Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Is It Spring Yet?

Do you have a visual journal?
What do you put in it?

Scraps, junk mail, odds and ends,
magazine or book clippings,
drawings, thoughts...?

I am more than ready for Spring,
and so when I saw this illustration of
Spring Beauties in a vintage book, I
knew I would find a place for it in
one of my journals.  It's my favorite
Spring flower.  Reminds me of my
grandparents' farm, where they bloomed
in the yard and in the pasture.

You can put just about anything in your journal,
even your coffee cup...well, at least a drawing
of your cup.  And if the rim comes out a bit
wonky, or the handle runs off the edge of
the page, that's ok.  Enjoy the moment of

Linking up with Elizabeth for T Tuesday,
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link party!

For some Mardi Gras
art journaling, go to my 
Fake Journal blog.
Happy Carnival!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Art Journal Kickstarter

I received my complimentary copy of 
Art Journal Kickstarter, and am so pleased
to have my art work included in the book!
This book contains a wide variety of styles 
of art journal pages.  It's a great resource for
 tips, ideas and inspirations for 
 visual journal pages.

The art work that I submitted is on page 38, 
as seen above.  The right side is actually
a combination of drawing, painting, and
painted papers that I collaged onto
the page.  There is some finger paint in
there from a session with my grand kids!

Another tea cup sketch, in honor of
T Tuesday, over at Elizabeth's blog.
Stop by while you enjoy the
beverage of your choice!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DocumenTed Life ProjecT

The Documented Life Project 2015-The Journal...
Week two was to use the quote by Mary Shelley,
" The Beginning is always today."
Pthalo blue watercolor mixed with white gesso,
collage elements include painted paper 
and Sharpie marker.

The Week 3 challenge of the DLP was to 
use a Georgia O'Keeffe quote.
I chose a longer quote than the one suggested,
and the shapes are inspired by an O'Keeffe flower
painting, using vibrant watercolors.

Joining Elizabeth's T Tuesday link up party
over at Altered Book Lover blog,
and sharing an ornate vintage tea cup that
belonged to my husband's grandmother. The
flowers are in shallow relief around the outside
of the cup. This is a bit of my Fake Journal 
from 2014, which you can see here.

Hope you are enjoying a warm
beverage today, and visit the
T Tuesday party.