sequin leaves dangle
from embroidery thread.

I love old vintage-style Halloween decorations.
Do you decorate for Halloween?
Do you like vintage, cute or scary?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

T Tuesday: Tutorial

Black and white Halloween postcard
 collage on 4" x 6" cardboard.

Start by cutting scrap cardboard to 4" x 6".

Tear old book pages into strips.

Glue strips of text to the printed side of the cardboard.
I used Aileene's Tacky Glue, staggering the pages for
extra interest.

Trim around the edge of the postcard with scissors.

Paint over the text with gesso.  You can wipe off some
of the gesso with a paper napkin so more of the text
shows through. 

Use some paper scraps for the collage in colors that
you would like to use. I was going for a black and white
theme, so I used a limited palette. Scrapbook papers, 
painted papers, (as below) the inside of security envelopes,
and Dover clip art are all good choices for 
black and white designs.

The leaf on the right was from a Dover clip art book,
but you could draw or stamp one too.

I used a hair dryer to quickly dry the gesso.  I begin laying
out collage elements and moving them around to make
a pleasing arrangement.

I drew the vintage-style pumpkin myself.  These features
are pretty easy to imitate...

Notice the square of security envelope got moved up
to the top right corner, and more pieces of the painted 
paper were added to it.  It is usually a good idea to
repeat some motifs or shapes within the composition.
The leaf on the diagonal top left serves to lead your eye
into the composition.

Detail of the vintage style pumpkin, above.

"Jolly Halloween" was hand-written onto black
card stock in white gel pen.  You could certainly
stamp letters on strips of white paper and glue to 
black card stock, or even print them from
your computer.  To finish, I usually add some
pen work. Here I've added pen strokes behind
the pumpkin and behind the leaf.  I also added
an outline with a few curlicues around the 
outside edge of the card.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial with your 
tea (or beverage of choice) today.  Visit
Bluebeard and Elizabeth at 
Altered Book Lover, for Tuesday 'T.'

Stop by again soon for more
Halloween inspired fun!