Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkins on T Tuesday

Stitched pumpkin pillow with wool front.
Primitive pumpkin pattern from "Threads that Bind."
The features are reverse applique'.  Which means you
cut out the shapes and sew the contrasting color behind
the opening, instead of stacking contrasting colors 
on top of each other. 

I rather like this sad pumpkin face...

Voting is still open over at Notforgotten Farm
for your favorite Finish on the cross-stitch pattern
that I used on the penny rug bag.  There are so
many lovely pieces there! Of course I would be
delighted if you vote for number four...

Below, the painted pumpkin doll that I
created several years ago. He's a rather
large fellow.

I saw a similar doll in a shop, but didn't
want to pay the high price, so I made
my own version.

Love how the dangly legs turned out!

Please visit Bluebeard and Elizabeth over
at Altered Book Lover blog for more
T Tuesday activities.

Happy Fall - T Tuesday!


  1. Hello and Happy Tuesday!! That pumpkin pillow is great. The big pumpkin and looong legs is adorable, just love it!!! Good for you making your own instead of paying the money.
    I enjoy your art pages so much, this one is beautiful, the colors and words and pumpkin. What a great style you have.
    Thanks so much for sharing, enjoy your day!

  2. Perfect 'simple things' quote dear Dianne and your pumpkins are each wonderful too!
    Interesting to read how you did the fabric one and clever you making your own instead of spending big bucks on one at the store.
    Good luck with the contest...what you made is lovely!
    Happy T Day to ya

  3. So glad you left the link so I could vote this week. I love the bag, the silly pumpkin with the dangling legs, and of course, how you described the reverse applique on the pumpkin pillow. Had I made it, I would have cut out the orange and placed a whole piece of black to the back. Call me lazy!!

    Happy T today, dear.

  4. The pillow is adorable. However, the painted pumpkin pillow stole my heart. Wonderful seasonal decorations.


  5. Love that bag...I'll have to follow the link.
    The long legged pumpkin is awesome!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Hello nd happy T day. What a fantastic Pumpkin!

  7. I cast my vote for your bag. Both pumpkins are great, but the painted one with dangly legs is awesome!

  8. OMG, your doll is simply the bomb!! I love the expression and those legs, woW
    Happy T to you!

  9. What a great lineup of pumpkins--they all have so much personality! Happy T Day.


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