Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Techo (Planner) Vacation Drawings

My latest obsession is the 
Hobonichi Techo (planner) and
I've been trying to do a sketch 
per day. While on vacation, there
were a few more interesting
things to document than normal...

I think the entries are self-
explanatory. Please leave a comment
if you have questions...

Most drawings are done with a 
Sharpie pen or a Pigma 005 Micron pen.
Watercolor pencils and a water brush
added color, or highlighters. There 
is some regular ball-point pen too.

Can't resist adding some 
Washi tape...

Every year I pick up a few more shells,
at least to draw them. Does anyone
know what type of seed pod this is?
It was found washed up on the beach.

We were excited to get a glimpse
of dolphins. I think there were 3 or 4.
The drawing was sketched from a 
Google image, however! They were
too far out for me to see very well...

Recycling a coffee cup sketch,
so I can link up for T Tuesday
over at the Altered Book Lover Blog.

If you draw, sketch or paint in 
your planner, I would love to
hear about it! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Star Wars Valentines

A hand drawn Valentine for my
6 year old granddaughter.  
Sketched in pencil first, then
Sharpie marker and watercolor.
I really liked the new heroes in this
film, and by the time the movie was over,
my granddaughter was
already planning to dress up as
Rey for Halloween!

My grandson says he likes the "bad guys"
better, so Kylo Ren is on the front of his
Valentine.  The inside message reads:

Ha Ha...resistance is futile!

They will probably never understand
 how much time and effort these took,
but that's ok. I enjoyed making them.

Linking up for T Tuesday...
hope you have a creative day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Coffee and Tea

Most Tuesdays I try to join
Elizabeth's blog party for
T Tuesday, but I
don't promise that I will be
drinking tea. I am too fond of my
morning coffee!

 I often have herbal tea in the
afternoon. If I want to be able to
sleep that night, no coffee beyond
one cup! and no later than noon...
it's tea time the rest of the time.
Tea packaging makes a colorful
addition to collage, too.

From the date on this "fish collage",
I was apparently making art instead
of getting ready for holiday guests.
Ever get distracted when you're
supposed to be "putting things away?" 
... you are thinking, "well, I'll
just glue a few of these scraps down...
oh, just a bit of paint here; it needs 
some pen drawing here."  Before
you know it, it's an hour later.
I am easily distracted. My
husband knows this.
He just rolls his eyes at me.

Next week I will show the
Star Wars 'fan art' valentines that
I made for my grand kids...after 
they have received them, so stay tuned.

This is a scheduled post,
and I will be 
Linking up for T Tuesday... if 
I can figure out how to do it
with the technology available, 
since I am out of town.
I invite you to stop by Elizabeth's blog
for a nice cup of something warm...

Friday, February 5, 2016

Hobonichi Techo Painting

Unseasonably warm weather for Ohio
in February!  Sharpie pen and watercolor
pasted into my Hobonichi Techo on the left,
ball point pen and watercolor on the right.
Already I can tell that pasting things into
my Techo is going to make it grow
in thickness...maybe too much.
Love doing tiny collages, but don't
want this little journal to get too distorted.

Nice quote on the lower left page...
to paraphrase: "Don't wait for new ideas to 
appear from a nonexistent
 Muse. Don't overthink it, 
just make something with your hands."
~Ryoji Arai

Good advice.

Feels like Spring...but I'm pretty sure
it's just a cruel joke...
I'll take it for as long as it lasts!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Few Hearts and Tea

Hobonichi Techo planner
with pen and watercolor ~
a few hearts to begin the
month of February. This little 
"Angel of the grapevine wings"
drawing is about 3 inches high...
The actual doll is one that I made
quite a few years ago.

Just a quick cup of tea to say
hello to my pals for T Tuesday.
Working on the pages of this
little planner is quite different
form working on large journal
pages...but both have their
advantages!  'Mixing it up'
in terms of what we do and
how we do it, is a good thing!
What are you mixing up today?