Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Star Wars Valentines

A hand drawn Valentine for my
6 year old granddaughter.  
Sketched in pencil first, then
Sharpie marker and watercolor.
I really liked the new heroes in this
film, and by the time the movie was over,
my granddaughter was
already planning to dress up as
Rey for Halloween!

My grandson says he likes the "bad guys"
better, so Kylo Ren is on the front of his
Valentine.  The inside message reads:

Ha Ha...resistance is futile!

They will probably never understand
 how much time and effort these took,
but that's ok. I enjoyed making them.

Linking up for T Tuesday...
hope you have a creative day!


  1. I LOVE your sense of humor. I fear I'm out of the loop on Star Wars, but these images are wonderful. I also like that your granddaughter has already picked a heroine from the movie. Maybe she will replace that gal from Frozen I keep seeing on the internet (but have no idea who she is).

    I agree they will probably never know how much time you spent creating and coloring these beauties, but At least you have your herbal tea to keep you company while you were drawing these beauties.

    Thanks for sharing your Twinings tea, as well as your art with us for T this Tuesday. I see you aren't linked, so I'm going to do that now.

  2. What an awesome grandma!! Gorgeous personalized valentines.
    Happy T day!

  3. Those Valentines are the best ever! LOVE them. Happy T Day and have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  4. What wonderful valentines you created for your grands. You are right, they probably will never know how much effort they too, but hopefully they will be cherished and remembered!

    Happy T Day!

  5. ha ha- yes, great sense of humor! Fab cards and I know that if not yet, soon they will understand the time you put into such handmade personal cards. Happy T day and thanks for your visit too.

  6. Those are great Valentines!!! You just may be surprised at how much they value the time you spent on them ♥

  7. I haven't seen the movie yet, but these are just fantastic!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  8. extraordinary valentines! i hope they will Keep them until they "get them" in their Details... fantastic and really Special.
    happy belated t-day and rest of the week!

  9. Amazing Valentines! I love to see your watercolor-art!
    Happy T-Day Dianne!

  10. LOVE these Valentines. They have to be a treasure to their recipients, I hope they save them as they are truly wonderful! Happy belated T Day and hope its been a good week!

  11. Great Valentines, bet the kids loved them

  12. Wow! What fabulous drawings - top marks to you for making them into Valentines cards! Sorry to be so late here, my outing yesterday made me tired! Chrisx

  13. OMGoodness! What wonderful cards. I haven't seen any of the new Star Wars, so I'm out of the loop......with a majority of girls that are into the princess thing....LOL
    Thanks for visiting for T-day and the lovely comment.

  14. How wonderful that you made them homemade Valentines! I'm sure they will find them very special. :-) Belated Happy T Day! P. S. Resistance IS futile....heee hee!


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