Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DocumenTed Life ProjecT

The Documented Life Project 2015-The Journal...
Week two was to use the quote by Mary Shelley,
" The Beginning is always today."
Pthalo blue watercolor mixed with white gesso,
collage elements include painted paper 
and Sharpie marker.

The Week 3 challenge of the DLP was to 
use a Georgia O'Keeffe quote.
I chose a longer quote than the one suggested,
and the shapes are inspired by an O'Keeffe flower
painting, using vibrant watercolors.

Joining Elizabeth's T Tuesday link up party
over at Altered Book Lover blog,
and sharing an ornate vintage tea cup that
belonged to my husband's grandmother. The
flowers are in shallow relief around the outside
of the cup. This is a bit of my Fake Journal 
from 2014, which you can see here.

Hope you are enjoying a warm
beverage today, and visit the
T Tuesday party.


  1. I always enjoy your lovely art, and your O'Keeffe flowers are stunning. I was so lucky to visit the O'Keeffe gallery and museum in Santa Fe on the way home from LA one year. Her art is breathtaking and her flowers are LARGE. I adored seeing all her work, which included architecture, trees, and shells. sorry I got so wrapped up in what I was saying.

    That tea cup is SO beautiful. You draw so well. When are you going to turn that into a rubber stamp (grin-hint)?

    Thanks for sharing your DLP pages with us for T this week. They are LOVELY.

  2. That's such an elegant looking tea cup! Beautiful quote and piece inspired by O'Keefe, too. Happy tea day.

  3. Beautiful journal pages there Dianne. I must get my journal out more this year.
    Hugs and keep warm.

  4. beautiful projects! The first one immediately brought to mind a map, in an artsy way. Happy T day!

  5. Love your art! I never manage to keep up with may of the year long classes or challenges. I admire those who do :)

  6. Lots of warm tea for me today, it's bitterly cold outside. I really like your paintings, the colours you chose are very pretty. Happy T Day :o))

  7. loving the shade of pink on that tea cup!

  8. Lovely work! Cold here. Had a tiny bit of snow, but we need a lot more. Happy very late T-Day! :)

  9. Oh Dianne, I really like this, your flower is stunning. Your water color painting blow mw away. I have always like O'Keefe's work.
    Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog this week.

  10. That must be an amazing tea cup in person because your art of it is amazing!! Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  11. I love Georgia O' Keefe. Love your project.Your art is amazing!

  12. Hello and Happy T Day late Dianne, so nice to see your DLP pages. Mine aren't going well, I'm going to keep trying though. Yours look great and creative, YAY!! Lovely tea cup, you do draw so well.
    Can't believe all the snow and we got more yesterday. Now it's freezing out, lol. I guess we will be getting that 6 more weeks of winter.
    Stay warm and safe friend.

  13. Beautiful art work. The quote is wonderful and I really see O'Keefe's influence. And the teacup!

  14. Lovely as always. You collage work inspires me!!


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