Monday, December 30, 2013

Scrapbook on T Tuesday

Now that the gifts have been opened, I am able
to share a few pages of the Fall scapbook that I made
from our October 2013 trip to Tennessee.

Dunbar Cave Natural Area was really lovely when we
were there.  The cave is not actually
open to visitors right now, as there seems
 to be a problem with bat droppings.
But the lake and trees were lovely...

I enjoyed the hike through the trees...

Turtles sunning themselves on on the photo for 
a better look.  It's easy to miss the turtles. They look like
a part of the log from a distance!

Unlike much of my collage work, I tend to keep my
scrapbooks simple so that the photos are the main attraction.

Posting a bit early
Wishing everyone a 
Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Envelope Book

Envelope Book made from small manila envelopes.

Cut open the bottom of the envelopes. 
Also remove envelope flaps if desired. (I did)
Stack several envelopes together. Fold the
stack of envelopes in half and sew a pamphlet stitch
binding down the center. (on the fold)  Now you
have a pocket in each page.

Add tags or smaller pages inside the pockets.

I punched out circles and adhered them to some of 
the tags inside the pockets.  I punched half circles at
the edge of each pocket, making it easier to pull out
whatever is inside.

Collages created for Elizabeth...
knowing her fondness for rust.

Sharpie marker, watercolor, assorted papers,
fabric and stitching were used for page 
embellishments and images.

Hope you had a holiday full of
family, friends, and lots of fun!
Wishing you a wonderful and
prosperous New Year!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tradition of the Madonna- for T Tuesday

Celebrating the tradition of the Madonna
for December 2013...from 2005,
the collaged cover of my first altered book, above.
Materials: vintage Madonna card, fabric, 
sewn on beads, watercolor and pen, 
vintage crochet, acrylic, and scrapbook paper.

I entitled the altered book
'Woman Perceived.'  Above, one
page in the altered book, created using
acrylics, cut paper ephemera, and fabric.

Above and below,
Collage and drawings from 2013.

"All the darkness in the world
cannot extinguish the light of
a single candle."
-St. Francis of Assisi

Sometimes color isn't necessary...
2000 drawing 'after Raphael's Madonna.'

Above, an art journal page from 2005,
Inspired by The Book of Kells, an illuminated 
manuscript that is extravagant and complex for its time,
full of symbolism and a wealth of ornamentation.
It was created by monks, so perhaps that is why 
Mary looks a bit like a women in the monastery!

Joining Elizabeth for T on Tuesday
Enjoy some coffee or tea and visit a few
blogs while you enjoy your holidays~
may they be merry and bright!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Medieval 'Girls Night Out'

Art journal pages that are not
holiday themed have been happening
'behind the scenes'...

Above,  top portion of the page
 is an illustration from a book about
Medieval just looks to me like
"girls night out."  I don't remember what it
really portrays...but they have interesting

Artist quotes make me happy...

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

TIDINGS ~ On T Tuesday

Tidings of great joy~
 Sharing Madonnas and angels
on Art Journal Pages.  Above, pen and watercolor
scrapbook and assorted papers,
fabric and painted fabric collage.
© 2013 - Dianne Bishop Carey
This Mary was inspired by a Russian icon.

Angels brought the good tidings of the
birth of the Christ child...
Above, watercolor and collage,
below, Sharpie ink pen drawing
of an angel sculpture.

The depiction of Mary and angels has been
a tradition through the centuries, bringing
the Tidings to the people. In earliest times,
most common people could not read, but they
could interpret the beauty of an artist's rendering.

The red Panda Mug, below
painted in my art journal with
watercolors.  It was a gift from
an Aunt and Uncle, who for several years
always gave us Christmas gifts that were
There is only one mug left, but I love the
little panda.  The cheerful red seems to
make my morning mocha coffee taste better...
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tradition of the Madonna- on T Tuesday

My Black Madonna, watercolor- 2009,

Black Madonna of Częstochowa

from Wikipedia, my model.

Virgin of Guadalupe,
Art journal page, watercolor & acrylic.

Mother of God in the Garden of Paradise, 
Sharpie marker in my art journal.

Art journal page from 9/4/13-Collage & watercolor...
"Painting is just another way of
keeping a diary."  -  Picasso

If only the calm serenity of the Madonna's
aspect could be transferred to us
during the hectic holiday season!
Enjoy your tea, or coffee today...

Linking to Elizabeth's T Tuesday party.
Whatever your December activities,
I hope you will shine bright and steady
and enjoy your days!

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tradition of the Madonna -- on T Tuesday

1.  A form of respectful address
2.  An Italian lady
3.  The Virgin Mary
(Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1977)

I find various styles of the portrayal of the Madonna to be an 
endlessly fascinating resource for my art journals, from Medieval
and folk art, to high Renaissance paintings.  It is a variation of
 using master art works for visual journal inspiration.
For December 2013, I will be revisiting some of my drawings
of the Madonna, and some angels too...

The word Madonna is from the old Italian
'ma donna', meaning my lady, according to 

Art that has gone before is an endless
source of inspiration and learning...

Linking up with Bluebeard and Elizabeth
T Tuesday...

Using my red panda mug --
trying to talk about T Things on Tuesday,
and drinking coffee instead of tea!
Stop by again next week to see more
Traditions of the Madonna..
(NOT the pop singer!)

Monday, November 25, 2013

TECHNIQUES for Art Journaling 2- T Tuesday

More ideas for Art Journaling techniques:
  • Seasonal Themes- Whatever the weather or season, it can be a topic for a journal page.  These pages (above) are done in an altered book of 'Seasons', and seemed appropriate, since we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week in the U.S.  The art work is done on brown craft paper that was crumpled up and then smoothed out.  I painted the images in craft acrylic paint, and the green leaf border at the top was created from hand-carved stamps. The text reads: "give thanks...for all that we are and all that we can become...for moments of Beauty, for truth, and for joy..."  

  • Collage Scraps- Whatever scraps of delicious papers or images you haven't been able to throw away, those are great elements for collage!  Above, are some bits of watercolor paintings, pen doodles, and even a photocopy of a drawing that I had previously drawn. I also love to use bits of scrapbook papers, greeting cards, food packaging, junk mail, envelopes, fabric scraps, and the occasional magazine image. 

  • Combine your own art work with collage- Above, one of those tiny paper collages from scraps, combined with fabric and watercolors.  The green leaves in the foreground were drawn on a separate paper, then cut out and glued to the page...and the only text on the page is my signature and the date.  Below, the collage creates a border around the text.

  • Use a Quote: Above, a quote from Maya Angelou. TV and radio quotes and also song lyrics are favorite sources for text on the journal page.
  • Use "Challenge" art work- If I participate in a challenge or a swap on-line, I sometimes have an 'extra' copy of art work left over...sometimes a person drops out of a swap or I purposely made extra, "just in case."  Those extras can be adhered to a journal page. I often use a decorative tape to create a hinge-fastening the art work into the journal, so that both sides can be viewed. If you don't have decorative tape, you can easily just use glue and a strip of paper or fabric.

Top, the Linen and Lace 4x4 collaged with fabric and stitching. Below it, a detail of the Anniversary swap page flipped open to reveal text and designs beneath it in the journal.

  • Sketches of Future Projects- Art Journal pages don't have to be 'finished' works of art. Sketches of ideas for paintings, or drawings of things you want to make are always good to record.  Ideas have a way of disappearing from our minds if not recorded! The above necklace was an idea to make from fabric and beading, inspired by an on-line image of a metal necklace from Africa.
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