Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Planner Mash Up

It's a bit of a 'mash-up' today, of Planner
Pages that I've been decorating.  Above, is
the evidence of a more traditional style
planner that is dedicated to Harry Potter
style decorations.  I know, I know. You'd be
surprised how many adults out there are
obsessed. Anyway, I've had the bright
idea to have a 'Harry Potter feast' for our
grandkids this year, and fear I've bitten off
more than I can chew, as the saying goes!

A 'Hufflepuff' themed spread for the week of
Dec. 3-9. Hufflepuff is one of the Wizarding
Houses in the Harry Potter series of books.
Students in the imaginary wizarding school are
divided into Houses for living and educational
purposes. (There are some similarities to
 college fraternities or sororities, but the Houses
are co-ed with separate sleeping quarters.)

Sharing a few highlights today, since I've 
been so remiss in posting.

A few of the October drawings are
some of my favorites...

As we near the end of the year, it gets 
more difficult to write in my Hobonichi, as 
it has gotten quite chunky, and more difficult
to scan or photograph!  It's grown to 
about 2 1/4 inches in thickness.  Maybe
a few too many added layers of

The December monthly pages in this mini
Happy Planner depict the impending Christmas
feast.  I even bought Christmas crackers this
year, which is a first.  Hope they have a nice
pop!  Click on the image, to see details of
the gold gnome in a tutu!

I don't make Christmas Cake myself, but my
son makes fruitcake, so we will have that for
Christmas Eve dinner. I also wanted to make
Treacle Tart, but the granddaughter wants
pecan pie, so we will see if it all gets done.
I made a treacle tart at Thanksgiving, (I just
used Karo syrup and the suggested lemon 
juice) as a kind of practice run, and
 thought that the cookie-like crust 
was a bit tough. Did I knead it too much?
Add too much flour?  Leave me your advise

Linking up for T Tuesday over at 
Altered Book Lover's blog, where we share
our beverage-related posts on Tuesdays.
Stop by to join in, or just visit!  My 
beverage drawings are hidden on some
of these pages. I think I counted six coffee
cups...did I miss any?

Thanks for stopping by...leave me a 
comment and give me your advice on 
making a more tender tart crust!