Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Coffee and Tea

Most Tuesdays I try to join
Elizabeth's blog party for
T Tuesday, but I
don't promise that I will be
drinking tea. I am too fond of my
morning coffee!

 I often have herbal tea in the
afternoon. If I want to be able to
sleep that night, no coffee beyond
one cup! and no later than noon...
it's tea time the rest of the time.
Tea packaging makes a colorful
addition to collage, too.

From the date on this "fish collage",
I was apparently making art instead
of getting ready for holiday guests.
Ever get distracted when you're
supposed to be "putting things away?" 
... you are thinking, "well, I'll
just glue a few of these scraps down...
oh, just a bit of paint here; it needs 
some pen drawing here."  Before
you know it, it's an hour later.
I am easily distracted. My
husband knows this.
He just rolls his eyes at me.

Next week I will show the
Star Wars 'fan art' valentines that
I made for my grand kids...after 
they have received them, so stay tuned.

This is a scheduled post,
and I will be 
Linking up for T Tuesday... if 
I can figure out how to do it
with the technology available, 
since I am out of town.
I invite you to stop by Elizabeth's blog
for a nice cup of something warm...


  1. Oh Dianne, you know me so well. I start putting things away, then see something that triggers something else, that triggers something else. I may have put the tool or product away already, but I soon get it back out because my mind is racing. Of course, I don't seem to generate the number of scraps you get.

    I also love to use those tea bag tags, as well as the tea bags in my art. But, like you, I'll drink my coffee. Of course, I drink mine 24/7, not limiting it to one cup before noon. That's why I could never give up my addiction to caffeine.

    Glad you figured a way to post this week, because you would be missed, otherwise. Thanks for sharing your lovely art and your coffee and tea art with us for T this Tuesday. Enjoy your trip.

  2. I drink coffee morning, noon, and night; but I drink tea, too. I hope you are having great fun on your trip :) Happy T Tuesday!


  3. I resemble your coffee and tea remarks above too.
    I am a cheap date when it comes to caffeine!
    I seem to do my best creating when I should be/could be doing something else ;-)
    What you create is always amazing.
    Hope you're having fun out of town.
    Happy T Day Dianne oxo

  4. more lovely pages Dianne. Enjoy your time away and happy T day!

  5. Your post made me smile, not only because of the beautiful collages with tea envelopes,but because "distracted" must be my middle name! Especially if I see a bead! Thanks for sharing--hope you are enjoying your time away.

  6. Distractions - well, actually I love them, they stop me from doing so many things I don't really want to do! Love your art, as always, and am looking forward to seeing star wars valentines next time. Enjoy your tea and coffee, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. I am distraced the whole day long ...lol... but that is the life of a real dreamer I guess! Wonderful art Dianne! Always a pleasure to see your pieces!
    Happy T-Day!

  8. I'm easily distracted too. I never seem to get my whole craft area cleaned up...something inspires me to sit down and create yet another mess in the midst.
    I always enjoy your pages!
    Happy T day!

  9. haha, easily distracted, or i for me can confess i´m a procrastinator;)
    happy t-day and thanks for your visit!

  10. I am constantly distracted! It has plagued me all of my life but I don't let it bother me anymore :)

  11. You obviously figured out how to post and link from a distance! Well done! (I wouldn't have had a clue)
    I like my coffee too with cacao and milk. Like you I don't drink coffee after lunch. At the moment I'm on a sort of detox and healthy living thing, so i have given up coffee and drink only herbal teas. No hardship as I love all different types of herbal tea.

  12. Gorgeous pages and I am crazy about coffee.Can't live without it.happy T day!!

  13. I like those little bags the tea's come in too. I save far too many of them. I see you are putting some to good use.

  14. Oh Dianne, You had me laughing........oh yes, I can so easily get distracted if I even walk by my craft room.....LOL

    Thanks for the earlier visit and the comment.

    Happy Valentine's Day

  15. Husband eye rolls... now THAT i'am familiar with...lol Happy Belated T day my dear!! Hugs! deb


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