Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inspirations for Art Journaling

Inspiration for these journal pages came
from a fashion magazine, the phrase
"pear-shaped figure," and an affection for
paper dolls and interesting quotes.
I couldn't resist putting the pear-shaped
body beneath the fashion-ad inspired head,
when in the glossy magazines, they
are usually pencil-thin!

The woman's figure was painted in
watercolor on watercolor paper, then cut
out and glued onto the page.
A watercolor background was
shaded with soft pastels after
adding the text in Sharpie marker
and mauve gel pen.
The pose of the figure is not ballet...
I have been in physical therapy for a
frozen shoulder, and this is a
painful reminder of the stretches I
must do to get back my mobility!

Again, a page motivated by a fashion magazine.
I find the graphics, layouts and photography
quite inspiring, though the clothes are 
often just weird.  The turban is inspired
by African styles, and the flowers are
inspired by American folk-art designs.
If you've ever looked at Pennsylvania
Dutch designs or early American
birth and marriage certificates, 
they can provide a wealth of ideas for
art journals and decoration.


  1. Wonderful pages, and I'm not in the least bit jealous of your handwriting. Honest I'm not ;)

  2. Pear-shaped woman...Love it! Your journal pages just floor me. You are amazing.

  3. Oh, you know I love these colors, and the way you mixed your shapes and collage material to make an overall impact. cool.


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