Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hobonichi Flip Through

Attempting to share a short video
of February's pages today...
Click on the highlighted link above
to view. click on the video box that
comes up to view full screen.

Several days of rain predicted for Ohio
this week, ugh.  Hoping to avoid more
flooding!  Is it Spring yet? oh yeah, the
first day of Spring was when we had our
last Winter Storm Warning!  

I hope things are brightening up where
you are.  If you counted 5 coffee cups
last week, you got it right by the way!

Linking up for Tea Tuesday over
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Maybe even some mischief or 
some art creation...you never know.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hobonichi Life: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

In February, we drove to Panama City Beach,
Florida, with my parents.

The weather was heavenly. It's the first time
since we started visiting there, that I didn't 
have to wear my winter coat on the beach!

Despite a few little inconveniences (like
the false fire alarm at 12:30 am at night)
we had a wonderful time.

I never tire of looking at the waves,
hearing their splash onto the beach,
and watching the sandpipers scurry
away from the beach walkers.

Road construction in front of the condo
made things interesting, but since we 
were able to drop off my parents (in their 80's)
at the door and then park in the garage,
 it worked out just fine.

I am fascinated by the shapes of the palm
trees, but never really got a chance to do
any detailed sketches this year. Doodles
had to suffice...

A safe trip home at the end of the month,
but our homecoming was a rude 
awakening. Water in our basement!
Lots of it.

So we spent several days drying out the 
basement.  And it was full of stuff. That smelled.
(At least it was all ground water, no sewage)
So a dumpster was in order to remove and
dispose of as much as possible. 

It's sad throwing away baby clothes and toys.
Really, it would have been better to donate
them as soon as the kids outgrew them,
but I tend to hang onto things long after
I need them. So, I tell myself this is a 
blessing in disguise. The basement looks a 
lot better now, insurance covered new 
appliances and a sump pump with battery
back-up. What a big job, though...

I got a lot of exercise going up and down
the steps, and there has been some sunshine!
Hmmm...while I'm in the sort, clean, recycle
mode, I should do the rest of the closets/house!

Joining my T-Tuesday buddies over at 
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