Tuesday, March 28, 2017

T is for Techo Journaling

Sharing my coffee in my Hobonichi Techo
with you today...

and how about a scone to go with it?
Perhaps you'd like to forgo the

Last week you got a peek at the
"tree stump page" before it was finished.
I added some tiny vintage images
and a Spring quote.

I admit that I am fascinated by Frida Kahlo's
image, art and history. I can't seem to capture
her features in correct proportion, but I
will keep trying. I am pleased with the 
colorful background to set off the black
and white ink drawing. Guess I should
have done a pencil sketch first. I just 
jumped in with my pen...

Some cute bunnies...

Monsters and a butterfly on the same page.
Weird. I know. The flowered paper covers
some journaling that is private.
(It works when you don't know how to blur
the image digitally...😏)

The butterfly and freesia were prompts
from The Hobonichi Challenge on Instagram.
The ticket is from a high school musical that we
attended. Brought back memories of when my
kids were in musicals. Hectic, but good times.

Breakfast sketches yet again, as I usually
 journal in the morning. Another unfinished page
with space to fill. Because I pretty much
feel I have to fill it up!! I admire artistic
negative spaces, but have difficulty making
that happen myself. Just not my style I guess.

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Oh, just one more thing.
(To quote the old TV detective Columbo)
April is International Fake Journal Month!
I hope you will join me in April at
see who/what my fake character will
draw in April!  Maybe you'd even like
to try IFJM yourself. Visit here.
Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ten Things You Should Know About My Hobonichi Journaling Obsession

Ten Things You Should Know About My Hobonichi Journaling Obsession

10.) Don't Judge ~ we all have our obsessions, right? For some people it's tattoos or jewelry, antiques or show tunes from musicals. For me, it's journaling and drawing in my Hobonichi Techo (nearly) every day.

9.) Try It Yourself ~ Anti-digital may become a New Thing. It may be faster, easier or 'efficient' to set a date or an alarm on your digital device, but actually writing something down can be rewarding and effective. Writing it down makes something that is abstract a little more concrete and real. Generations have written diaries and drawn in sketchbooks. They are now records of the times. In a fast-paced world with so many digital options, slowing down enough to write it down on paper is a fun way to document your experiences!

8.) Google It! ~ Educate yourself about it. There are so many ways to use a Hobonichi Techo.  Of course we are crazy about the excellent quality of the paper. I collage, draw, paint and record the mundane and the interesting. Other uses could include a bullet journal - food/exercise/drink diary - gratitude journal - study journal - sketchbook - calligraphy workbook...  One of my art friends said that my Hobonichi shows that I am practicing 'Mindfulness' each day. What did you notice today? What impacted your day? Visit the Hobonichi website for videos and pictures of how others use their journals.

7.) You Can Never Have Too Many Supplies (or Hobonichi Covers)! ~ Well, not as long as you're actually using them all! (Edit: or maybe just looking at them brings you joy!) I try not to buy too much stuff, but there are a lot of products to tempt us. Not only art supplies, but stationery supplies too! Think of it as contributing to the world economy...

6.) Explain Why You Love It To Your Family ~ Or, at least try... if they don't understand how important it is to you, they may not give you the time/space you need. And your Hobonichi obsession gives friends and family a great resource for buying you gifts for the holidays and birthdays!

More will be added to the right-hand page...

5.) Research Products Before You Buy Them For Me ~ The Tomoe River paper in the Hobonichi takes watercolors well, but certain pens bleed through the thin paper. Ask for a list of products that are acceptable or check on-line for the information. Dye-based inks will bleed through the paper!

4.) Everything is Fodder For The Journal ~ Fair Warning. If you said/did something hysterical/wise/cute, it will go into the journal. It might get posted on-line. (within reason, of course. or, maybe not.) 

3.) The Hobonichi FB Group is a Bunch of Enablers ~ Yes, you can join a FB group that is all about Hobonichis. Several, in fact. And you will see every product or cover known to man. And the group may...ok, they will... enable you to justify more purchases for your Hobonichi!  You've been warned. But it's practically the only place where people understand this obsession! You can see a lot of posts of different styles of journaling. The group is very supportive of efforts and styles of planner use, and extremely willing to share information. I love it.

2.)  I Take My Hobonichi Everywhere ~ You'll have to wait for me to gather my Hobonichi, pen case, and watercolor pencils before I can leave to go anywhere. Even to the grocery. Because, you know, I might need to draw broccoli...

1.) If I'm Journaling, I'm In The Zone ~ Give me a few minutes to come back to reality. If you need something from me, don't expect me to drop everything.  I can't stop in the middle of a drawing! Can't. Fix. Your. Supper. Right. Now.

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What is your current obsession?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hobonichi Techo Journaling

I think Mother Nature is playing a cruel
trick. Instead of the old saying that March
comes "in like a lion, out like a lamb," 
we've had exactly the opposite here in
Ohio, USA!

Coming home from vacation was a rude 
awakening. One day (where I was) in Florida
it was 78 degrees, and Ohio had 75 degrees!

The Hobonichi Challenge for March 
features Spring themes...

Hence the dandelions.

I do tend to draw my coffee cups a lot.
One day the challenge was Earl Grey
tea. Not sure why...but it works for
T day! Visit Bleubeard and Elizabeth
to see what goodies may
be shared this week!

I've always wanted to have a
Mad Tea Party...

outside beneath the cottonwoods, with
lots of odd tea cups and fun decorations.

Do you think the Mad Hatter would
make an appearance? 

Hope your day is filled with sunshine
and creativity!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Headgear

Some of my blogging friends participated
in a challenge called Tag Tuesday,
which struck my fancy.  The theme was
"Hats and Headgear."  So many possibilities!
I realize it may be bad form to share
an entry on Thursday that was supposed
to be done on Tuesday. But then again,
'better late than never' has often
been an appropriate motto for me!  

Stacking up some Spring
'items' on her head made me smile.
After all, some of the hats from the
past have been quite elaborate, and
make you wonder how the poor woman
was able to hold up her head!
Tag is pre-printed with dictionary text,
the flowers at the bottom were cut from
a bit of scrapbook paper. The girl, frog,
and bird are my own drawings done on
cardstock using a Micron pen, and 
watercolor added. 
Hope I made you smile...!

and of course, a little drawing and quote
from my Hobonichi for good measure.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

book sTructures

Book structures from a class I attended
during February and March, taught by
Debra Bachelder at the Marion Public 
Library. We learned how to make

some very cool folded book structures!
The class was free (I think funded by the
Ohio Arts Council) and all supplies provided.
I did take some of my own pre-painted
papers for the insides and decoration of
the books, as you can see above.

The red book reads "color heals."
That's absolutely the way I feel
in the midst of winter. I need some
color to help counteract the 
lack of sunshine!

Debra provided plenty of 
gorgeous papers, and class members
also shared some of their resources.

I am not sure I can recreate this book
outside of class, but I really like the tabs
that swing out and reveal whatever art
or words have been added.

The 'House Book' was made from a 
house-shaped template with a tab on one
side, and pages were adhered together.
I used photos of winter trees and snow
for the covers, a couple of my twisted tree
drawings, and quotes about winter.
Pleased with the way it turned out.

There were other structures which I don't
have a photo of, but they are currently at 
the library for an Open House. I will try to
share them later.

Linking up for T Day, when I join
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog hop.
We visit each other, share a beverage, 
and an assortment of art and photos,
maybe even some treats or a recipe.
Stop by for a chat...

I've been faithfully journaling in my 
Hobonichi Techo every day, and enjoying
adding some drawings that are

Coffee, tea, and journaling...

Is it Spring yet?!