Friday, February 5, 2016

Hobonichi Techo Painting

Unseasonably warm weather for Ohio
in February!  Sharpie pen and watercolor
pasted into my Hobonichi Techo on the left,
ball point pen and watercolor on the right.
Already I can tell that pasting things into
my Techo is going to make it grow
in thickness...maybe too much.
Love doing tiny collages, but don't
want this little journal to get too distorted.

Nice quote on the lower left page...
to paraphrase: "Don't wait for new ideas to 
appear from a nonexistent
 Muse. Don't overthink it, 
just make something with your hands."
~Ryoji Arai

Good advice.

Feels like Spring...but I'm pretty sure
it's just a cruel joke...
I'll take it for as long as it lasts!


  1. Those are fantastic pages Dianne!
    Happy weekend!

  2. Still loving that new journal you are working in. I'm surprised you care about it getting distorted. Even my very flat calendar pages become distorted over time.

    I'm like you and will take this lovely weather as long as it lasts. It's even good for my various utility bills, too.


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