Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jokers and Jesters for April Fool's Day

Drawing in my index card book.
Sharpie marker, extra fine point.

Page of an altered book spread in
a book of seasons and holidays.
Gesso over scrapbook paper, Sharpie
marker drawing, and some
clippings of architecture from an
art history book.  The jester is 
a photocopy of a drawing that I did,
and the arch is actually raised from
the background with pieces of
adhesive foam.

Opposite page of spread, featuring
drawings of medieval style

The original drawing in pencil.
I photocopied, darkened with pen,
and reduced it in size for the 
altered book spread.

A sketch in one of my journals
of an idea for an art doll...
haven't attempted this one yet.

May all your jokes today
be fun and funny!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Indian Art Swap Pages

A watercolor that I painted
which was inspired by
some images of ancient Indian
art works shown in my old
Asian Art History textbook.
I combined ideas from 
two or three works.
Sharpie extra fine point
black marker outlines the images.
I really like the texture created
by the white gel pen semicircles
in the grass...

A photocopy of the
illustration of the head of a sculpture
depicting a queen.
I colorized the photocopy with
chalk pastels, then stamped
over the pastels with watercolor,
and finally 'fixing' the pastels
with cheap hairspray as a fixative.

The atc is a color copy on cardstock
from the watercolor.(top of this post)  The tag is
stamped on scrapbook paper,
and has an Indian proverb
hand-written on the front.
On the back (not shown) I wrote
information about the art I created,
and the art that inspired me.

The back page is covered in cotton fabric,
creating a pocket for both the tag
and the atc.  The red pocket is a
satin-backed crepe, for which I used 
the wrong side of the fabric -- because
I liked the richness of the shiny side.
Hand embroidery, purchased trim, 
and metal embellishment complete
the page.

There was also another page which
was created with a greeting card that
depicted an Indian goddess, but 
since I did no altering to the image
and just embellished with some gold
lace and silk flowers, I do not show it here
to avoid copyright infringement.

The rich colors of these pages
were a lot of fun for me,
and following a theme that
someone else has chosen is
a challenge that helps me grow.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Romantic Era Art: Art Journal Pages

Image inspired by a 
 work by Johann Friedrich Overbeck
in the book 
Art of the Romantic Era by M. Brion.
(copyright 1969)
Watercolor and Sharpie marker.
Overbeck postulated the ideals of art,
which he termed 'The Brotherhood.'
Michelangelo represented imagination,
beauty represented by Raphael,
and nature represented by Durer
were what Overbeck termed
the 'three ways of art.'

A scene also inspired from 
the same book,  an illustration
of a work by Calame 
called 'Mountain Landscape.'
I have been thinking that a 
small visual journal with ancient
glyphs, symbols, and archiological
notes would be an interesting
project to create -- similar to
the one Indiana Jones' dad had
made in one of the movies.

Inspiration for visual art
comes from many places...
old books that someone gives you or
that you find in a library sale,
images of other artists' work, 
ancient civilizations,
fashion magazines, a favorite theme,
and even the movies!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Painted Paper Collage from Scraps

Collage created using painted paper
on a 4" x 6" index card.
Lines were added using 
Sharpie extra fine tip marker.

Another collage on an index card.
Resist technique done by drawing 
circles and swirls in crayon, then painting
over them with watercolor
or acrylics.
Wrinkled paper is a scrap from
a glimmer mist project.
Scraps can make a striking
work of art.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inspirations for Art Journaling

Inspiration for these journal pages came
from a fashion magazine, the phrase
"pear-shaped figure," and an affection for
paper dolls and interesting quotes.
I couldn't resist putting the pear-shaped
body beneath the fashion-ad inspired head,
when in the glossy magazines, they
are usually pencil-thin!

The woman's figure was painted in
watercolor on watercolor paper, then cut
out and glued onto the page.
A watercolor background was
shaded with soft pastels after
adding the text in Sharpie marker
and mauve gel pen.
The pose of the figure is not ballet...
I have been in physical therapy for a
frozen shoulder, and this is a
painful reminder of the stretches I
must do to get back my mobility!

Again, a page motivated by a fashion magazine.
I find the graphics, layouts and photography
quite inspiring, though the clothes are 
often just weird.  The turban is inspired
by African styles, and the flowers are
inspired by American folk-art designs.
If you've ever looked at Pennsylvania
Dutch designs or early American
birth and marriage certificates, 
they can provide a wealth of ideas for
art journals and decoration.